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Tea and Honey

Chilly night, and I’m substituting the warmth of Her touch with green tea and the sweetness of Her kiss with honey. They are ghosts of the real thing, but the memory is still clear. 60 more words


Depression will be the death of us

I was a freelance props guy in television commercials. Not a very good one. A hardworking one. I was a nice guy. A very good one. 1,105 more words


52. By myself 

I’m here by myself.
Time to sit,
To breathe,
To do nothing at all.

I sit at this table by myself.
My coffee forgotten, … 67 more words


A warrior balances solitude and dependence.

It is challenging to pinpoint what it is about solitude that makes it so hard to ignore. Is it the vulnerability, or the freedom or something else entirely? 663 more words



Solitude itself is a way of waiting for the inaudible and the invisible to make itself felt. And that is why solitude is never static and never hopeless…

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When your whole way of life is gone

It wasn’t that long ago I experienced that very thing. My life, as I knew it, was over. Done. Gone. I had no idea who I was. 1,204 more words