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3 a.m.'s solitude

I write these posts at 3 a.m., when the silence is so overbearing that I hear the words in my head forge constellations and burst. When all I really want is a glass of vodka to help numb the throb of a broken heart but I have to remind myself that when I wake up all I will be left with is a pounding headache and healing cuts. 177 more words


Our Wedding

I looked at her

She was all i could see

Her eyes that break my walls

Her smile that makes me feel belonged

Her embrace,priceless! 134 more words



One of my favorite authors, Rebecca Campbell, speaks of honoring the seasons, both external and internal, in her book Rise Sister Rise. She instructs us that when we… 869 more words



for many days, weeks I
have been still. I
have not done
useful things,
accomplished tasks,
checked things
off a list. on the
outside I… 62 more words


Jesus' Resolve

Many people lack resolve.  Their lives fail to demonstrate a sustained sense of ambition or direction.  When difficulties arise, they readily succumb to the hardship standing in their way.   547 more words

In Other Words by Jhumpa Lahiri

Jhumpa Lahiri tells a personal story of a journey into a new language, as a reader and then as a writer. Lahiri wrote this essay of exploration into Italian, in Italian. 301 more words



I’m well contained within parenthesis,
try as you may to add,
you’ll only make a difference,
if you get inside me.

For that,
you’ll need to attempt multiple times, 72 more words