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introversion - thirty six

introversion – thirty six

and in all this labour
of popularity and exertion
i’d much easier warm
to the cocoon of introversion


there’s a threshold where it all becomes too much… 135 more words


if only they could talk...

there is so much beauty around us. but because we see them often, they’re taken for granted and they become invisible to us.  here are ox-eye daisies at mallard lake silently waiting to be admired. 20 more words


For The Night is Lonely and Devoid of Conversation

​Nights are the toughest.
I’m afraid of the dark but flourish in it. I wouldn’t step out alone but would give anything to star gaze all night with a bff/bae. 585 more words

Why Nothing At All.


The yellow rose turns it’s head,
Towards the woman in red
Walking down the aisle with grace,
As it remembers seeing its cherubic face

In the churchyard last Sunday, 77 more words


Shared Journeys

Evolutionary biologists insist that we’re a social species, but we can all agree that actual people can be a challenge to be around, and not only when they bump into you on the sidewalk as they try to catch a rare Pokémon. 397 more words

Blogging Challenges

The fortress of solitude

The boss is hounding you at work or the kids are screaming at home. Or you find cable news too pervasive. Sometimes a guy or a gal has just got to get away. 272 more words


Some Mistakes are Worth Making

Follow US Route 16 (US 20 | SR 789) for 101 miles to US Route 26… that’s what the directions said. I had no reason to doubt the directions because I was the one who spent an untold number of hours creating the directions for the 2016 Hoka Hey Challenge.  760 more words