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And So...

March 23, 2011 at 9:12pm

As I’m sitting outside tonight, yes, outside, in my bathrobe & slippers (and the trusty sweatpants and big socks) – we can do that out here in the middle of nowhere – I’m watching the snow fall on the bird feeder, the grass and the hardy weeds, the Rose of Sharon.
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Here we go... The Holy Days

Holiday weirdness here we go!

I make bank deposits daily and around the same time of day.  It’s the same bank teller every single day without interruption; every day its… 834 more words

Sin Jones

The Transient Life

(First time to skip a blog entry yesterday. I must not make it a habit.)

Aside from the destination itself, I really enjoy hotels and airports, buses and planes. 275 more words


Companions of Solitude

My mind is most free when all else is silent

Thoughts flow like a river

sometimes so fast, loud and furious

they scream at me to write… 186 more words


Haiku # 302

Full moon…
everything I am
whispered in the wind


“One butterfly wing reflected wholly in a mirror won’t give flight. Let this be a lesson in love.”
― Jarod Kintz


When you dont get birds to shoot wink emoticon… 11 more words


An American Hero Foresees His Life

Somewhere even from himself he hid all his past scribbled books. In their calendars perhaps were lists of goods to buy and a moment’s revelation. In them were his dreams of dreams, the sentimental schmaltz of his ventures near the mountaintops of Wyoming, and the calumny of his darkest human betrayals. 320 more words