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Posted Notes: Solitude #1



To elect a state of singleness

Is neither self-exile in purdah,

Nor has one become a pariah;

One has not turned cold and insular, 24 more words

A cold smile :) 

I sit here, alone in the classroom simply staring at the furniture with my blurry eyes, almost to break out with pool of tears. It’s our another games period, the most un-awaited time when my so named friends are enjoyed. 71 more words



gets the six-pack
cause sometimes
a week’s too long
the shoulder
and pick
on Winamp
the songs
that bring her
to me


Lightly child, lightly.

Then you sit in silence long enough, you learn that silence has a motion. It glides over you without shape or form, exactly like water. Its color is silver. 109 more words


Himalayan rhapsody

Mellifluous strains

In the dark somewhere a flute

Glimmer of a star

Silvery notes bounce and hop

Sonatas frolick non stop


One Hundred Words of Solitude

I retrace the familiar while I lie on the table in the doctor’s office each week. This room has eleven ceiling tiles: square and white. 106 more words

Silence, Contraction, Expansion

I realised this week, one reason why I love the solitude of late nights and early mornings when everyone else in the house is asleep. I used to think that it was the satisfaction of giving time to the types of disciplines and expressions that let allow me to feel like I’m thriving, growing, creating. 364 more words