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For Jane

artwork and photography by Ginny Benton

Alone in pastel shades of hushed reverie

Warmed in cloak of leather-bound companion

Seen only through the spaniel’s drooping lid… 64 more words

The Importance of Being Alone.

In the span of the last 8 months I have spent almost six weeks entirely alone. I think back to my 20-year-old self, or honestly even a few years back, and I would have looked at that amount of alone time as not only unappealing, but terrifying. 1,245 more words


by Annette Snyckers

Like carton cut-outs, row upon row,
the mountains shift past the car window –
bruise-blue, grey-blue,
to the palest shade of sky – 114 more words


Goodbyes and dry eyes.

As soon as I heard the last creak of his front door closing behind me as I stepped into the house, the sorrow surrounded me in an all out war on my sense of being. 606 more words

Journey Into Solitude: What I Learned Listening to Steinbeck

Before Monday, I had only read one book by John Steinbeck.

It was The Pearl and it was long before I began to love prose. 534 more words


Seeking Solace 

My ears ring when I do too much in a day, and talk and laugh too much. I went with my Mom and sister to see Bridget Jones’ Baby this afternoon and even with two other people you love to pieces three can be a crowd and bring on your crippling anxiety. 237 more words