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“Sing to the Lord a new song.” (Psalm 98:1)

At home, I have peace. With my family, I have peace. Alone, I have peace. With nature, I have peace. 20 more words


Printing a portrait

The new season for my Camera Club has started, and last week was the first of the print competitions. I’ve taken so few photographs of late that finding images that I think are good enough to submit is becoming tricky (especially as I have been moved up into the advanced group). 252 more words


Sipping Tropicana

Then sitting on my hands trying not to open up another can of….


Sipping on a mango Arizona

With a bag of kratom on my side… 88 more words



In the slow hours of solitude i wonder,

How swiftly the dates change and how agile time is.

How transient things are, I ponder,

333 more words

Solitary Mortal..

The wind of night caressed curly
Lofty hairs of the solitary mortal
The breeze out there tried tempt her
The voice of tranquility to ease… 123 more words


Lonely In A Crowd !

Here there and everywhere … it’s a madness .

A crowd of vain .

People passing by , some stopping by to say hello , 65 more words


Solitude Revisited

I lie, sprawling my arms and legs on the bed. I rest my head on the worn out pillow. It has been tolerating my changing moods from time immemorial without offering any resistance. 241 more words