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Fear of Boredom

“That ball of yarn is getting smaller and smaller,” R. told me as he headed to the car.  “Yup, thanks for pointing that out…” I said.   629 more words

Weekend Staycation Bliss

Over this Memorial Day weekend, my brother and sister-in-law went to Disney World, and I was at their house while they were gone to take care of their cats from Friday night until this afternoon (Monday).  334 more words


Love Night Musings

Often times before sleep
Seizes my eternally slumbering body,
I wonder breathlessly
Through a dark fantasy
Of fear and ecstasy.
The breath short and hovering… 138 more words


Quotes — Susan Cain

Solitude matters, and for some people, it is the air that they breathe. — Susan Cain



and when
dusk came
we would
rather remain
in each
others company
instead of
parting ways


Proudspire Manor

After running enough errands in and around Solitude, Amalthea was finally made a Thane. This excited her because it meant another house, and Amalthea loves few things more than acquiring property. 45 more words

Amalthea's Adventures

To be alive in her arms

how it reaches in
how it touches
how it soothes

How it
envelops the cold within
to bring about a feeling of knowledge
to bring about a feeling of warmth… 59 more words