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100% me...or Nothing better to do on a day off.



No hair straightener
No botox, silicone, tucks or lifts
Cutting MY own hair
Natural feet and hands- no polish
Natural tan
No umbrella needed-rain caresses my skin… 212 more words


A Quiet Morning

Mornings like this one are my favorite. Mornings where the rain is softly falling and you don’t have anywhere to be. Mornings that begin with yoga, and a hot cup of tea while the rest of the neighborhood slowly shuffles awake. 331 more words



there is a subtle charm about people who break themselves open, who pick their own souls apart. they seem to have learnt early to no longer wear their hearts on their sleeves. 349 more words

Why the secrecy?

I’ve been thinking lately about why I am so attached to secrecy with regard both to my drinking and my quitting drinking. I was also highly secretive with some pretty serious binge eating in my early twenties. 560 more words



Walking around in this forest with not a soul in sight. Slowly watching the sun set in the background. Alone and lonely. Walking around in this forest of life. 44 more words

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The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone.

—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe