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The night is drawing near to end

Thank You Lord. This night shift is almost over and I can go home and sleep. Nights are hard. Hospitals are hard. I am a wimp. 58 more words


Quiet night

That’s the road in front of us. No worries, husband, Nathan, is driving.

We’re headed to our paper route. Yep, I said it, we’re adults driving a route. 1,173 more words

Me, Myself & I

Why I Climb: Subtlety, Meditation and the Regrettable Unubiquitousness of Boobs

Punta San Matteo

Monday. I stroll into my morning lessons with my fingers well and truly shredded from a Sunday climbing sesh. Again. I once told an ex-girlfriend she was my favourite scar. 4,094 more words


वो एहसास बोलता है
पास आता है और
खुसफुसा के चला जाता है;
तबस्सुम के हर क़तरे में जब
तन्हाई का ख़याल आता है,
चार घड़ियाँ घूमती हैं
कमबख़्त, फिर लिए वो
अरमान साथ चला आता है।

लाख अंधेरों के पीछे भी
मेरा शक्की जुनून तेरे
लौटने के इन्तज़ार में
भटक क्यूँ जाता है;
थक चुके थे अरमान जो
उनको जगाने जलाने
लबों का तेरा वो नम
उम्मीद को भिगो जाता है।

तजुरबों ने जा फेंका था
जिस कशिश को हाशिए पे
ग़म तेरे साथ होने का या
ना होने का दवात बन जाता है;
शब जब गा रही थी
जब शरीक पलकें मूँदे था
वो लम्हा तब क़ुरबत का
जवान भी और हो जाता है।


I’ve been nesting in solitude for too long. The love I have has been waiting even longer. It’s only a matter of time. I’m ready.

A. Hymn || come enjoy me


Just let things be

I don’t want to talk about words,
I just want to write them and let them be.
Much like I don’t want to talk about coffee, 215 more words


Life in the slow lane.

While I still write everyday, I am not posting much, in part because I don’t have home internet access. Since I’m paying for cable as part of my homeowner’s dues, I hooked that up and have been watching tv occasionally. 362 more words