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Sylvain Tesson

“Reading, drawing water, cutting wood, writing, pouring tea: such things become liturgies. In the city, each action takes place to the detriment of a thousand others. 16 more words


71. Things I Can Let Be: Spider Brother

Fine as needles and just as quick.
But for the ants, the broom,
I say, yet the company is welcome
such as it is. A beating heart… 146 more words


Double Barrel Espresso

Being back in Sydney, one thing was clear: Sydney coffee wins. Brisbane, you were lovely and all, but the coffee really couldn’t compare!


Time To Die On The Bed

Photo: fineartamerica

Once you wrote a diary 
You are dead  
But live forever 
With your pages
Day by day 
You stroke a pencil 
Sketching in the corner… 138 more words


If we are without human feelings we cannot love God in the way in which we are meant to love Him—as men. If we do not respond to human affection we cannot be loved by God in the way in which He has willed to love us—with the Heart of the Man, Jesus Christ Who is God, the Son of God, and the anointed Christ.[1]

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