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Leap of Faith

I reminded quite often that I am brave for partaking in solo trips, and without fail, each time I chuckle and say no I am not. 162 more words


A monotonous crawlin’ back: I'm lost in the Manchester Grief

Before we get started, i will just say that i will not follow a chronological order for this gathering, because I’m noticing that memories whirl around in my head, and it would be a pain in the ass to update thousands of time posts cause i forgot something. 720 more words



The valley takes refuge in darkness

After twilight kissed the undulating landscape

Cottage light gains significance

Flickering flames light up the creaky wooden frames

Some light escape playfully through the slits  64 more words


Étude 1. Loneliness

Have you ever found yourself completely alone,
Loveless and without God upon a heath,
The wounds of disdainful misfortune bandaged
With proud taciturnity and angrily muted sorrow?

1,085 more words

Poem: The Waking Dead

Talking to myself is less lonely

or more, I suppose than silence

is a choking void, speaking like a robot

valium addict method acting a dopefeind… 58 more words

Andrew Halter

With or Without You?

The air carried a hint this morning. The trees can no longer hide it. It’s coming.

Fall. The season of football and cider is cresting the horizon. 415 more words

In the woods I like to be alone...

But in the woods I like to be alone,
the immensity of the clean-washed
company of evergreen trees
and their unshared sorrows
is enough.

Image credit: wallpapercave.com