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Life again as a married lady?

I have butterflies in my stomach knowing that Nick is en route from his mountaintop paradise to come meet me. 770 more words

me world

I see you from a  mile away.

What’s wrong?
Your husband isn’t Don Juan?
His money not romantic enough for you?
You utter chameleon,
you’d no sooner be in love with another man, 169 more words


In Between

The most important, yet most neglected, aspect of our life journey,  is the space between.

How often do we truly openly ponder “What If?”

Not often enough! 198 more words


I prefer not to talk

I prefer
not to talk
to add
to the misunderstanding
we need
to fight back
everything a reckless faith
that we must attend
every pound of flesh… 15 more words


World's End

Once upon a time, in a year I do not want to remember (but long ago), I took a safari tour across Northern Kenya. On a day I also choose to forget, I arrived at the end of the world. 288 more words

Chinese Poetry

The handwriting tag!

Thank you to Karalee for nominating me for this one!

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