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#1 My Thoughts: Contemplating Life

Good Afternoon Folks!đŸ˜ƒđŸ˜ƒđŸŒ»đŸ™‹
I’ve been blogging for quite sometime & I prefer expressing my emotions and thoughts through beautiful words strung together: Poem. 📖🕯

But, from now on, I’ll also try to jot it down simply. 119 more words


Into the Sanctuary

Up-to-Date Photo of my Most Recent Watercolor in Progress

At most a city-dweller gets “stimulated” by a so-called “stay in the country.” But my whole work is sustained and guided by the world of these mountains and their people. 828 more words


“WHERE the fuck am I…..”

“Must be further down, but it can’t be last year i was long gone off this ridge…” panting out of breath after a twelve-hour hike in knee-deep snow and it was starting to get dark, “Fuck it, I had to of missed it…’ I turn back and walk 50 or so meters back looking for a marker knocking trees with my pole wondering if it was the marker was snow-covered, my GPS shows me on a different ridge line “stupid things” i hesitate on throwing it deep into the valley the one that i knew i should be walking down into, pull out my map and study my surroundings… “Fuck I’m way off i should have dropped off a good 500 meters back”, which as straight as the crow flys isn’t to bad, now add a 55kg backpack knee deep snow lack of light and inclines and descents which makes a Himalayian attack look peacefull and childs play, I was looking at a good 2-3 hours of back tracking…. 228 more words


TSM111 : The Agony of the Human Condition - Part 1 : The Pathways of Providence

Today’s monologue is dedicated to Darci, for her courage in exposing the human condition for what it is ! Thanks Darci for your very kind donation, for your ongoing support and for being so incredibly authentic ! 161 more words

Daisy on solitude

I feel as though I am speaking into the shadows. There is a risk, I say, that no one will ever hear these words, that it might as well be as if they were never spoken. 93 more words

Daisy On Life And Literature


It’s an average weekday.  The post-holiday slump, the hangover of end-of-year introspection sticking like sludge in my step.  What happened to all those grandiose promises I wooed myself with?   317 more words


STEVEN BANCARZ: “5 Things ONLY Old Souls Will Understand”

The point of this article is not to try to exclude certain groups of people from one another or appeal to a certain type of audience.

42 more words
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