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Griddled Sirloin Steak with Chimichurri

I’m a committed carnivore, hence tucking into Beef Tartare at the Duck & Waffle a couple of weeks ago, not to mention foie gras in… 647 more words


Mindful Eating

My friend Antonio teased me that my new ‘My Week in Food’ series will encourage me to eat more (he got a suitable tease back!). But it’s true that it could if I was looking for an excuse to overindulge, spend more money eating out, etc. 818 more words

A Travelling Gourmet

Oyster Happiness @ Wright Brothers, London

How will I know I’m successful?

I shall go to the cinema at midday and afterwards sate my appetite eating oysters all day and not worry about the cost. 641 more words

Solo Dining


Kweli Kitwana is a regular contributor to this blog (This…I…Do…For…Me!).  She openly shares her journey from taking care of others all of her life to now giving herself permission to focus on herself.   706 more words

Orlando Bourbon

I wasn’t much looking forward to my three day trip to Orlando. I’m kinda done with traveling alone. While I would know one person at the conference at which I was presenting — my co-author — that was likely going to be it. 617 more words


#26 Take myself out to dinner.

Today was kind of a rough day. I’ve been frustrated with all the spare time that I have and upset about all the life I’ve missed out on these last two years. 256 more words


Friday Faves: 2.26.16

As I continue what has so far been a futile attempt at a semblance of work-life balance, a few good reads..

(yes, I will update) 164 more words

Friday Faves