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Now We are 4: Solo Dining

It’s been a busy week and the blog’s birthday almost passed me by. I remembered the cat’s birthday (she was 8 on Thursday) because I had to sign a contract when I got her from a rescue home and her birthday is on the contract. 1,394 more words

A Travelling Gourmet

Gostoso Piri Piri Chicken

It was the start of the long Eid Mubarak’ holiday. As is customary for me during holidays, I skipped breakfast because I was too lazy to get out of bed. 822 more words


One for Food. Food for One

I’m Loner Food Boy, and I’m a sucker for food. I’m a brewer (yes, I make beer!) with a bottomless pit for a stomach. Today I turned 28 and while I usually spend birthdays trying out a new restaurant with my girlfriend, this year was different. 290 more words

Solo Dining

The least big stigma

For some reason, there’s still a big stigma attached to eating alone in a restaurant. Last night, I shattered its hold on me. 331 more words


Table for one? A Solo Diner in Melbourne

He’s back, I thought to myself as I saw Omar being seated at the kitchen bar. The last time I saw him, he was about to embark on a five week work/fun trip around Asia. 486 more words


The Art of Solo Dining: #Masturdating

A slightly different topic today, but please bear with me. There is still an element of style involved I assure you.

I want to talk about “solo dining,” or as I’ve recently been informed, the new social media term of #masturdating. 376 more words