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DUO SHOW with Jon Fuchs at the Alhambra Theatre

Jon and I work great together and often find inspiration in each other’s art! Jon’s beautiful watercolors with their brilliant prismatic colors and playful subject matter (like “50 Shades of Greyhound,” pictured on the far left of our HARMONY flyer) go perfectly with my own bright digital paintings. 43 more words


Radiantly Provocative

Radiantly Provocative: Rico Gatson’s Power Lines

Robustly chromatic, visually potent, at times compositionally labyrinthine and physically imposing, Rico Gatson’s mixed-media paintings, sculptures and collage-centric drawings are always, thanks in part to their carefully honed economy of forms and means, declarative, assertive and indelible—and unmistakably, unwaveringly… 836 more words

Paul D'Agostino

Making a Statement

I love the internet. I don’t know what I’d do without it. From paying bills to researching how to give a cat its medicine, it’s part of everything in ways I can’t even begin to list. 547 more words


[Hanoi] Me, the art noob, attended a solo exhibition opening party

Gosh can’t believe how artsy I am.

(Jk…I can’t even draw a stickman)

“Into Darkness” – A solo exhibition by Vu Kim Thu at manzi… 834 more words


Cat Walk Show 貓姿招展 at Bauhaus-Hong Kong Causeway Bay

貓在人類的屋簷下生活多采多姿。寵愛的貓人會把裝扮它得像家裡的寶寶,皇宮裡的公主;討厭貓的人會不擇手段地去傷害它。作為旁觀者,我在版畫作品裡發表了一些 ”同貓唔同命"的感想及宣洩。

Cat’s life becomes splendid under man’s roof. Cat aficionado treat cat as a baby or princess, while cat odium abuse them like slave. From an observer’s point of view, through my works of printmaking, I have expressed some of my personal and controversial issues.

Printmaking 版畫

Martijn Kluit solo exhibition "That’s… That’s…!"

マタイン・クラウト 個展「That’s… That’s…!」

2016年6月4日(土) 〜 26日(日)

木金 16:00〜21:00/土日 12:00〜19:00/月〜水 休み(最終日18時終了) 377 more words