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SHC GM-free session 24: Finale


The Chicago Peers are now L21. They are Paul Birkby, Arch-mage and Technomage; Cliff the Tough Bodyguard and Daredevil; Dan Hewstone the Witchhunter; Joe… 2,819 more words

Greater Vampire

SHC 23: Raid from below: the Monk's Lair

Scene: a crudely-cut stone torture chamber

The five Chicago Peers: Paul Birkby, Cliff, Dan Hewstone, Joe Hitchcock and Sandi Maclaine filter in, ready for trouble. They are heavily equipped. 2,062 more words

Greater Vampire

SHC GM-free session 22: An enigmatic mercenary, an unconsidered complication, and a way forward

Scene: Daffodil lawn

Charles has made contact again. Here in the city, he seems a faded old hobo, but the blooms around the group perk him up a little. 1,858 more words

Greater Vampire

SHC GM-free session 21: Number one with a bullet


The Academy is an institution that defends civilisation from weirdness. Its operatives, known as Peers when fully trained and pledged to service, followed a less-than-lethal code of practice. 2,125 more words

Greater Vampire

Beading & Counting Strips

Busy Bags are activities that are a solo learning hands on things. Best of all they are quiet, things. Stuff that your little one(s) can do on their own once initial instructions are given. 251 more words


The Fatty Project

Not a name possibility rejected very early on by Weight Watchers, the Fatty project is an interesting new twist in the Lord of the Rings LCG. 1,337 more words

SHC GM-free session 20: Scams, a showdown and so long SF


The Chicago Peers Paul Birkby, Cliff, Dan Hewstone, Joe Hitchcock, and Sandi Maclaine are being stalked by something very powerful their travel back across the time planes has let through into 1922 San Francisco. 2,563 more words