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5/11/2015 - Home

Games Played:  Legendary: Marvel

Got in some more solo Legendary: Marvel again; I just can’t get enough of it!  I was able to squeeze in 5 more games, all varied schemes and completed my first run through of every hero, mastermind and henchmen group I own.   383 more words

Legendary: Marvel

5/6/2015 - Home

Games Played:  Legendary: Marvel

Another night of solo Legendary: Marvel game play, I had to try out my new Paint the Town Red expansion which I bought on Tuesday.   327 more words

Legendary: Marvel

5/4/2015 - Home

Games Played: Legendary: Marvel

Was able to play some more Legendary: Marvel solo play.  Tried out some new things including the Fantastic Four expansion set.  Had a relatively easy win with them, I think all together they might be OP.   126 more words

Legendary: Marvel

4/27/2015 - Home

Games Played: Legendary: Marvel, Master Thieves

Today my two new purchases showed up.  Master Thieves (bought from BGG marketplace) and Legendary: Marvel and the Dark City expansion.   240 more words

Legendary: Marvel

An erotic, moving & sharply funny piece of storytelling in Aromas

It was back to Alumnae Theatre last night, in the Studio this time for the world premiere of the Junes Company’s production of Aromas, written/directed by Andrew Faiz, and starring Andy Fraser. 499 more words


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Running in the Studio only until May 2! Purchase tickets via T.O. Tix, or cash at the door.

Aromas: A play about Sexuality, Spirituality and the Self

Aromas — one woman, many characters, many personalities.

Opens April 28th, 8pm. Alumnae Theatre Studio, 70 Berkeley St.


Aromas — a play about Sexuality, Spirituality and the Self  214 more words

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Now running in the 3rd floor Studio at Alumnae Theatre until May 2: Aromas by Andrew Faiz, starring Andy Fraser. Described as "A play about sexuality [Andy Fraser plays an escort named Chanel], spirituality and self", it's a stunningly lovely solo piece. This short remount (it previously appeared at Red Sandcastle Theatre last fall) runs only April 28 - May 2, so don't miss it! Go to https://totix.ticketpro.ca/?lang=en&server=ww2#def_1110682067 to purchase tickets. http://aromastheplay.com/

Going Solo

I, and I’m sure many others, regularly enthuse about this game, for the fact that it’s cooperative. Aside from the fact that it fits so well into the theme of Tolkien’s world, many of us like getting to work together with other players to combat a challenge thrown at us by the game, rather than being locked in a battle against each other. 1,278 more words