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Survival Mode is a Go!

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Night Terrors

‚ÄčLast night laying in bed I found myself in such a state. Throughout the day I can mostly keep myself busy enough that I don’t ache to be touched, but at night it’s a different story. 390 more words


Solo Play

Wearing your shirt makes me feel sexy. I often put it on when I’m missing you. Brings back memories of you in this shirt, watching you touch me and taking off your clothes. 379 more words


Review: 100 Swords

Today’s review is for 100 Swords, a small and easy-to-play competitive deckbuilder, with a great and challenging solo mode and oodles of expansion content (and more to come according to the publishers!) 672 more words


Runebinding Solo - First Impressions of Solo Playing Runebound

A month and a half ago I bought Runebound to add a game to my collection. The intent was to use it both for solo play and when people come over. 430 more words

Board Game

Bound for Madness - Boardgaming to insanity

It seems like boardgames are September’s hotness, as we get another session in of Mansions of Madness and a new box appears on the shelf. 501 more words

Solo Play: Villainy

This weekend was the first solo game of Ptolus; my wife’s character made it from her peculiar start to the city of Ptolus without much incident, although she had to rescue some children from a ravenous sewer rat within the first hours inside the city. 824 more words