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A Solitary Review - The Daedalus Sentence

Welcome to another solitary review! For those that missed the last one, my Solitary Reviews are thoughts I share based solely on the solo play of a game if I haven’t been able to play it with any larger group sizes. 1,367 more words

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A Solitary Unboxing - Xia: Embers of a Forsaken Star

Welcome once more to my unboxing series! Today I’ll be showing you the Kickstarter edition of Xia: Embers of a Forsaken Star! This is an expansion to the original Xia that includes some features I’m very excited for, including solo play! 553 more words

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[DBA3.0] Solo battle: Later Carthaginians II/32a v Numidians II/40

In which Later Carthaginians (LCart) go searching for their first win, and get their ass handed to them by Numidians (Num).


  1. Home and away: LCart Ag4 rnd6=10, Num Ag1 rnd2=6.
  2. 786 more words
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[DBA3.0] Solo battle: Later Carthaginians II/32a v Iberians II39a

Another in the Punic-themed battles with sides I’ve recently built. This was an intriguing game of shifting flanks. The axis dice really played its part giving changes in tactics I would never try in a normal solo. 913 more words

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[DBA 3.0] Solo battle: II32a Later Carthaginians v II33 Polybian Romans

Today (1 July 2017) just felt right for having a wargame, and since I’m not organised enough to head over to the Hutt Wargaming Club and join it, I decided to write some solo adaptations so I could run a DBA 3.0 game by myself. 1,989 more words

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Punishment and red asses

As a part of our play he is not allowed to cum without permission- this includes doing it himself. I fell asleep early last night which is my prerogative, and he decided that he would watch some porn and jerk off. 105 more words

Games Talks: I'm alone today what should I play ?

Friday (Friedmann Friese, 2F Spiele/Rio Grande Games) is a solo deckbuilding game where you are Robinson Crusoe’s man Friday, trying to give him the skills he needs to survive. 217 more words

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