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Runebinding Solo - First Impressions of Solo Playing Runebound

A month and a half ago I bought Runebound to add a game to my collection. The intent was to use it both for solo play and when people come over. 430 more words

Board Game

Bound for Madness - Boardgaming to insanity

It seems like boardgames are September’s hotness, as we get another session in of Mansions of Madness and a new box appears on the shelf. 501 more words

Solo Play: Villainy

This weekend was the first solo game of Ptolus; my wife’s character made it from her peculiar start to the city of Ptolus without much incident, although she had to rescue some children from a ravenous sewer rat within the first hours inside the city. 824 more words

Solo Play: Questions Answered

So my wife has answered my questions from the solo play setup, and today I’ll be going over them and what this boils out to for the forthcoming campaign. 892 more words

Solo Play: Setup

Today I’m going to go over what we’ve got set up already, and what I’m laying out for the beginning of the game – first session should be this week! 809 more words

Solo Play: Ptolus, Part 2

So a monsoon finally hit the area I’m in and made doing anything here a little tricky for a bit. Thankfully everything’s fine; so today I’ll pick up where I left off and finish my skim-over of the Ptolus player’s guide. 808 more words

Solo Play: Lineup

So with the ongoing connection issues, my wife and I have decided to play a 1-on-1 game; I pitched the pros and cons of this kind of game last week. 750 more words