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Game Drives: 101

Best things about game drives:

– animals!

– no seatbelts

– basically being chauffeured around

– free Jane Fonda approved (I’m sure she would) “bumpy-ride” complete ab workout… 43 more words

My First Awkward Post

Hello! This is my very first post. I didn’t have any idea why I made this blog and what should I write here. I guess that I’m just passionate to write a blog at the first time only ahahahaha… 667 more words

New Post

The Beginning 

My first question into everything usually start with “Why?”. There is no right and wrong in life path, it’s usually depends on the intention behind it. 1,083 more words


First travel: Denmark by Alaa, Palestine

It is a somewhat of a struggle for a girl like me in a patriarchal society to travel abroad. It is especially not accepted to travel alone. 492 more words


I Didn't Want to Get Eaten by a Cheetah Whilst Taking a Photo, So All You Get Is This Terrible Photo

“Please don’t die one of those stupid, highly preventable deaths” is a recurring thought:

– don’t get run over by your own car

– dont die sky diving because you forgot to bring your parachute (or check that it was there) 317 more words

A glance of the Europe Trip

Two months before I departed, I resigned from my job. That’s why it was possible to do this trip. I won’t talk about the resignation topic in this post. 613 more words


Volunteering: Day 1

I am in Port Elizabeth, volunteering on a game reserve!

Highlights from Day 1:

– tracking a cheetah using a radio signal, but not actually seeing the cheetah… 156 more words