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Malapascua Island

When in Malapascua Island
Its just a short “weekend vacay” when I decided to visit Malapascua Island. It is located in the northern part of Cebu, Philippines. 473 more words



Granada was a whole adventure in itself. I made my way to the South of Spain where I had my credit cards and cell phone sent to my friend Alana’s house in Granada where she teaches English at a high school. 931 more words


Homesick (It Finally Happened)

I have been traveling for over 4 months now and I’ve finally reached that point, I’m homesick.  Every long term traveler knows this feeling and it sucks.  663 more words

Du lịch 1 mình, tại sao không?

Mình vừa trở về từ Myanmar- chuyến đi một mình thứ hai của mình. Rất nhiều người khi nghe mình nói đi một mình thường hỏi: 1,932 more words

Solivagant Road Trip

Traveling alone is one of the best feeling you can experience in your life. It’s a self-fulfillment that is totally priceless. It’s a brave thing to do for yourself that somehow can change your life. 253 more words


BORNEO chapter 1

From Taiwan I went back to Singapore and on the same day I took another plane to Kota Kinabalu, Borneo. The next three blog posts will talk about my time in the Malaysian Borneo, I spent 11 days there and unexpectedly it turned out to be my favorite part of the whole trip. 874 more words


Rum N Rouge's Trip to Thailand Part - 2

So here’s the 2nd installment of Travel Story from Thailand.

If you are in Thailand and if you are not exploring the Thai culture, then what the hell are you doing? 806 more words