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Let's Get Pissed!!

The most common phrase that was used on yesterday’s adventures.

I decided to get a better tour of the waters around the island and signed up for a party boat aka booze cruise with a handful of other tourists in the area.   805 more words


I think I'm Falling in Love...

Honestly I’m not sure if I’m the best person to describe love when it comes to human relationships, I don’t think I’ve been the most successful in that category (besides my family, whom of course I love dearly and luckily they are forced to love me so I mean I’ll take what I can get) but good god, if one could confess love to food or the natural beauty of a landscape and culture…well I think I may just be in love. 984 more words


Thina Travels Hongkong

My very first international travel, yehey! Why Hongkong? Simply because no visa needed for Philippine passport holders plus the Hongkong Disneyland. :)

My DIY 5 Days itinerary in Hongkong… 424 more words


How do Some People Look so Cute Traveling?

Imagine yourself carrying a huge load of laundry from the dryer all the way up a flight of stairs to your bedroom. You walk 3 feet and a sock falls. 308 more words


Thailand - A Journey to Remember

Thailand may be overcrowded with tourists, but it has thousands of fascinating locations that make it the perfect holiday destination. When you say Thailand, you automatically think about beachside bungalows, luxury spa retreats, white sand beaches, and crystal clear water. 795 more words


The Painter

A year ago, when I arrived at Morocco’s hidden gem, Chefchaouen, I was halfway through a month-long, solo trip from Morocco to France. I took a bus from the capital city, Rabat, that was full of backpackers who, despite the fact that they were mostly just looking to get stoned in the mountains, all seemed better equipped than me to travel. 3,758 more words


Weekend away: Macau

Another weekend, another trip. This time I went to Macau for one day, once it was a short flight from Shanghai (about 2h50m).

Macau is a former colony of Portugal being now a weird cool mix of Portuguese and Chinese. 402 more words