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6 important things that solo traveling teaches us

We are born free, born to be liberated, born to make choices, born to make mistakes, born to fail, born to get up after the failure, born to learn from our mistakes. 433 more words


Traveling Solo? Why Not? (Bahasa Indonesia)

1. Keluar dari zona nyaman

Bakalan banyak banget tantangan yang kamu harus hadapi ketika traveling sendirian, dari keterbatasan bahasa sampai homesick. Tapi coba tebak deh, tantangan ini bakalan maksa kamu keluar dari zona aman kamu. 651 more words


Obertraun, Austria - there is something special about this place!

When visiting Hallstatt, don’t forget about Obertraun! Really, don’t!

Obertraun is located near the Hallstatt Lake, just one train stop (around 3min) away from Hallstatt or for people who love long walks – an hour walk between the villages. 471 more words


5 ways to meet locals while traveling

Meeting locals during a trip is the absolute touristic trend of this year. Travelers are more and more looking for a special experience and are interested in the country’s culture and the local people. 1,071 more words


After 10 trips, 17 destinations, 32 flights & countless blessings in one and half year!

It was in June 2014, the day I got on a plane, wondering if I was making the right decision or disastrous mistake. The fear of something horrible, terrible and unimaginably painful would happen to me for being a woman traveling on my own. 679 more words


Ecuador (3) Cuenca to Peru

Wednessday 21st October – Arrived back at Tomo Hostel, it was so nice to get back somewhere familiar. My plan was to have a few days off from doing anything after such a busy week, and also staying indoors and away from sun. 2,504 more words


Blind Trip / Bangkok to Penang

An upper berth train ticket dated 22nd July for one person, from Bangkok to Butterworth

Destination of this trip is not the matter

I paid 1,100 Baht to buy 24 hours on a train to spend time with myself on my 37th birthday. 1,750 more words