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Best Distros For Mac Users

Want to try Linux but looking for something familiar? If you are a Mac user who fits this description, then this article is just for you! 994 more words

Rolling Distros

What is a rolling distro, you might ask? A rolling distro is one that allows you to upgrade the entire system, not only the programs. This means that after installing it once, you will never have to do so again. 926 more words


SOLUS – A short story of loneliness, adventure, and self sacrifice.

Read our blog post about the creation of the film for more details!
http://identityvisuals.com/solus-short-film/ 130 more words


Quick Look: Solus OS

Solus, another open source powered independent distribution of Linux. Written from scratch and built for everyone by the Solus Project since 2015. Solus is stable, secure, beautiful and a snappy OS. 471 more words

Quick Look

Solus to get better Optimus Support, Help Center.

In this week in Solus – Install #41, sole maintainer Ikey has been working hard on the Linux Driver Management tool. The initial version will include always-on Optimus support for switchable graphics. 66 more words