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Neal Pollard

Problems aren’t inherently negative.  Will you remember that? The middle-aged man with the persistent pain goes to the doctor, who discovers the malignant mass and gets him to the surgeon. 315 more words

Nice Guy

I went on a date with a VERY NICE GUY.

He was EXACTLY what I said I was looking for – calm, kind and thoughtful. 207 more words


The Wisdom of Waiting

TLS 365 Experience #237
October 23, 2017

Our message to the class today was to put something in and take something away.

We demonstrated this balanced equation on the labyrinth by walking in with a problem and returning with a solution. 177 more words

The Daily Experience


Many times I have tended to worry about things that eventually sorted themselves out without my input. Yet, each time I find myself in another quagmire, I again go worrying, when somewhere within me the likely outcome appears to be well known to me, i.e. 89 more words


Tiny Homes are Making A Big Difference

Tiny Homes Are Making a Big Difference

I’ve been a long-time supporter of the tiny homes movement, especially when it leads to greater self-sufficiency for those with low incomes, and all the benefits for them and for society of home ownership. 88 more words

ISIS Papyrus finishes successful joint research project with the University of Vienna

The joint research project of ISIS Papyrus and the University of Vienna, CACAO (Consistency Checking, Recommendations, and Visual Modeling for ad hoc Changes by Knowledge Workers in Adaptive Case Management) has been recently successfully completed. 605 more words


Invoking a Stored Procedure from a partitioned CosmosDB collection from Logic Apps

I struggled a little to make that work, so I thought I would share the learning in order to accelerate your future endeavour.

I was looking at a way to populate a CosmosDB quickly with random data. 404 more words