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Healthy living for women pt 1; let's talk about "health" wealth

Positive thinking

Through the years, I have come to learn and understand that our mental wellness is very important as women. Being sad or depressed, frustrated or overwhelmed with situations we can’t control or that we don’t want to find ourselves in can as well downgrade or rather shut down the physical body. 293 more words


Should Christians Engage in Politics?

We have been told at least once in our life that there two things not to talk about, and it is religion and politics. If you are religious then you are told you don’t need to talk about politics because we are not of this world. 451 more words

Why Your Hens Aren't Laying Eggs

Hens Not Filling the Egg Basket? Solutions

First of all, don’t panic, egg production changes for many reasons, and they aren’t all bad, so lets narrow it down and take a look at all the different scenarios. 534 more words

Managing The Flock

A Pandemic Rude Awakening?

The GOP and to some extent the Democrats have been suppressing wages of working people for decades now. Worshiping at the altar of profits, the route to greater and greater profits has been to lower taxes on businesses (in essence transferring them onto individuals) and reducing the cost of production, which is dominated by wages paid to workers. 612 more words


5 reasons to get a CCNA Certification Badge.

  1. The CCNA certification is accepted and respected globally.
  2. CCNA certification process enhances the knowledge base of networking experts in various ways.
  3. The Internet will continue dominating the future, it is a wise idea to get the CCNA certification badge in your back pocket.
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Attachment has always been a sensitive issue to talk about. I learnt investing in relationships with people from somebody who was often questioned on her belief of giving out love selflessly. 1,620 more words