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Manual Labor Job VS PTO: Solutions

I have a problem with how people with manual labor jobs are viewed! As usual these are my opinions and since they affect me directly this time I honestly do not care if you take offense! 1,168 more words

Myasthenia Gravis

Commentary for Riddle 49

What do we do with Riddle 49, eh? It’s, like, so complex. And I don’t mean that in a sarky way…it really is very difficult to solve. 1,473 more words


Finally it's here!

Just got home, & Voi La: my medicine is finally here! Just in the knick of time.

At lunch I took another round of OTC bovine thyroid & iodine. 1,264 more words

Me, Myself & I

You can always find a way...

Yes you can.

But, people don’t accept that, they complain.

Yes, but you can always find a way.

But what if the situation becomes hard, what if I loose my job? 90 more words

Get first n characters of a string

How to get few characters from beginning of a string in bash?

In this example the first 21 characters of all files in the directory are echoed on the screen: 7 more words


Get sha1sum checksum only

The sha1sum utility returns not only SHA-1 checksum, but also the name of the file it was called for. There is no option to disable this. 21 more words


Replace soft link with the original file

So you have a directory which contains soft aka symbolic links or symlinks. You want them gone, replaced with the actual files they are pointing to. 20 more words