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Unity Through Solutions discusses Automated Banking.

Unity Through Solutions discusses Automated Banking.

Unity Through Solutions observes that most Americans are becoming conditioned to virtually no any interaction with our bankers. Our USA  bankers apparently don’t want to have direct contact with common Americans?   270 more words


one hundred Search engine optimization Guidelines For Small Businesses

Right after a bit of analysis, I realized there was an opportunity right here and we began testing equivalent techniques for our clientele. We swiftly saw targeted traffic development across the board from quite low cost, simple tactics such as adding Near Me” to title tags. 2,042 more words


Southern African Women Fight Climate Change Through Smart Farming

By Jeffrey Moyo

Harare: From planting maize to trying tobacco and cotton on her fields, 44-year-old mother of four Silvia Hungwe says she has seen it all as she wrestles with effects of climate change which have caused her crops to fail each farming season. 342 more words

Climate Change Effects

Being Creative

Life demands creative solutions to the many problems we face but just how do we enable our own creativity?

It seems I am constantly faced with problems that demand instant solutions and yet I know that the knee jerk answers are rarely good enough. 177 more words


How Do You Demonstrate Your (Dog) Love?

Nothing says lovin’ like something from the oven, right? Dedicated parents believe that cooking for their children contributes to good health and is an act of love. 874 more words


Validate SPF record online

If you are setting up the SPF record for your domain, you can test its validity online.