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Boys vs Girls in the Music Room

As the music teacher in a middle school with single-gender streaming, I learned something every day.

One very normal Tuesday, I posted the learning goals as usual. 705 more words


Stress Much?

Written by Alisa Hutton

We know that having a child with autism comes with a great deal of worry and stress that most parents of neuro-typical children do not experience. 614 more words


Optimism vs Pessimism

The glass is half full! Yes, great news everyone! We’re all good, we feel good, everything is good.

The glass is half empty! Oh shit, look at that. 315 more words

Theses on how Europe can lead into a good future (German: Thesen wie Europa in eine gute Zukunft führen kann)

By Gregor Hagedorn, first published 2018-01-23 (German version below)

The question how Europe can best compete with China or the USA is currently hotly debated. Here are my points for discussion: 889 more words



Drawdown is a book of 80 solutions, gathered from research by many scientists, to not only stop, but actually reverse global warming. To my surprise, there are only 36 pages devoted to energy. 656 more words

Global Warming