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The Eighteenth Camel

Sometime back, I came across a fascinating story that has inspired me and has left me thinking deep. In life, we are often faced with situations which seem like a stalemate. 370 more words

Truth And Reality

The world is based upon truth and/or reality.

And a set of natural laws; like the laws of science.

People are always trying to ignore this. 65 more words


The Working World - Modern Slavery And How to Escape It

This video below embodies the constant slave-like jobs the vast majority of us deal with on a day to day basis to make pieces of paper, called “money,” we believe we need in order to survive.  226 more words


Will Salesforce’s Big Data Power Impact Markets?

From CMS Wire, 5/28/15:

When Salesforce launched Wave, its Analytics Cloud late last year, there was something big missing —namely its ability to deliver insights gleaned from big data. 140 more words

Case Studies

What you need to know about doTERRA's white fir essential oil.


Like all the essential oils white fir is amazing for a lot of different reasons. With its aromatic and or topical qualities it can help with Alzheimer ‘s , Arthritis, Asthma , Brain injury , Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Depression  and Concussions these are only a very few.  86 more words

Advice is a gift that you sometimes find at a yard sale

I read the daily newspaper. Yes, that’s as in “PAPER.” Not the on-line version. I enjoy some of the goofy stuff that doesn’t transition to the web version as well. 414 more words


Psychology says that regular daydreamers are often able to find successful creative ideas and solutions to complex problems.