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Lactose intollerance - A Solution

My boyfriend Matt has not been able to eat dairy for some seven years now. It’s not a fad diet (unlike a lot of people nowadays) it is a case of if he eats it, he is very sick and can’t leave the constraints of the bathroom. 160 more words


Man Repopulated Entire City With Butterflies From His Own Backyard

By Heather Callaghan, Editor

During the day, Tim Wong is all about water life as an aquatic biologist. But when he changes into his cape at the end of his shift, he transforms into an incredible cultivator of butterflies.

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Style Organization's Jewelry Storage On Display in Windsor

Style Organization’s Jewelry Storage On Display in Windsor

Organizing has always been my forte so when a client told me she only ever seemed to wear one pair of earrings as it took too long for her to find any others. 79 more words

Ideas Worth Saving

Μαθημα μουσικης: Τερμα οι δυσκολιες για τους εκπαιδευτικους

Συχνά ακούμε από εκπαιδευτικούς που διδάσκουν το μάθημα της μουσικής να “παραπονιούνται” για διάφορες δυσκολίες που αντιμετωπίζουν κάνοντας έτσι το μάθημα της μουσικής να φαίνεται από μόνο του ένα …


A light on graphic cards

Issues with graphic cards like AMD & Nvidia has been a real pain from the beginning of times.  At least to Linux.  Their privative drivers, with more or less open source alternatives don’t work in all machines, etc.   726 more words


CPAC 2017: Original Sources

I love to watch CPAC but this year my schedule did not allow me much time for keeping up with everything on this opening day. Thank Heavens for the Internet and YouTube for providing live streaming of the event and especially for all of the organizations that have posted videos. 181 more words

All Politics Is Local

Complicated Dolls Are Complicated

And possibly aliens

I just caught wind of the first “transgender” doll. At a glance, it’s a lovely dark haired girl with flowing locks, penetrating eyes, and no indication of her inner turmoil at her cosmically mistaken genitalia. 782 more words