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how to set product category list and price range section in wordpress

I want to do a very very simple thing : display product categories and sub categories with count, and product price range on homepage section how can i? 8 more words


Find and replace text in a custom field when saving

I’m looking for a solution to find and replace text in a custom field when saving. I have a custom field called podcast_url where a URL is entered in a text box. 131 more words


Query posts by multiple custom fields

I have made two dropdown list which is a custom fields.

Custom Field 1 :- industry

Values of Custom Field 1 :- financial_services,ecommerce,insurances, etc.

Custom Field 2… 147 more words


How to create a website with ads?

Is it possible to create a classified advertisements website in WordPress? Something like https://www.italki.com/home


AllowOveride All breaks Images and Admin Urls

I had an issue with permalinks not working within wordpress and solved by adding below to my virtualhost file:

<Directory "/var/www/theimpartialist.net/public_html">
    Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
    AllowOverride All
… 22 more words

Copy usermeta value where ID matches in the same table

I would like to copy the meta_value from row to another (in the same table) where the user_id matches.

Each user in the wp_usermeta table has a… 46 more words


Wordpress - How to prevent wp_posts table to save guid without domain name?

In WordPress we have wp_posts table in which guid is stored as 'http://mydomaindotcom/?p=1' or something similar to that but for some reason I want it to be stored as… 37 more words