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Ismaciil Buuba oo siyaasiyiinta Soomaalida ku Eedeeyay in ayna fahansanyn Somaliland inay jirtay midowgii ka hor.

Siyaasiga caanka ah ee Ismaaciil Maxamuud Hurre (Buubaa), ayaa in badan oo ka mid ah siyaasiyiinta Soomaaliya, wuxuu ku tilmaamay inaanay fahamsanayn in Somaliland ahayd maamul siyaasadeed 259 more words


Golweyn, Somalia, Home of Rugby

Think of Somalia and you probably think of a nation torn apart by war and exciting stories of pirates. Think of Mogadishu and you will probably think of Somalia’s capital city and child armies killing everything in sight. 557 more words

Shadow Secretary of State for Environment Kerry McCarthy urges the international community to acknowledge, listen Somaliland’s case for recognition

Kerry McCarthy MP Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs has urged the international community to acknowledge the success that Somaliland has made for the past 25 years. 359 more words


Somaliland: Minister for Justice revokes license of human rights lawyer

May 19, 2016

The Minister for Justice and Judicial Affairs of Somaliland should immediately repeal his decision to revoke the license of human rights lawyer Guleid Ahmed Jama, said DefendDefenders (East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project) today. 175 more words

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Should Somaliland be recognized as a state by the international "community"?

I’ve gone on record here at NOL as stating that one of the big problems facing advocates of individual liberty today is the failure of the international system to recognize calls for autonomy from sub-state actors, and that one of the best ways to do this is by counterintuitively incorporating that new autonomy into the international system in some way (you can do this by admitting such regions into the UN and other IGOs, or by admitting such regions into suprastate organizations like the United States or the European Union). 203 more words

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on a trip to Berbera

time passes, and there you are doing things you didn’t know were possible: harvesting tomatoes; meeting ministers; winning the trust of neighbors; chatting with cargo ship crew from New Jersey at the Berbera port; stripping down to bathing suits on a Somali beach, guarded by baby camels and soldiers with AK-47s. 32 more words

Ardayda Wax ka barata dugsiyadda Soomaalilaan oo lacag ugu deeqay guddiga abaaraha

Madaxweyne ku xigeenka Soomaalilaan, Md Cabdiraxmaan Cabdilaahi Ismaaciil (Saylici), ahna ku simaha madaxweynaha Soomaalilaan isla markaana ah Gudoomiyaha Guddida Abaaraha ayaa lacag dhan 51 more words