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Interview: H.E. Prof. Iqbal D. Jhazbhay On Recognizing Somaliland

Somaliland has been pushing for recognition for 25 years now. A journey that has been long and complex. South African Ambassador to Eritrea, H.E. Prof. Iqbal D. 20 more words


At UN, ICP Asks UK Ambassador About Somaliland Independence Petition

By Matthew Russell Lee

UNITED NATIONS, August 23 — After in Somaliland a petition was announced, with a million signatures, seeking recognition of independence, Inner City Press put the question on August 23 to the UN Security Council’s penholder 514 more words


Somaliland Petitions For Statehood

Washington DC – More than one million citizens have signed a petition calling for the recognition of Somaliland by the international community, Somaliland President Ahmed Mohamed Sillanyo told reporters in Hargeisa Tuesday. 383 more words


Casho Sharaf: A Dinner in honour of…

Every Somali has heard or read about presidents, ministers and ambassadors organising a dinner party in honour of some visiting dignitary or elder statesman. It is instinctively understood that this is done to strengthen ties with the visitor (and by extension their country) or to celebrate the history and achievements of the local statesman. 715 more words


Xaalka Hadraawi maxaad ka ogtahay?

Waqti yar ka hor waxaa aan booqannay Guriga Adeer Hadraawi, Waxa aan maqlayey …ayaamahan inuu xanuusanayo laakiin sidan maan moodaynin. Waxaa xaalkiisa nooga warrantay Hooyo Hodan oo ah Xaaska Hadraawi iyada oo markaa noo sheegtay in uu yara jiifsadey. 341 more words


Mohamed Farah Declares "I've Done My Job" After Securing Olympic Double-Double In Rio

By Alex Spink

Farah claimed gold in both the 5,000m and 10,000m – just as he did at London 2012 – to complete the set of medals for his kids 548 more words


Sahra Halgan Sings Recognition For Somaliland

By Dan Grunebaum

We in the West are used to thinking of music mainly as entertainment. On occasion, it can fulfill a religious function, 684 more words