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on a Push (Hargeisa Literary Magazine)

Things are shifting, dear friends, which has been a consistently auspicious sign for me in the past: not of joy or prosperity, which are always welcome, but of the seeds of growth that blow in on new winds. 333 more words

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Envoy Headed by Former British MP, Visiting Somaliland

Hargeysa, Somaliland – Former British MP, now head of a joined business investment company, is on an official visit in Somaliland.

Ms. Edna Aden Ismail welcomed the envoy headed by Sir Tony Baldry; former Mp of the conservative party was accompanied by Ian Fenwick, Yusuf Ahmed Hersi, Mohamed Abdirahman and a Mr. 154 more words


The Good Fatwa: Somaliland's Edict to End FGM

Feature photo: C/Melanie Dawn Harter/Getty Images

Islam and women’s rights are not incompatible, all it takes is the men in charge to stop and listen 🙋🏾. 402 more words

February 2017

Desert Tiger in Somaliland

The Mounted Police Unit in Somaliland, offering security to president Farmaajo’s motorcade in Bossasso last January, wearing the Desert Tiger camouflage pattern.

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“Waxaan Ballanqaadaynaa Inaan Sugno Nabadgelyadda Qaranka, Dalka iyo Dadkaba, Intii Awoodayada ah, Haddii Ilaah Yidhaahdo” Taliyaha Ciidanka Qaranka Somaliland

Hargeysa, Somaliland, Febuary 04, 2018 (Saxafi) – Taliyaha Ciidanka Qaranka Sareeye Gaas Nuux Ismaaciil Taani ayaa ballanqaaday qaaday in Ciidanka Qaranku sugi doono nabadgelyada Qaranka, dadla iyo dadka, intii awoodooda ah, hadii Ilaah yidhaahdo. 1,257 more words


Xuska Sannad-Guurada 24-Aad Ee Aas-aaska Ciidanka Qaranka Iyo Khudbadihii Laga Jeediyay

Hargeysa, Somaliland, Febuary 04, 2018 (Saxafi) – Madaxweynaha Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland, ahna taliyaha guud ee ciidamada qalabka sida, Mudane Muuse Biixi Cabdi, ayaa ka qayb-galay munaasibadda sanad-guurada 24-aad ee ka soo wareegtay aas-aaska ciidanka qaranka Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland oo lagu qabtay xarunta taliska guud ee ciidanka qaranku ku leeyahay caasimadda Hargeysa. 663 more words