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I’m trying to make a      home

Out of a nomad’s

Sullen   footsteps

And the clothes beached on Italian coasts.

We used to use brittle… 196 more words


Documenting Diversity: "Somaliland" Depicts The Lives Of Somali Students

All it took was one online job listing to unite three filmmakers on a journey that would take them 8,000 miles from home to one of the most unrecognized places on Earth. 826 more words

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Axmed Siilaanyo Oo Hargeysa Lagu Xiray

Xarunta Taraafikada ee magaalada Hargeysa waxa ku xidhan Axmed Maxamed Maxamuud Siilaanyo oo ka mid ah maamulka dugsiga Nuuradiin ee gaarka loo leeyahay .
Macallin Siilaanyo ayaa la soo 124 more words


17-12 Segment 2: Education in Somaliland


Somaliland, a breakaway region of Somalia, is an impoverished region that isn’t officially recognized as a distinct country. Children born there are given very little opportunity, but Jonathan Starr is trying to change that. 1,902 more words

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West Country Unites To Tackle East Africa Famine

Across the West Country people are responding to an appeal to help the 20 million people affected by drought in East Africa, in what’s being described as the worst humanitarian crisis in decades. 268 more words

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As Sir Mohamed Farah Fronts An Appeal About Starvation In East Africa, UK Charity Shelterbox Gears Up To Help The Drought-Hit Nomads Of Somaliland

‘I was born in Somalia and it breaks my heart to hear stories of how families are suffering.’ As Olympian Sir Mohamed Farah calls the world’s attention to East Africa’s drought and famine, Cornwall based ShelterBox is making partnership plans to help Somaliland families 639 more words


Olympic Legend Sir Mohamed Farah Fronts Appeal For Millions Facing Starvation In East Africa

Some 800,000 children under five face starvation in Somaliland, Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan because of drought and conflict. 523 more words