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Somaliland Stirred not Shaken; Chewed not Spat

…get on a bus for a country that doesn’t really exist, except in someone’s imagination: existential ball-juggling 401… Somalia now effectively divided into three, Somaliland relatively peaceful and open for business, connected by land to the also relatively peaceful states of Djibouti and Ethiopia. 810 more words

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Creating "People Of Islam" and why the Iraq War made me a photographer

I opened this exhibition with the subtitle – Photos From Iran, Iraq, Somaliland and Marrakech – on April 3, 2015.

It has come about in a quite natural way. 1,149 more words

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As a British, white and male PhD candidate doing research in Somalia in the field of ‘African studies’ the recent furore surrounding the #CadaanStudies has left me feeling distinctly uncomfortable. 1,272 more words


New exhibition - "People Of Islam"

Welcome to my new exhibition 

“People Of Islam”
Selected images from Iran, Iraq, Marrakech and Somaliland

April 3-6, 2015 – Easter – Every day 10-18 – after that by appointment only. 248 more words

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"People Of Islam" - Ny udstilling

► Lite om utställningen & praktisk info
Människor och miljön från Islam, som västvärlden ständigt är i konflikt med. Jag gjorde fact-finding i Irak 2002 och 2003 och redan före kriget var människorna hårt drabbade av omänskliga ekonomiska sanktioner. 155 more words