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It Takes a School

The Extraordinary Story of an American School in the World’s #1 Failed State

Jonathan Starr

An inspiring story of how an American hedge fund manager created a unique school in Somaliland whose students, against all odds, have come to achieve success beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. 291 more words


Euphorbia multiclava

This distinctive species forms clumps to 30 cm tall and 40 cm wide by branching dichotomously (an uncommon thing in the genus).
The branches are usually 2-3.5 cm thick and 2-7 cm long, with 10-16 ribs. 32 more words


A Convincing Case For Somaliland Recognition

By Abdiqani Salafi “Kabtanka”

The opponents of Somaliland Republic sometimes raise insincere arguments about the legitimacy of its national borders and its quest for international diplomatic recognition calling its borders “Colonial Borders” to deny Somaliland sovereignty and diplomatic recognition. 426 more words


The International Community Should Respect Somaliland Elections Decisions

By: Aden Deeq

The international communities doesn’t dictate Somaliland on how they should process their elections and they got no right to talk about good governance when we are so aware off the international communities and where they stand when it comes to Somaliland and where all their funds and supports goes. 409 more words


The Edmonton Man No Country Wants

Abdikarim Gelle has been detained for months awaiting deportation but Somalia won’t accept mentally ill people 1,410 more words


From Flagship To Somaliland: EUCAP Nestor’s Head Of Mission Carries Out A Round Of Engagements With Key Counterparts

EUCAP Nestor’s Head of Mission (HoM), Maria-Cristina Stepanescu carried out her first round of meetings with partners from the EU with a day aboard sister Mission EUNAVFOR Atalanta’s Flagship Tromp, on September 30th 2016. 385 more words


Guddida Bilicda Ee Heer Qaran Oo Kormeer Ku Tagay Warshadda Wadooyinka Ee Dawladda Hoose Hargeysa Oo Bilowday Wax Soo Saarkeeddii Iyo Samaynta Jidadka

Hargeysa, Somaliland, October 4, 2016 (DHH)- Guddida bilicda ee heer qaran ayaa maanta soo kormeeray warshadda wadooyinka ee Dawladda hoose iyo wadadda galbeed oo dawladda hoose ee Hargeysa ka waddo shaqo balaadhan. 653 more words