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In the beginning, the Department of Homeland Security was formed to protect Americans from terrorists on our own soil, but NOW the American people need protection from an enemy that is from within, and they are the unelected czars of the many rogue, state, county and federal and international agencies which include the U.N. 560 more words


Everyone is abuzz about the DHS bus carrying Somalis looking for asylum in the US

Surely you’ve seen the news by now (it is all over the internet) about the DHS bus in California carrying Somalis and other Africans apprehended at our southern border and now asking for asylum. 402 more words

Refugee Resettlement Program

Colorado Medical School Links Students, New Immigrants

AURORA, Colo. (AP) — An Iraqi refugee and a medical student sat in a community center in suburban Denver, passing an orange plastic bottle of pills back and forth. 627 more words


The 'Countering Violent Extremism' program institutionalizes injustice against Somalis

By Kadra Abdi, Ayantu Ayana, Ramla Bile, Mohamed H. Mohamed, Julia Nekessa Opoti

Norm Coleman’s “In the Land of 10,000 Terrorists” Op-Ed that appeared in the Star Tribune on April 24, 2015, has offended many progressives and members of the Somali community alike. 235 more words


Somalis rally at Capitol in support of arrested men's families

Group chants “Islam is Peace” and “Free our bros” @WCCO pic.twitter.com/9gzFAfKZBV

— Nina Moini (@ninamoini) April 25, 2015

About 100 members of the Somali community rallied at the Minnesota State Capitol Saturday to support the families of six young men who are…

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Tellers, teachers, Somali immigrants take on big banks during St. Paul rally

Been targeted with a high-pressure sales pitch at your bank recently? You’re not alone, according to a report released earlier this month exposing a “new era of predatory lending” in the industry. 448 more words


Leaders from North Eastern should ask for forgiveness and do more about terrorism

If leaders from the former North Eastern province in Kenya were serious about helping in the fight against Al Shabaab, they would first have apologized to Kenyans because of their refusal to allow the government to do a repeat census in some districts in northern Kenya a few years back, before even asking for the closure of Dadaab refugee camp. 829 more words