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How a Roamer Communicates

“Watch somebody reasonably bright but also reasonably average pay far closer attention and think at far more length about all sorts of different stuff than most of us have a chance to in our daily lives.” —David Forest Wallace  134 more words


Roaming in Finland

Most people are travellers. They are not roamers. You may ask—what is the difference?

Here are some:

Roamer: He or she has his/her brain to guide him/her. 84 more words


Speak Finnish

It is good to speak the Finnish language, the sign reads. I tend to agree with that. A country like Finland where there are many people who are against the presence of brown and black people, one must speak the language in order to defend, persuade, inform, argue or explain. 14 more words


Pasila Library & The Finnish Language

Helsinki libraries hold Finnish Canteen classes. You can meet people you wouldn’t meet otherwise. You can have a chat with them. More importantly, you can practice your Finnish with them. 87 more words


Symbol Signs in Helsinki

  1. I observe my surrounding area;
  2. I document if something catches my eyes and;
  3. I share it with others who were not there!

In essence, I capture the moment and therefore call it to our attention to the things we see every day, and overlook!


The Most Used Word in Finland

Joo is pronounced as yo and it is one of the most used words in Finland. As I roam across Helsinki, I hear it a lot. 78 more words


11 Foods We Mustn't Eat Ever!

  1. Bread (wheat, rye, barley and oat);
  2. Pizza;
  3. Pasta;
  4.  Olive oil;
  5.  Fried foods;
  6. Ice cream;
  7. Popcorn;
  8. Chips (all);
  9. Fast food;
  10. Sugary foods (all);
  11. Cheese.

Being healthy isn’t about what we eat and do; it is about what we do not eat.