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Video: MINNESOTA: MOB OF SOMALIS RAGE Through Upscale Neighborhood Threatening To “Kidnap” And “Rape” Homeowners

Of course, you won’t see this story on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC or any of the other liberal news stations. Because gangs of Muslim refugees threatening innocent people inside their homes isn’t news, but House Democrat losers staying up all night and noshing on take-out in… 256 more words

U.S. News

Portland ME mayor tells Somali residents they are wanted and needed

After a recent hate-filled speech in Portland by presidential candidate Donald Trump a rally was convened to speak out against the bigotry. Mayor Ethan Strimling, speaking before several hundred residents, said Trump’s ignorance of the Constitution showed when he spoke, and the mayor embraced those who were offended by the candidate’s remarks. 215 more words


Canada: Diversity is soooo beautiful! Is this website for real?

This is rich!  At a Somali website, a guy named Mohamud is blasting the Chinese in Canada. I thought all this multiculturalism was going to be so wonderful and we would all be “strengthened” by it. 178 more words

Diversity's Dark Side

Minnesota victim speaks in case of roving Somali gangs in upscale neighborhood

“I don’t think people realize how bad it is in Minnesota and what type of backdrop we have here.” (victim)

We first mentioned this incredible scary story… 452 more words

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Life after divorce

I want to take a moment to send my appreciation and love to all my sisters who for whatever reason got a divorce and/or has kids from a previous marriage . 705 more words

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Somali alleged war criminal working Dulles Airport security

I have a friend who says that something is fishy at Dulles and here is some proof that she might be on to something.

From CNN… 221 more words

Refugee Resettlement Program