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Somatic Experiencing Therapy And Where To Get It

Hi everyone, I have complex ptsd after a lifetime of abuse from birth with no before . I want to try somatic experiencing but cant find a therapist north of London!! 40 more words


Somatic Comic Review of “Rat Poison #4” by Louis S. Whiteford

Louis S. Whiteford
"Rat Poison #4"
Self Published, 2014

For this one, find a primo back alley. 330 more words

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Somatic Healing Vs. Emdr

I have an appointment with an EMDR therapist next week and was wondering if anyone here could tell me what to expect. I m especially interested in whether EMDR is a form of somatic healing or something entirely different. 63 more words

Coming to our senses - Quotes

  • Berman, M. (1990). Coming to Our Senses (Bantam ed edition). New York: Bantam.

  1. Science and magic are hardly identical, to be sure, but both have a strong manipulative component, and it is in this sense that magic came to serve as the midwife of modern science.
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making sense or making meaning?

Is there a difference for you between making sense of something and making meaning?

For me, making sense is largely, though not completely, a cognitive process. 440 more words

My Triangle of Death

I made a triangle in a graveyard on All Saint’s Day

Its boundaries were marked

.                                                            by a neglected mausoleum

.                                                            by a smug green bench… 202 more words


Stress & Disease: Honoring the Mind Body Connection

I was recently asked to do some freelance writing on the topic of living well with multiple sclerosis. You see, I was a copywriter and patient educator in my pre-Lyme life.  889 more words