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The development of language with its limited feeling and sensing vocabulary has the effect of pre-structuring feelings and sensations in that we feel or sense what we can describe rather than attempt to describe what we feel and sense.

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Relational Trauma and PTSD

So many layers.

If only a layer cake could help.

Relational Trauma, especially over extended time periods, can cause C-PTSD (or Complex Relational Trauma Syndrome). Occasionally, triggers can be identified and avoided. 125 more words

Betrayal Trauma

When memories become physical

We all know what memories are, the events in our lives that are engraved in our mind’s eye. Or that is what we are told to believe, that it is the “mind’s eye” that captures it all. 712 more words



It is,
at winter’s finite edge,
that we glean the bent, palsied bloom,
somatic in its turn
toward Spring’s inevitable host.
John Biscello

Understanding Human Cellular Division


To understand mitosis and meiosis you need to know and understand the difference between two key pairs of terms.

If you understand these four terms and how they apply to human cells, you will understand human cell division. 542 more words

Sometimes my body rebels

It seems like every so often my depression decides to remind me that I’m not the only one steering the ship that is my body.  For the last three days I’ve felt quite dizzy for no obvious reason; I’m well hydrated, and I’m not doing anything differently.   210 more words


I was telling my partner about my primary comfort object from my childhood tonight, as I wound down in bed. He’s a long dog and was laying across our laps when I realized I don’t know if there is any other object in this world that I have so many somatic memories with, or anything I have even touched with my hands so much as him. 550 more words