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Photos and notes

Series on Arches watercolour paper. These are photos I’ve been preparing for display on Etsy. It took a long time to get the “creamy-ness” of the paper. 275 more words


Complimentary Functional Integration This Wednesday

Fool the Pain – Make it Go Away on April Fool’s Day

This April Fool’s day we won’t fool around: instead inviting you to a complimentary half hour session of Functional Integration(R), or FI for short.   338 more words

Feldenkrais Method

Soma Pt. 2

Embrace it, Meg.

Learn to love this pain, this fight, this terror that rips inside of you — this very thing that scares you most. Learn it feel it, love it, channel it, direct it, let it surge through you and then let it go. 182 more words


It ripples through me.

Sizzling underneath me skin, coiling itself around my veins, I feel it. My blood runs hot, boiling up to my brain and flaming into my mind, fast, faster, faster than I know what to do with — it unravels through me and I am captivated. 527 more words

Time passes just as well whether or not I document it.

I used to approach journalling as a means of getting rid of thoughts in my head, the adage of “getting the crap down on the page” so that it’s not clogging up the “real stuff.” 128 more words



Emanations from the core of the flesh,

Piling outwards, a discarded mesh

Floats off into space, to settle somewhere,

On the roof in your car, 83 more words


What Somatic Symptoms Do You Experience?

I am interested in what types of somatic symptoms us ptsd sufferers experience. Please explain any others in the comments. Thanks!