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You Are Already Forgiven

I knew when my father started to die, because I felt the morphine run through my own body, 3,000 miles away. Waves of nausea and that narcotic kind of calm came and went, covering over a rising panic one moment, and laying it bare the next. 988 more words

living with sadness

Without announcement or bothering to knock, she sneaks in, lying beneath cushions where I sit, or below the floor where I walk. Her breathing is just loud enough to let me know she’s here again. 374 more words


4/30: Gratitude in the Face of the Unknown

July 5, 2016

I have many things to be grateful for today, including a new student in my weekly yoga class and some upcoming opportunities to sub for other teachers, and even an invitation to perform as a solo kirtan musician this weekend! 344 more words

3/30: Grateful Through Discomfort

July 4, 2016:

Sometimes, it’s hard to feel grateful. We can intellectualize about all of the good things we have. We know there are so many less fortunate than us, but maybe we just feel like crap in this moment. 378 more words


Eccomi qua. L’erborista, una figura dai mille volti e dalle mille espressioni.

Forse la parole erborista può evocare l’immagine di un vecchio monastero, oppure può rimandare alle streghe, queste sconosciute – perché in realtà ben poco sappiamo della vita quotidiana e delle conoscenza delle erbe di queste povere donne bruciate al rogo. 475 more words



I’m trying to sleep, but my head is spinning so I may as well write my feelings down. I have gone back to avoiding people again, though I am still watching the chat. 1,196 more words


'Bradying Down:' it's an interesting experience

Many of us take trigger point injections to deal with the muscle spasms that can accompany fibro. Mine took an interesting turn today when I passed out, mid-injection. 356 more words