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Somatic Mutations of 2433 Breast Tumors


The somatic mutation profiles of 2,433 breast cancers refines their genomic and transcriptomic landscapes

Work from Carlos Caldas. “we sequence 173 genes in 2,433 primary breast tumours that have copy number aberration (CNA), gene expression and long-term clinical follow-up data.”

Rosen Method's gentle, responsive touch

by Cinnamon Cranston, Certified Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner

– originally published in Mosaic Magazine, May 2016

We are born needing touch. Our bodies are hard wired to receive and give touch as a means to navigate our environment and ourselves. 1,439 more words


8 Weeks to Your Intelligent Body - A Feldenkrais(R) Series

Every day of our lives we do things; we move, walk, run, do house work doing the dishes or cleaning the house, carry groceries or the kids on our hips or arms, rake the leaves, sit at the computer – we do that a lot!!! 384 more words


ICGC Breast Cancer Genomes


Landscape of somatic mutations in 560 breast cancer whole-genome sequences

“whole-genome sequences of 560 breast cancers” “Mutational signature analysis was extended to genome rearrangements” 44 more words

Ash Tree Bodywork

Multi-Modality Offerings: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neurostructural Bodywork, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Thai Massage, Pregnancy Massage. Ash Tree utilizes the ancient knowledge of Meridians and Acupressure points in the body to inform Swedish and deep tissue massages, combining modalities for a fuller experience; she also offers Sanskrit Mantra chanting, singing bowls, and essential oils for protection, clearing residual energies, and creating sacred space. 159 more words