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Interview with Peggy Williams

In An interview with Peggy Williams (compiled by Glen Park) one catches a detailed glimpse of what training with F.M. Alexander was like. In addition to the fact that Alexander was likely in the prime of his teaching ability when Peggy trained, Patrick Macdonald and Walter Carrington (arguably the two most influential teacher trainers in the years following Alexander’s death) were assisting. 767 more words

Alexander Technique

how do you know your truth?

I’ve recently been noticing how hard we find it to stay with a feeling.

It seems we are conditioned to move away from the somatic expression of our truth, to rationalise and explain it away, or to deflect it for fear of it consuming us. 151 more words

Somatic Lab #1: Chirality

When exploring the molecular “tactics” of crystal in 1894, Lord Kelvin described the phenomenon of “handedness” in stereochemistry by stating: I call any geometrical figure, or group of points, ‘chiral’, and say that it has chirality if its image in a plane mirror, ideally realized, cannot be brought to coincide with itself. 638 more words


Rosen Method Bodywork: Body Awareness and Trauma

Written by Cinnamon Cranston, published in Mosaic Magazine, Alberta, Canada, May 1st, 2015.

RMB is a type of somatic bodywork that helps people to access and integrate long forgotten or unconscious physical/emotional holding patterns through body awareness. 1,409 more words


hula hooping

My therapist sent me home this weekend with an adult sized hula hoop.

I need to move

to feel

to let the pieces fall as they may… 10 more words


Parasitic, Diversionary, and Preparatory Movement

I spent the past two days reading Marina Gilman’s truly wonderful book Body and Voice, Somatic Re-education. I found it an enjoyable text and a fantastic resource for developing my somatic awareness of the singer. 396 more words

Sheep in a Jeep...what kind of name is that! My journey...

So, my journey with mental illness began at a very young age (age 11).

There were little things that should have signaled that something was WAY worse, but everything really started to shake up when I was 11…a little fifth grade girl. 939 more words