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Re-Introducing the Inukshuk Collective as Precipice-Collective

Our circumnavigation has come full circle.  We pause here, five years later, to plan the next five years.  Join us in reflection by reviewing some of our past blog posts, exercises, and events.   116 more words

Your Somatic Experience?

My therapy has been a mix of modalities and my therapist is a trauma expert. Because I spent many years isolated and silent, it s been a long, slow trudge to get beyond the surface. 71 more words

Revisiting Freudian Dreams

I have been reading Sigmund Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams (though not completed). I came across many types of Dreams and here I would like to develop an etiology of them. 522 more words

Help Me Breathe Again

I am worn and tattered on the edges, yet I breathe light into the atmosphere. I am the echo of something that once was a shadow of beautiful and now… 1,176 more words

Ink Drops

what would your big toe say?

A friend of mine once declared that to be a favourite coaching question of theirs. “What would your big toe say?”

I can’t vouch for its effectiveness as a question. 327 more words