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Hypermutation in Cancer


Comprehensive Analysis of Hypermutation in Human Cancer

“an extensive assessment of mutation burden through sequencing analysis of >81,000 tumors from pediatric and adult patients” “Mutation burden analysis reveals new drivers of hypermutation in  50 more words

Selection of Somatic Mutations


Universal Patterns of Selection in Cancer and Somatic Tissues

“Nearly all (∼99%) coding mutations are tolerated and escape negative selection. Half of the coding driver mutations occur outside of known cancer genes.” Another great work from Sanger Institute.

Somatic Symptoms and Related Disorders

  1. Somatic Symptom Disorder
  2. Illness Anxiety Disorder
  3. Conversion Disorder (Functional Neurological Symptom Disorder)
  4. Psychological Factors Affecting Other Medical Conditions
  5. Factitious Disorder

Returning to Learning

What can piano teachers learn from stepping into the shoes of the beginner and taking up a new skill or pastime? Quite a lot, in my experience…

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Music Education

MSMuTect & MSMutSig

Analysis of somatic microsatellite indels identifies driver events in human tumors

“MSMuTect, for accurate detection of somatic MS indels, and MSMutSig, for identification of genes containing MS indels at a higher frequency than expected by chance.” Work from Gad Getz.

Something new: Working with my body

I’ve started having some reflexology. J and I recognised a very long time ago that I have a lot of stuckness in my body. Not only feelings, but body memories from the time I was abused. 660 more words


TSM134 : Deepening the Well of Experience

In previous monologues I’ve suggested that real spiritual development has nothing to do developing super powers or transcending the body and everything to do cultivating awareness of mind and body and living fully within the body. 98 more words