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Exome and whole genome sequencing in aging and longevity, an ebook

Calendar age is the major risk factor for common disease. It is therefore expected that understanding the aging process will eventually lead to promotion of better health conditions in elderly populations. 3,897 more words



Severing. Cutting the cord. Boundaries. Mother’s milk. Hand on my back. Opening my mouth. Cord snaking out, sticky and thick and unending, an infinite belly coil I keep pulling on, years and years and a recurring dream of not being able to cut it — the more I try, the more it becomes something like glue, impossible and uncooperative, stretching from and gumming up the sharp blade. 448 more words

CELL - Creative Embodied Learning Lab intro session

Moving Forth is hosting an introductory day of workshops for a new programme of workshops called CELL – Creative Embodied Learning Labs.  I will be a guest teacher along with Debbie Watson, joining Susan Scarth and Doe Warnes as they launch CELL on November 26th.  216 more words

Written Reflection: mind body connection

100 billion neurons

You are the whole.

A whole lot of bones, ligaments, and musculature.

I heard the term meat bag used in reference to skin, and bodies. 147 more words


weather within

The mood of my garden has shifted. It looks like Autumn. Leaves scattered across the surface. New shoots torn from the trees by blustery winds and driving rain. 154 more words