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Heroes, Welcome to Your Journey

By Allison Brunner, LCSW, RM

Imagine you’re born a tree rather than a human being. No one raises you or teaches you how to be a tree. 778 more words

Allison Brunner

A Good Laugh!

I’m going away for a few days to see my best friend (who really is more like my sister!), and my beautiful F1 Chausie, Kemisi who lives on her farm,   625 more words


Stuff Coming Up: Emdr Vs. Somatic Experiencing

Since I ve been reading this forum, I ve read a lot of posts about EMDR s tendency to destabilize and dredge up old memories. For this reason I decided to cancel my EMDR consultation and instead make an appointment with a somatic experiencing therapist. 58 more words

Near Constant Somatic Sensations

Hi All – Now that I am less dissociative I am aware of a near constant thrumming/tingling in my arms and feet. Sometimes, throat. The sensations are accompanied by small but insistent waves of fatigue. 63 more words

Near Constant Somatic Sensations

Does anyone else get lost due to dissociating? Up until recently I always thought of it as an adventure. I never knew where I d end up. 76 more words

Interview with Peggy Williams

In An interview with Peggy Williams (compiled by Glen Park) one catches a detailed glimpse of what training with F.M. Alexander was like. In addition to the fact that Alexander was likely in the prime of his teaching ability when Peggy trained, Patrick Macdonald and Walter Carrington (arguably the two most influential teacher trainers in the years following Alexander’s death) were assisting. 767 more words

Alexander Technique

how do you know your truth?

I’ve recently been noticing how hard we find it to stay with a feeling.

It seems we are conditioned to move away from the somatic expression of our truth, to rationalise and explain it away, or to deflect it for fear of it consuming us. 151 more words