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Sometimes my body rebels

It seems like every so often my depression decides to remind me that I’m not the only one steering the ship that is my body.  For the last three days I’ve felt quite dizzy for no obvious reason; I’m well hydrated, and I’m not doing anything differently.   210 more words


I was telling my partner about my primary comfort object from my childhood tonight, as I wound down in bed. He’s a long dog and was laying across our laps when I realized I don’t know if there is any other object in this world that I have so many somatic memories with, or anything I have even touched with my hands so much as him. 550 more words

When Crazy Looks Normal.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (specifically Somatic OCD) and General Anxiety Disorder…

My doctor says I have these. I take medication for them. Without those pills, what lies behind these freckles is a whole lot of messy, weepy, people-pleasing, number-counting, breath-holding… 1,754 more words

It's all about that (sea) bass

Infrasound, Motion Capture and Choreography at the HopBarn

Man, infrasound is sexy. Infrasound is sound which happens at incredibly low frequencies – at pitches lower than our ears’ and brain’s ability to hear them. 1,074 more words


On Panpsychism

I have long been curious about philosophies on cellular consciousness and how they relate to dance. On this front, I am currently researching fractals in nature, cellular structure, somatic study and movement improvisation as investigation of a philosophical argument for panpsychism. 292 more words


Hypermutation in Cancer

Comprehensive Analysis of Hypermutation in Human Cancer

“an extensive assessment of mutation burden through sequencing analysis of >81,000 tumors from pediatric and adult patients” “Mutation burden analysis reveals new drivers of hypermutation in  51 more words