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You are not to blame

Whatever pain you are in

what if

you are not to blame?

What if

none of us are?

What if

just like the womb that grew us… 309 more words


Beyond the mood board

is a temple
that we seek

and flee. We set
and rake
our squares of sand

stone and soil.
There’s breath
as well as breeze… 294 more words


Looking through your ribs

Artwork via Watercolor Painting A3 #106 — Niklas Granqvist

When you look at this artwork, what sensations do you notice in your ribs?

There’s no right or wrong answer, simply what is. 280 more words


The wisdom of uncertainty

Doubt can be a lonely and painful state. There are many messages which tell us we “must” be confident, assured, “stop overthinking” and “keep moving forward”. 789 more words


Not in Tune

“I feel or have the tweaks, but I do not discover or peer at them; they are not things that I find out about by watching them, listening to them, or savouring them. 51 more words

When it's hard to hear

Noticing your body’s split-second reactions to criticism can be a rich opportunity to find deeper confidence.

Here’s a visual meditation to accompany this sensory card for the WordPress prompt: … 211 more words


What is Somatic Therapy?

I have mentioned the word “somatic” a couple of times and many of you are intrigued and excited  about what somatic therapy is all about.  Somatic implies movement and so somatic therapies incorporate some form of movement (dance, yoga, etc.) along with more traditional talk therapy.   235 more words