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Ash Tree Bodywork

Multi-Modality Offerings: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neurostructural Bodywork, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Thai Massage, Pregnancy Massage. Ash Tree utilizes the ancient knowledge of Meridians and Acupressure points in the body to inform Swedish and deep tissue massages, combining modalities for a fuller experience; she also offers Sanskrit Mantra chanting, singing bowls, and essential oils for protection, clearing residual energies, and creating sacred space. 159 more words

Michelle Nayeli Bouvier

Somatic Therapy: Yoga and Yoga Therapy, Hoopdance, Embody Retreats

Michelle Nayeli is based in Bay Area, CA.  Please visit http://www.michellebouvier.com/ to learn more about her offerings: 326 more words

Is SSD in my life?

My sister just informed me after watching Dr Phil (I know, I know not a very reliable source haha) that there was a woman who suffered from… 264 more words




VarDict: a novel and versatile variant caller for next-generation sequencing in cancer research

Brad Chapman co-authored a paper recently. “VarDict, a novel and versatile variant caller for both DNA- and RNA-sequencing data. 62 more words



Integrated genomic DNA/RNA profiling of hematologic malignancies in the clinical setting

“a novel next-generation sequencing-based assay to identify all classes of genomic alterations using archived formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE), blood and bone marrow samples with high accuracy in a clinically relevant timeframe”

Somatic Variant Callers


Evaluation of Nine Somatic Variant Callers for Detection of Somatic Mutations in Exome and Targeted Deep Sequencing Data

“a comprehensive evaluation using exome sequencing and targeted deep sequencing data of paired tumor-normal samples from five breast cancer patients to evaluate the performance of nine publicly available somatic variant callers: EBCall, Mutect, Seurat, Shimmer, Indelocator, Somatic Sniper, Strelka, VarScan 2 and Virmid for the detection of single nucleotide mutations and small deletions and insertions.” “Sequencing depth had markedly diverse impact on individual callers, as for some callers, increased sequencing depth highly improved sensitivity. 45 more words