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Ignorance is Bliss

Harry peered into the heavens with his 8 inch Celestron. It wasn’t the biggest telescope that he had ever used. Having gotten his Masters degree in astronomy, he had used a few “real” telescopes. 374 more words


Sombrero Galaxy

The Supa Dupa Fly Sombrero Galaxy ( M104 or NGC 4594 ) as photographed by the Hubble Space Telescope (The Hub). Yes!!!!

This galaxy is 28 million light years from Earth. 48 more words


Sombrero East

This is the eastern area of the Sombrero Galaxy, with the pronounced dust bands and many background galaxies.

Image Credit: ESO


Messier 104: Sombrero Galaxy

Frames : 8 x Lum x 10min , 2 x R x 12m , 2 x R x 14m, 2 x G 14 m,  2 x B x 15 m 7 more words



One of most famous spiral galaxies is Messier 104, aka The Sombrero Galaxy because of its particular shape its dominant nuclear bulge is composed mainly of mature stars. 74 more words


See the Beauty

Look around you. Maybe there’s a window nearby. Look out of it. What do you see? Do you see the vast sky, or at least a small section of it? 438 more words

Sombrero Galaxy, hubble image.

Sombrero Galaxy


This is a spiral galaxy seen nearly edge-on. The dark band across the center is the result of material in the flat disk of the galaxy obscuring the light of stars and gas behind it. 43 more words

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