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Of Setting Goals

(Baby Mallards Growing up)

We’ve been talking a lot about goals here in town with the moms.

Moms with preschoolers. Elementary. Middle School – and going into High School. 983 more words

Some Schooling

Day in the Life - June

I have been listening to Alistair Begg with the Android App – Truth for Life. I’ve really been enjoying the solid biblical walk through. He’s been talking a lot about relationships, marriage, the roles of husbands and wives, etc the last few days. 327 more words

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And Then They are Gone–Hug Your Teens!

I’ve been praying for this little guy since before the womb. Praying, hoping, wishing, worrying, and thinking of what his life will be like.

It started in earnest in the womb of course. 966 more words

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When I don’t want to teach it . . .

So what do you mamas do when you get to a spot of learning that, frankly, you’d rather not go through again? The first time through, we jumped in, both feet, no testing the waters, big splash. 692 more words

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FishFlix.Com–Movies to Inspire and Entertain

I was stoked to be able to pick a movie from FishFlix.com to review for the Schoolhouse Review Crew. There were several choices. I encourage you to take a moment and go over to their site and explore their categories of movies. 1,210 more words

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A Day in the Life

Well, not really a day, more like a month. I find myself not posting much about our day to day life here, because I’m active on social media. 862 more words

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Great Commission Films, IndoctriNation, A TOS Review

My first review of the year for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine! I’ve been working with some great products to be ready to share the nuts and bolts with you. 916 more words

Some Schooling