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What Program Do You Use to Homeschool?

This question has changed the last couple of years. It used to be – “What are you using for math?” or “What company do you order from?” “Do you have a used homeschool book store in your town?” Now my number one question asked is – “What program do you go through to homeschool?” The answer they are expecting is K12 or Oregon Connections. 1,231 more words

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The Difference Between Two Points

How does one choose Algebra over Paddling? We’ve endured the hardest rain season I’ve ever experienced. Mud. Wet. Cold. Wet. Mud. It’s gone on since the middle of November. 275 more words

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Looking out and Forward–January 2016

The past two weeks have been a blur. How is it the 13th? I keep thinking I have a lot of time – and that a date is far in the distance, the wham. 498 more words

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Did Someone Mention High Water Storm System?

The Oregon Coast – where all of the rivers flow out to the sea. We have had the first day of sunshine since about November 17th. 179 more words

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Picking out a Tree, Adventure Style

Homeschoolers are weird.

Kids who don’t prefer video games during day light hours seem to have more outdoor fun.

We like to go to a local family’s tree stand at their home / farm. 178 more words

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Wrestling Freshman Year

Just a few shots of warm ups and fun with his team. Jon is wrestling for Taft in the 138 division. This is his first year wrestling for the school. 191 more words

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Fear Based Parenting? Stop it!

Thoughts for this post started as a question on Facebook. “In a Christian homeschool group I’m in, a mom asked if others would allow their 14-year-old to see a movie alone with another teen (same gender friend, not a date with the opposite sex). 1,171 more words

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