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We all want to feel we are wanted.


How Long It Takes To Get Over Someone's Death

Here’s EXACTLY how long it takes to get over someone’s death.

Did someone close to you die a couple years ago, and you feel like you’ll NEVER get over the pain? 68 more words


Sharing parts of yourself to others can be quite frightening.


Mila Kunis is Being Sued . . . for Allegedly Stealing Someone's Pet Chicken

A woman has sued MILA KUNIS . . . claiming that she stole a chicken named “Doggie” from her 25 years ago.  Seriously.

Her name is Kristina Karo, and she claims she was Mila’s best friend back in the Ukraine, when they were kids.   124 more words


Don't mess with a woman's parking spot

Hell hath no fury like a woman whose parking spot was stolen.


People will show you who they are in time, watch and listen.


We all can use a hand, kind word or kind gesture from time to time. Try to help make the world a better place.