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When a person rolls head over heels and ends up back on their feet. Old French “sobresault” < Latin “supra”=over + “saltus”=leap.



This was last week. I was climbing through the trail, almost reached the peak when I felt my palms were burning more than I remember from my previous climbs. 720 more words

Honey Bee Somersaults...

This little bee tumbled over and over through the stamens of the rose.


Upside Downtown

An acrobatic somersault captured during festivities at the 3rd Friday event in Downtown Salisbury, Maryland.

I am a Triathlete!

Last weekend I did something I never thought I would/could actually do. I completed a triathlon. To be fair to all you hard core triathletes, it was a Sprint Tri, but it was still a Tri! 271 more words