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Vocals: Ringo Aoba (青葉りんご)
Lyrics: Taishi
Composed by: Taishi
Album: Somersault 【Official Site】
Circle: TRäkker
Release date: October 28, 2011

Requested by: Idan

These lyrics ended up being quite profound. 512 more words


Beach Fossils' new album "Somersault" lacks imagination

By Allie McGlone

Somersault is an inspired but pared down exhibition of the talents and tropes of the Beach Fossils.

The Beach Fossils’ album “Somersault” is a display of some of the band’s quintessential musical features and vocal characteristics. 429 more words


"Self-Doubt and Somersaults" by Kieran Tie

Here is an awesome article on combatting self-doubt by Kieran Tie from Medium: “Self-Doubt and Somersaults.” My favorite quote from the article—and something I need to remember every day—is that “Fear is just a feeling. 1,092 more words


What's New: Beach Fossils - Somersault

After a five-year musical hiatus, Beach Fossils have finally released the long-awaited Somersault (as mentioned in a previous post). The album as a whole really touches on a whole range of emotions: pleasant, sad, loving, hopeful, lost… But it all works as a unified piece.  33 more words

New Releases

Beach Fossils - Somersault

Now, this was also a change of sound, but I felt pretty indifferent towards it. Their first album sounded really fun and easy, and I appreciate them taking more risks in terms of the arrangements of the songs, but I can’t say that I wasn’t bored at times by this. 23 more words


Beach Fossils: Down the Line

Beach Fossils is back!! After a four year gap from their sophomore album, Beach Fossils released their third album Somersault. The record is both a return to form and an expansion of the band’s mellow sound. 61 more words


Beach Fossils' Latest Album - Somersault

Brooklyn band, Beach Fossils, are putting themselves back out there with their new, and much anticipated album, Somersault. The album has eleven new tracks each with an evolving sound; a few sound like they could have been taken right off of their self-titled album but with a fresh new vibe.  203 more words