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Upside Downtown

An acrobatic somersault captured during festivities at the 3rd Friday event in Downtown Salisbury, Maryland.

Student life

Today’s the day I moved, again. As I’ve calculated actually, it’s the 7th time I’ve moved.

Being a student definitely comes with its ups and down. 207 more words

I am a Triathlete!

Last weekend I did something I never thought I would/could actually do. I completed a triathlon. To be fair to all you hard core triathletes, it was a Sprint Tri, but it was still a Tri! 271 more words



I went swimming in a pool yesterday. Pools aren’t my preferred body of water to take a dip in. I’ve always preferred the saltiness of the ocean; a lingering reminder of my salt-soaked childhood on my little island. 223 more words

Love: Its Up's & Down's

Activités sur un accident de la route : traduire 'in case of a tyre burst'

Following the death of the Nigerian Minister of State for Labour, we proposed several class activities on the unfortunate accident. The text below is the French version of a text that spells out steps to take in case of a tyre burst to a vehicle in motion. 680 more words


Guest post: Lost Move Syndrome

Originally posted here, what this blog calls a ‘mental block in gymnastics’ is now well documented as Lost Move Syndrome, or LMS in Trampoline and can affect any performance athlete. 252 more words

Lesson Learned

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So after I shared this Guest Post on Lost Move Syndrome in July 2015, I now have first hand experience of what it feels like to have an "inability to perform a skill previously performed with ease". For me, it started two days after I'd competed my "B" routine. I'm going to try to explain the order of things that happened as best I can, but as all recommendations on this go, I'm trying not to dwell on it at the moment, and we're just taking a break from what I'm struggling with. So we'd changed our warm up drills to include routines at the end, so that we can keep the routines 'ticking over' until the next time we need them for competition, as it won't be for a while. I took off for a 3/4 back (the first skill) and suddenly bailed, tucking round to feet instead of landing on my front. After a second failed attempt, I skipped the skill in an endeavour to move on with the routine and complete what was only supposed to be a 'warm up'. At first I couldn't do anything in the Pike shape. I had a pike back (SS) followed by a Pike Barani, and after several really hairy SSs I went from a back SS to a barani. The barani travelled the entire length of the trampoline, landing on the end deck. Now for some people, when they go wrong, landing on the end deck is pretty standard... for me- it is incredibly rare. So much so that even my coach was baffled! "You've never done that before, it's only been 2 days since the competition..." I was confused, and if I'm honest, being so out of control that I landed on the end deck did give me a bit of a fright. We decided we'd leave it there and go back to these after the warm up. Anyway, I stumbled my way through an easier routine, feeling like I had to psych myself up for all the back SSs and decided to go back to doing my harder B routine later on in the week - it was probably just a blip right? Not so much... Thursday at training I worked through the routine backwards, like I'm used to, working the newest skills into the mat first, which landed fine and gave me confidence. So after working back from 4-10, I went for the first move, the 3/4 back. Same take off as always, and I bailed again, tucking to feet and falling to H&K at the last minute. Bummer. Not just a one off blip then... The 3/4 back is something I'm good at (one judges feedback at a comp was that I got zero deductions on all my 'straight' somersaults - this included), so okay, take it back a step - I learnt all the progressions for this one... I did a back pullover to front- or at least tried to, that was scary, and I pulled it to feet (just). I couldn't even manage that from a standstill, another thing I pride myself on, because it's great to show kids they're not going to land on their heads if they don't go high enough when learning a back pullover. So we've started a new week, and I now have all of my somersaults working, bar the 3/4 front. Humph! I'll keep you posted on my progress... meantime, if you missed it last time, here's some info I posted about Lost Move Syndrome previously. TTFN ~ Bella x