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Spring Break - Time to work!

Today I wrote my last exam for this semester, and apart from some smaller stuff, I am now on vacation until April. Spring Break!!

I felt great today, not only because the exam went well, but also because I could kick off the vacation with some art. 180 more words

A famous Comedian

Poetry by F. Qaoud

If I were picked from the crowd
by a famous comedian
I’d startle him
By doing a somersault right on the stage. 43 more words


Year 3, Day 59

You were showing dad how to do a somersault.  You woke up this morning at 4am, and we’re really not sure why.


hedgehog, porcupine, somersault Gif For Fun

hedgehog, porcupine, somersault Gif for Fun at your Time



When a person rolls head over heels and ends up back on their feet. Old French “sobresault” < Latin “supra”=over + “saltus”=leap.



This was last week. I was climbing through the trail, almost reached the peak when I felt my palms were burning more than I remember from my previous climbs. 720 more words