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Those long remembered scented nights
Beneath the glow of Kranji’s lights,
Beside the pool, where once had danced
The girls the boys had once romanced. 55 more words


Collected short stories of W Somerset Maugham

Over the last year I’ve been re-reading these stories, which I first devoured as a teenager. I finished the fourth volume today on the train to Paris. 110 more words


The ecology of Tao (or the Tao of ecology)

“You spoke of Tao the other day”, said Kitty, after a pause.  “Tell me what it is.”

Waddington gave her a little look, hesitated for an instant, and then with a faint smile on his comic face answered: 257 more words

The Wrong Thing to Live for

Imagine looking back at the age of 75 and realising that you chose the wrong thing to live for?  Realising that all those years of work and sacrifice were for something that you now do not value? 381 more words

Life Lessons

When your characters run away from you

In life I’m a bit of a control freak, but when it comes to creating characters in fiction I don’t seem to be able to have any kind of power over anything they do. 434 more words


The Verger -

The Verger by Somerset Maugham

At the death of the old vicar, a middle aged man, Albert Foreman, his assistant, or a verger, was fired. The new vicar discovered that he could not read or write although it didn’t interfere with his work. 225 more words