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Ashenden spy stories by Maugham

Maugham worked as a British spy during the World War I and so was uniquely placed to narrate us a set of tales set in the world of spying and espionage.

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Maugham's 'Before The Party'

The opening scene is London as an upper middle class family gets ready to attend a ‘Garden Party’. The action is set in the mystical East – it is a sordid tale wherein the Family has just discovered that apparently their son-in-law was an incorrigible drunkard and had committed suicide.

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We happy few

Happy times for us tv series aficionados as many good things are being broadcasted these months. Tonight I will discover why the average Game of Thrones fan has been shocked by the season finale and I will study the timetable of my cable tv to find a compatible re-run of True Detective season two. 397 more words

Richard Armitage

Maugham's 'The Back of Beyond'

The title is quite incongruous for a change Рit is supposed to indicated a lonely forsaken place. Federated Malay States (FMS) in the days before World War II was not quite that remote Рit was part and parcel of the British Empire and enough adventures to be noted for the expatriates who forayed into the unknown land to earn their livelihood.

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Somerset Maugham's 'The Book-Bag'

The Book Bag is a short story from Maugham’s collection quaintly named ‘Ah King’ (It was a tribute he paid to a man-servant who was very devoted and diligent in serving Maugham during his sojourn to the East).

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Somerset Maugham's 'Vessel of Wrath'

Maugham has an axe to grind – he never had a favourable opinion about the missionaries who plied their trade in the mystical East and seemed to be on a mission to carry on the ‘white man’s’ burden.

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Writing Tip #35: The Urge

I have often felt the urge – or as I call Him, the Bastard Demon – inside of me at inopportune times (the toilet being the worst). 67 more words