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Somerset Maugham's play - 'The Constant Wife'

Maugham has a cynical take on marriage in this one – he reduces it to the level of a commercial transaction driven by a mutual need and an eye on one’s own profit.

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Reading Somerset Maugham on Emily Brontë

I have been reading some of the literary criticism essays in Somerset Maugham’s book (mentioned in a recent post), beginning obviously enough with those about books that I have read. 1,267 more words


Somerset Maugham's play - 'The Circle'

Maugham was a popular playwright who specialized in delivering comic acts that entertained the audience. He had decided views on the purpose of plays particularly comedies – his line was that they reflected the prevalent social mores and milieu; so came with a short expiry date.

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Liza of Lambeth by Somerset Maugham

It is his début novel – given its brief length its rather a novella. It rings real of working class neighbourhood of Lambeth in East End in 1897 when it made its appearance.

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