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January 2017 reading: Cakes and Ale

My list of “books read” from 1977 is quite an impressive one: it starts with Anna Karenina and ends with Beryl Bainbridge’s Injury Time, it includes… 773 more words

Arnold Bennett

Why this?

Forty years ago, in 1977, I started keeping a record of the books I was reading. So this year, 2017, I plan to begin what might or might not be an interesting project: to take a book from each of those 40 years and re-read it, recording my impressions of this second reading and including any memories I might have of it from the first time … My aim – to start with, anyway – will be to re-read one book per month, interspersing it with my “usual” reading of new titles, fiction and non-fiction. 840 more words

Arnold Bennett

Dorothy Parker

An appreciation by her grizzled contemporary, W. Somerset Maugham

Once when I was in Hollywood, I was invited to dinner by Miss Fanny Brice. It was by way of being a literary party. 474 more words

6 The Arts

Moral Relativism

In my 11th class English class, we read a short story entitled The Man with the Scar by Somerset Maugham. It tells the story of a Latin American revolutionary leader who when captured and faced with the firing squad killed his beautiful wife before anyone could stop him. 696 more words


Ian Fleming's Thrilling Cities: Tokyo

Article by Graham M. Thomas

Is there a more thrilling city than Tokyo? Today it would certainly come near the top of many people’s bucket list and, from a personal perspective, it comes top of mine. 2,447 more words

You Only Live Twice

Everyone is singular

She eats alone tonight. The steam of a single hot pot of broth, vegetables and meat rises, clouding her face. He eats alone at another table. 327 more words


Maugham's last play - Sheppey!

Somerset Maugham was a famous playwright who only eventually found further fame as a novelist and most importantly as a short story writer. His plays specialized a genre of social comedies with witty lines and a modern take on battle of sexes, cross cultural mores and the moral dilemmas faced by the average Joe.

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