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The umbrella

…like people living in a country whose language they know so little that with all manner of beautiful and profound things to say, they are condemned to the banalities of the conversation manual. 137 more words


Nice power/authority distinction

I have been – by wiser heads than mine – warned off trying to bite off much more for The Thesis, and we all agree with the imperative to Get The Damned Thing Finished.  142 more words


Ashenden - Classic Movie dir by Hitchcock

Great cast Madeleine Carroll, John Gielgud, Robert Young and Peter Lorre.

Literary Whimsy


Now that I have remade myself as a writer I can claim to be a fully-fledged member of an entirely self-appointed profession. This discovery is reassuring because I have observed that membership may be asserted without any need for endorsement (although an eventual publisher would be nice) and without the completion of anything significant – such as a book. 869 more words

Aspiring Author

An Adventure of My Soul

Every production of an artist should be an expression of an adventure of his soul.

Somerset Maugham


David Goodes – A Coach who made Boats go Fast

20 January 2018

A public school master of unusual devotion and a much respected rowing coach, David Goodes, died on 17 January, at the age of 92, Michael Dover writes. 510 more words

♔Thoughts Over Tea

The secret to life is meaningless unless you discover it yourself.

~W. Somerset Maugham.

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