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Puzzling Over Literature: John Sutherland on C19 Fiction

This blog post returns to the subject of essays, literary essays in particular, in the shape of John Sutherland’s collection of pieces delving behind the scenes of some well-known nineteenth century novels. 700 more words


What is enlightenment?

Ever see the 1941 film The Razor’s Edge? It purports to be a celebration of Eastern philosophy, but it’s really  a rabbit hole dug by a spook. 956 more words


Ahalya: Film, Reflections

In the Panchakanya strotram, five women are praised for their qualities of head and heart, to use a cliche.

Ahalya, Tara, Mandodary, Sita and Draupadi are these women- if you know enough about them, you will know why they have been eulogised thus. 526 more words

What Makes a Novel a Bestseller?

When you ask a writer how successful they want their novel to be, most will answer they want it to be a bestseller. But what makes a book a bestseller? 421 more words


The Merry-Go-Round by S. Maugham


This is a brilliant book.

It’s beautifully written and the exact opposite of Kafka, my most recent read, which is precisely why I loved it. 793 more words



July 1 is International Joke Day, one of those days when I get to pilfer humor from others rather than strain my brain for something original. 341 more words


Ashenden spy stories by Maugham

Maugham worked as a British spy during the World War I and so was uniquely placed to narrate us a set of tales set in the world of spying and espionage.

820 more words