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Christmas Holiday by Somerset Maugham (1939)

‘Who are we really? What do we know about ourselves? And that other life of ours, is that less real than this one?’ It was all very strange and complicated. 4,963 more words


Theatre by Somerset Maugham (1937)

Her dressing-room was like the cabin of a ship. The world seemed a long way off, and she relished her seclusion. She felt an enchanting freedom. 4,904 more words


The Sacred Flame by Somerset Maugham (1928)

MAURICE: You’re everything in the world to me, Stella. People have been most awfully kind to me, and it’s not till you’re crocked up as I am that you find out how kind people are. 2,443 more words

Somerset Maugham

The Constant Wife by Somerset Maugham (1927)

Constance: I’m tired of being the modern wife.
Martha: What do you mean by the modern wife?
Constance: A prostitute who doesn’t deliver the goods. 3,626 more words


The Circle by Somerset Maugham (1921)

Elizabeth: Everyone knows you’re very intelligent.
Clive Champion-Cheney: They certainly ought to by now. I’ve told them often enough.

Maugham wrote 25 plays, the first one,  1,739 more words


Coffee Log, Day 45


Coffee: Venti Starbucks Americano

I grabbed coffee quick on the way to a pre-employment drug screening. The office was in a nest of other offices. 214 more words

Collected short stories of Somerset Maugham volume three

Ashenden had a confident belief in the stupidity of the human animal, which in the course of his life had stood him in good stead. ( 6,190 more words