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Recruiting for participants

Life for a PhD researcher is, almost by definition, hard work.  For those who have to use data derived from human participants, it is extremely challenging, because you have to find participants who are willing to give you their time in order for you to have any data.   675 more words


Glastonbury Abbey.

It is becoming obvious that I am partial to some ruins. There’s a certain mystery about historical ruins – what did it look like way back when? 297 more words

English Heritage

Purple rain on Exmoor

There’s been a lot of rain this summer. (Who’d have thought that when scientists said we would have warmer, wetter summers that we actually would?). Anyhow apart from making the tourists pissed off and having to plan when to mow the lawn, it has meant that north Devon is looking green and lush at the mo. 148 more words


Stepping back in time

Visited the Somerset Rural Life Museum in Glastonbury today. Worth a visit if you have a day free. The museum is on an old farm, which dates from 14th century and was originally part of Glastonbury Abbey. 55 more words



Bank of the River Sheppey, beside Ashmoor Drove.

I was standing above the river on a little bridge that farmers use to access their fields.  129 more words


Changing views

The other day I had the chance of an afternoon in a place not too far from here so I mapped a stroll to search out the nice part of this particular town, something which has so far eluded me. 1,362 more words

Glastonbury Festival: 2017

Everyone hates the awkward chit chat about the weather but I’m British and that is just what we do; and being British you get used to not expecting sunshine, heat or to even be dry in summer. 550 more words