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My grandpa passed away on Friday evening.  He was 85.  He had been in ill health for some time now, and it was neither unexpected nor sudden.  2,093 more words

Something About Me

Sharing for My Own Benefit

Yesterday a friend shared this blog post with me.  Since then I have shared it with a couple people myself, and now I am sharing it here, because I am pretty sure I need to reread it every day for the next two weeks. 1,716 more words

Something About Me


I keep feeling like what I need is some time in the house to myself.  For all of my family members to go away and leave me alone in peace and quiet.  1,387 more words

Something About Me

Excuse Me While I Whine

We’re down to the last month of school and you all know how that goes.  In the last 24 hours I have had four additional things pop up that needed to be added to the calendar.  623 more words

Something About Me

Hoop Skirts and Test Patterns

I find fashion to be endlessly entertaining. When you live as long as I have, you have seen many trends come and go.  For instance I’m always amused when I see people of every size walking round in tight clothing. 513 more words


Unrelated Thoughts #873

For the second night in a row I am so sleepy that I could actually go to bed and it’s not even 11:00 yet.  How embarrassing.  1,211 more words

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A few days of rest

Hi everyone! Happy Holidays!

I went away from home this weekend (well, more away than normal). To see my family elsewhere in the country. I was worried because of the amount of work I found I had to do and I was concerned that I would be shoving it to the end of the day and working through the night. 209 more words

Something About Me