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Something a little different.

Hello beautiful

Hope you all had an amazing weekend.

This blog is something a little different to what I usually do.

There are so many wonderful blogs out there at the min, but what do we actually know about the people behind them? 115 more words

Is your Ramayana best? | Thought Vibrations - 8 |

Hello there,

You’re welcomed again in eighth though of ‘Thought Vibrations’.

It’s a story from Ramayana Period.

‘Ramayana’ is an ancient Indian scripture written by Saint Valmiki.

371 more words
Something Different

Something Different

Even though I am pretty busy throughout the week, I also have two horses that I have to care for and look after each day. This can be a bit of a handful at times as I have to exercise at least one of them per day, sometimes both! 480 more words

about last night...

she’s a devastating drama
with some tragedy mixed in
wrapped in such a pretty package
it could move a saint to sin

so forgive me for forgetting… 130 more words


Be careful what you wish for

When I was very young, my dad and I would sit on the grass and watch the stars. As the first star shone, he taught me to say: 487 more words

Creative Writing

Alpha Protocol

Hello peoples, this week I’m looking back to a game that was initially poorly received but has build a solid fan base that is going strong to this day. 870 more words