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North Bend, WA: Twede's Cafe (from Twin Peaks)

Fans of Twin Peaks TV show will know this diner as the double R. I don’t know how many people visit here by accident, but we certainly did not. 330 more words


Hello everybody

So, hello guys! This is my second blog on WordPress (the first one was accidentally deleted) and… Wait. Who am I?

Yes, presentation. My name is Marta, I am an Italian girl and I am almost 17. 240 more words

One Day One Photo

Photos: Animal Real Estate Photobombers

An important part of real estate photography is the ability to showcase a property in it’s setting and portray the lifestyle it affords to a potential buyer. 194 more words

Real Estate

Pokemon Go - Augmented Reality

Pokemon Go is taking over the world. I don’t think that is in any way an exaggeration. From little boys and girls to the grown-ups who used to be boys and girls dreaming of catching pokemon, the game has captured the imagination and has taken Nintendo to heights it hasn’t seen since the first days of Mario and Zelda. 488 more words


Volte Face by Oliver Curtis

Volte Face by Oliver Curtis.

Oliver Curtis has turned his back on convention and just about everything else with his upcoming exhibition and book titled Volte face, roughly translated as about-face. 469 more words


Words and Phrases Our Hobby Needs To Stop Using

Our hobby, like many others, has developed its own vocabulary.  For better or worse, there are words that have passed into our lexicon that we throw around without really thinking about them.   1,668 more words

Something Different

Trying something different - Writing Prompts creative writing competition

Now, I know my blog is for the purpose of book reviews and recommendations etc. but today I’m trying something  different. its’ still writing and story based, but writing from my own mind. 459 more words

Creative Writing. Competition