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This Is Life

This is life:

Realizing that nothing is ever what you expected, and that goes for both the good and the bad.
Meeting someone for the first time and remembering why you should never expect too much or hope too little. 233 more words

Voice Acting

So last week I auditioned for a voice acting gig.

No, seriously.

I should explain. For years I’ve been running table top RPGs for my circle of friends. 512 more words


My Yellow Sauce Pasta

My husband never used to prefer pasta before, but this time he himself asked me to make pasta for dinner…so this pasta is special for me :D I love experimenting with pasta and this time I had a lot of fresh sweet corn at home , so I thought why not try it with pasta.  213 more words


I haven’t posted a recipe in ages. The other day I saw a Feijoa tree remembering the first time that I came across them. My sister-in-law had a bucket of them from her mother’s tree. 263 more words


The Book

One of the first people I met when I started this blog, was a man by the name of Dermott Hayes. His blog Postcard From A Pigeon… 478 more words


Fiction Friday: Whit's Dilemma, Part 2

Whit’s Dilemma 


            Before heading home to face the inevitable, Whit decided to meet the gang down at Jimmy Jay’s bar one last time and say his goodbyes. 359 more words


Settling in, aka Organizing My Bookshelves

We moved into our new rental house a week and a half ago. For most of that time my husband has been away in Devon for work, which created the perfect opportunity for me to have free rein in organizing the place – clothes, framed photos, toiletries, desk supplies: yeah, sure, all that; but really, my focus was always on the books. 658 more words

Something Different