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Skirting around

Following the success of the table cloth I moved on to making a skirt from the fabric my sister had found. There were two other rolls of vintage Laura Ashley although not quite as exciting as the flowers,  enough inspiration for some new clothes. 395 more words


Flowers in the Attic...

Can you believe what some people find in their attics? My sister found three rolls of vintage Laura Ashley fabric, she moved into the house about 2 years ago and hadn’t investigated the contents of the loft space. 264 more words


Magic mushrooms

Motivated by the whole 5 pence a bag thing I decided that I had an urgent need for a new shopper and while walking through our local enchanted woods I was inspired by the copious amounts of mushrooms and toadstools.   250 more words


Quick, while there's still fruit on the trees!

I’ve been doing some wild and not so wild foraging. Firstly the really wild bit…


I suffer from pains in my legs at this time of year, I think it’s rheumatism so using my fabulous… 520 more words

Something For Nothing

Lavender's blue ...

I have a love hate relationship with lavender! I love it in my garden and adore the fragrance when you brush your hands through the flower stems but bizarrely if I use lavender products such as a body lotion it gives me nightmares, really bad ones where I wake up screaming out loud. 245 more words


Clickety Clack Clickety Clack...

My Dad used to call me Clickety Clack when I was about 6 or 7. I got the name because I had an obsession with Welsh woollen mills. 289 more words


My perspective from being a dating coach: you got to put in the work

I have placed myself here in the public space to help people. I have many people asking for help and some need more attention than others. 443 more words