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All Those Cunning Plans...

Some are beset with a whole host of cunning plans, a navy of strategies and an army of bright ideas. It turns them on to be somehow scheming in one way or another. 451 more words

Self Discovery

Rationale: 4 Questions with One of the Most Talented New British Artists

It’s been a year since UK-based Rationale seemingly came out of nowhere with his “Fast Lane” single, capturing the attention of people all over this pale blue dot and serving as the inspiration for an… 1,126 more words


Fun with freebies

Sorry to anyone hoping this is a giveaway. Maybe I’ll do a giveaway one day, but today is not that day. I’ll let you know if I do, promise. 425 more words


What Does That Mean?

Recently, I listened to a lecture on cosmology concerning the origins of the planets of our Solar System, of our sun, of the galaxy, and of the universe.  869 more words

Check, please.

Dopeman, he’s a real guy who hangs out close to where I work.   Although I have never laid eyes on the man, I know as sure as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West that he is real. 328 more words

Track: Rationale - Something for Nothing (2016)

Rationale is starting the year of good with the release of his new single. “Something for Nothing” showcases the strength of his voice of soothing, modern and lush production. 73 more words