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Reciprocate - Rationale

Song of the day comes from the upcoming self-titled debut studio album by English singer-songwriter Rationale. Rationale is getting well known for his soulful pop sound, and in his latest “Reciprocate” we can feel the intensity. 59 more words


A bitter confession?

I have always held that it is the main duty of an artist to ensure that he is paid for his services. After all, entertain your patrons for free and they will chatter as you declaim your finest work. 281 more words

Sticking It!

Don’t mistake my missing swagger for a lack of confidence
While the little boys are crowing I’m hitting balls over the fence
People like to posture, tell you that they’re the bomb? 355 more words


Bees Know

Bees know

No-one told the bees to make honey
but they do.
No-one needs to know how the grass grows
but it does.
When the tree falls in the forest we do not hear… 219 more words


Something for Nothing!!!!

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Encore! Encore!