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Mantras of Slavery, Mantras of Freedom

Chris Hedges gets it so right in his latest piece (latest piece I’ve read, anyway) for Truthdig.  While the piece is ostensibly about the farce elections in America, Hedges can’t help but get in as many digs at the system as he possibly can (which is a good thing if you ask me).  1,129 more words

Debt Slavery


Actæon’s log:

Actæon schooning. A northwesterly blow hard on her starboard quarter. At the helm for a day and two nights.

Blinding snowstorm rounding Cape Cod. 6,770 more words

Shoal Hope


Actæon’s Log:

On station, jogging north and south under trys’l and reefed stays’l. Between ten and fifteen miles off Peaked Hill Bar. Northeast of the tip of Cape Cod. 3,952 more words

Shoal Hope

Introduction to Book Two

This story deals with surfaces, horizontal barriers, and what happens when they are crossed. There is the world above and the world below.

Surfaces are permeable; but we penetrate them at a cost. 450 more words

Shoal Hope

Shoal Hope, Book Two

A Moment Lost

Something for Nothing

Aftermath of War 12 more words

Shoal Hope

Synergy: Or The Belief In Something For Nothing

I was just reading The Synergism Hypothesis by Dr Peter Corning and was struck by he amount of research he did on the evolution of synergy as a scientific concept versus a philosophical one.   1,251 more words

Africa After All 5. Hats Off

I want to end this Africa Lite and yet Africa After All week of posts on a positive note. Despite all the inequality, despite all the problems, crime and other negative associations with Africa, on many a street corner you will find somebody who is trying their hardest to make the best out of the worst.   245 more words