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Belmar waitress offered tips from all over USA

I feel as though I want to hate this article — Why? — Because it brings a segment of overwrought political correctness into a place where it just doesn’t belong. 442 more words

Political Correctness


Falcon rears and pounds. Her low, broad fantail slaps down hard. The sound of hollow booming steel muffled by foam. Falcon bucks against her four anchors. 1,378 more words

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Something for Nothing

“Nothing will work unless you do.”
Maya Angelou

We all want to succeed in all of our endeavors. When we see a successful person, it may appear their success came easily. 149 more words



Gracie watches a destroyer round Long Point. The curl of her bow wave white against the gray-green water. Stacks spout gouts of black smoke in a receding arc behind, … 1,190 more words

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Torpedo Room

Cooper sits on the deck in the torpedo room, Somebody’s knee jammed in my back! The Lieutenant orders the men quiet, “Everybody lie down!” What’s happening! 1,273 more words

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Ford takes up a vantage point in the Control Room wedged against the conning tower ladder. The crew prepares the S-4 to surface, Suck in my gut. 2,935 more words

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Shutting Out the Fear

S-4 disaster

The Boston Daily Globe, Monday, December 19, 1927: Quoting Ensign George Phanemiller, “I saw the periscope… thought it was a fish stick, the marker… fishermen use for their nets. 656 more words

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