Like the dogwood, I flourish.

Rain. Water on the road…
I woke to the witness of it as cars drove by on the street just below my barely cracked window. 501 more words

Something To Think About

The Challenge Of Living A Full Life.

Over the past few months I have come to see the beautiful gift,

Yet one of the most challenging gifts to accept and begin to embrace; 1,387 more words

Something To Think About

Have faith beyond yourself

“You start to live when you commit your life to a cause higher than yourself. You must learn to depend on divine power for the fulfillment of a higher calling.”  -Lailah GiftyAkita… 1,009 more words

Something To Think About

Org Chart Change?

When you think of an organizational chart you probably picture a chart with the CEO of the company or the Superintendent of the school at the very top and, of course, it trickles down from there. 103 more words

Something To Think About

Why Writing a Novel Should Scare the Crap Out of You

There’s an old saying that everybody has a least one book in them. And if you consider the explosion of self-publishing in the last few years thanks to sites like Amazon and Smashwords, I’d say people are writing that “at least one book” that is in them. 657 more words

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Something To Think About: Sandra Cisneros

János Thorma , via Wikimedia Commons

I was a terrible student. Still, I managed to get into college, but my daydreaming threatened to sabotage me. I used behavior modification to break the cycle. 53 more words

How to be happy, according to a French philosopher.

It’s difficult to get what you want. Even if we desire something, most of the time we don’t take the right steps to get it — that’s the problem with pleasure.

96 more words