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I Had Some Dreams They Were Clouds In My Coffee

I don’t know what’s worse, no word at all or this horrible rejection letter:

“Thank you for sending me SOMETHING WICKED, but I’m sorry it’s not suitable for my needs”? 52 more words


Saturday Night Chilling

Happy Saturday my ladies! Hope you’ll have a fantastic weekend. I’m the type who rather sit at home in her pj’s and watching horror movies or listening to some music as you can see here. 180 more words


No One Can Blame You For Walking Away

I decided I’m going to start submitting my manuscript again. To agentsĀ I guess. Even though there’s only two in New Zealand. It feels like a lot of work is ahead of me, and a lot of rejection. 104 more words



Aaaand my mother smashed her Christmas gift.

I wrote some words yesterday, just under 400. I felt really accomplished. Now I’m too tired to even look at them. 114 more words


What's That Old Addage?

So I have an essay due next month and I wonder, for my topic I want to look at how you write something new when so many things have already been written. 131 more words



That twisted tale of revenge gone wrong, Guilty, is now available to view online over in The Quarter Bin!

Read Page 1 Here!

This was my first ever published comic. 42 more words


Workshops And Work

Just had my first workshop for my novel. Book two of my series. So much to think about now. Part of my concept was that my girls know who’s after them, and it was floated that maybe they don’t. 112 more words