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Flash Horror Prompts for May 28, 2015

Hello, folks! We hope you’re enjoying our #FlashHorror challenges! Here are the prompts for this week’s challenge:

Elysia: Write a story involving a seance.

Christine:  28 more words


The Shut-In by Collin Shaw

“Just open the fucking door Steve.”

“Dude, just shut up, this isn’t…you have done this like a million times; this is my first time!”

“Well get on with it then.” Jeff was getting mad at Steve. 6,748 more words


Flash Horror Thursdays!

Welcome to #FlashHorror Thursdays! Elysia and Christine participated in this week’s challenge. Let’s see how they did! If you have any ideas for prompts, please comment using the hashtag #FlashHorror or shoot us an email. 2,623 more words


Flash Horror Prompts for May 14, 2015

We hope you guys enjoyed this week’s #FlashHorror challenge! We’re going to move right along and post the prompts for next week!

Elysia’s Prompt: Write a story about an evil doppleganger. 29 more words


The Hill Beast Documents #1 - Scott Gasden's Journal

Transcriber’s Note:


This journal was found among the evidence discovered at the home of Caleb Davidson, who is known to be responsible for at least 15 deaths in Robeson County, North Carolina. 2,106 more words


DVD PEEP SHOW VOL 1 'Auteur' 'Isis Rising' & 'Something Wicked'

On this edition of DVD PEEP SHOW I take a look at a the films AUTUER, ISIS RISING CURSE OF THE LADY MUMMY AND SOMETHING WICKED. 531 more words

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