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Fallen Tear

Sometimes I cry but I don’t know why – Pushing my feelings deeper inside until they no longer reside, my lips begin to quiver and my body starts to shiver, my eyes get shut tight trying to stop the flow of tears cropping up from creeping out my ducts. 153 more words


Poem: Sometimes I Cry

By: Kimberly Potter Kendrick

sometimes I cry…sometimes I cry because the pain is so intense…sometimes I cry because my leg won’t budge, not a single inch…sometimes I cry because the unknown is so uncertain…sometimes I cry because I am forgotten…sometimes I cry because the burden I bear is too much for my mind to handle…sometimes I cry because I am trapped like a wild animal in the woods…sometimes I cry because the tears flow for no apparent reason…sometimes I cry because my life is forever changed and will never be the same…sometimes I cry when I glance at the ugly scars left behind…sometimes I cry because love alludes me…