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Something Else (April 9th)

To start us off here’s a poem I wrote over a year ago now. I wasn’t in the happiest mindset at the time as you may be able to tell. 130 more words

Looking For A Car? Shop The Smart Way With These Tips And Tricks

Do not allow a sales representative talk you right into acquiring a car that you are incapable to manage. Salesmens will certainly attempt speaking you right into purchasing a deluxe or a cars by informing you this automobile represents your individuality. 13 more words

I'll Believe In Somewhere Else

There are times I’d like to run away
As fast as wings can carry,
To daylights in another land
Where darkened thoughts don’t tarry.

Where day is night and night is day, 91 more words


Somewhere Else

The void is brisk. Not cold. Not warm. But brisk as a summer night. Blackness all around. Nothing to guide or reference. No constellations or clouds, a ground missing below. 533 more words

November Era

(still) Panem et circenses

In the contemporary “panem et circenses” (bread and games) scenario, people deserve the proper arenas to support the new gladiators. A notable one is certainly the Allianz Arena in Munich, which, with its rubber boat/car tyre shape, has become a city landmark. 61 more words


Somewhere Else by Blair Gaulton

Somewhere Else
Gazing out;
into the cool air.
Tiredness takes me;
far away from here. 
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)July 2015