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I couldn't correctly name my blog . . .

You know those ridiculous challenges people give themselves after the new year? The “I’m going to stop the fat from entering my thighs via good intentions and celery” kind of bullshit? 235 more words

Artist In An Office Job

Stop Tourists

Seen in an interesting door in Prague, Czech Republic. I don’t know what was inside, because I was a tourist…


{H}[is] wif{el}y {l}ife

He wondered quite often –

after first

nights of sorrow –

what if he’d chosen


ly: in other bed (he meant), lying (both ways, 392 more words


Understand Germany and its people guide

The German TV channel ARD has created a guide to try to show the refugees how the German society is. Apart of how good or bad you think the idea can be, let’s check the signs they’ve made. 189 more words



Wandering into the unknown future
For a new chapter in my life
To experience something new

I have never really written a Haiku before. a Haiku is an ancient way of Japanese poetry, and it takes a 5-7-5 structure. 101 more words


The eclectic Munich

There is a lot to see and do in a city with multiple souls: neoclassical architecture, art, river surfing, design and technology.