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Lauren Adams - Somewhere Else

Lauren Adams is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, whose music is an impressive blend of alt. country, folk and rock.

Somewhere Else is her new album, just released this week, and demonstrates her pure voice and keen ability to craft meaningful, structured songs that leave an indelible mark.   229 more words

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New Americana — Lauren Adams' 'Somewhere Else'

Lauren Adams — Somewhere Else

With singer/songwriter Lauren Adams’ new album, Somewhere Else, the whole is not greater than the simple sum of its parts. 83 more words


many thanks

Taking a solo trip to Launceston, I had expected to spend a lot of time in quiet contemplation. Well, I did spend a lot of time in quiet contemplation, but I also ended up having plenty of good conversations with perfect strangers. 284 more words

Somewhere Else

Launceston: overview

After surviving two days back at work (two very long days!), I thought this would be a good time to reminisce about my trip to Launceston. 927 more words

Somewhere Else

south for the winter

Alright, here we go… I’ve decided to start my series of holiday-related posts with what was probably the highlight of the trip: Launceston. (Keeping in mind that I’m probably not going to write a post about my cousin’s wedding, since this is not really the sort of place I’d write about it if I did.) 927 more words



For the last week and a half, I have been away from home. I travelled down to Melbourne near the end of July, spent a few days in Launceston in early August, and returned to Melbourne for a few more days before coming home today. 380 more words

Somewhere Else

Travelling in pastel is not as difficult as I first thought

On Friday Ailsa’s Travel Theme came up I found myself making a very deep hmmmmm. I had a strong suspicion that I didn’t travel well in pastel and that my photos would reflect that. 152 more words

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