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Somewhere: Abandoned Airport

A small town’s playfully retro modern airport, with bright colors and streamlined 1950’s style, quietly decays on an empty stretch of country highway.

Though the glassy exterior had taken quite a few hits and interior vandalism is beginning to mount, the wide variety of mid century hardware and details were largely intact.   68 more words



I want to go somewhere where no one has ever been.
Or where no one will ever go.
again. Somewhere
where when tomorrow
eventually skips it plans, my footprint… 11 more words

“You’re the idol of my words;
Maybe a delusion or just a time traveler.
Somewhere you exist.”


Somewhere in this world of ours 15

(this was only supposed to be a short story. what happened?)

Annabeth curled up in the library, hidden among the towering piles of books. One stack held an assortment of herbiology books, about various poisonous plants.   1,057 more words