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Wk 5 - Artist Interview - Manny Krakowski

Manny Krakowski designed an interesting piece that involved the use of perspective and reference. The piece, Somewhere Between Here and Their, is a piece that according to the description, “is based on the relationships between space, invisibility, and identity”. 93 more words

Two poems in translation by Lawrence Schimel

The Great Atlas of the Human Body
by Care Santos
translated into English by Lawrence Schimel

The Prefrontal Cortex
is the largest room of the home… 445 more words


someday, somewhere, someone

someday, somewhere, someone

You grow up with these ideas that someday somewhere, someone out there will be your perfect match, your soul mate, and as a child you grow up, with fairytales in your mind, believing that you will be this breath taking beautiful person in that someones eyes.

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Look Where Your Going, 2/16/15

“If you not sure where you going,

you’ll probably end up somewhere else.”

- Robert F. Mager

Quotes 2015

Somewhere: Wanderlust and Long-Distance Love

If you’re a traveller at heart, I think it is very important to grasp opportunities to go to new places, experience different things, meet interesting people, and develop a diverse worldview. 772 more words



There is a love story, and a Valentine…
In a locked and loved box hidden
in someone’s attic.

If you crack the door
open, it creaks, it moans, 63 more words