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Snapshot Challenge Saturday

No matter where we may find ourselves, the sun will always be shining somewhere close by.



Ashes rain down

From the sky above

Tears run wild

On cheeks of young doves

Fire burns high

Glorious in destruction

Dreams drown in screams… 30 more words


The Shadow Friend

Little Priya was feeling so weird about her new place,she missed her old home and her old friends.
Dad and Mom were so busy with the arrangements in the new house that they hardly get time to spent with her. 395 more words


went away

I’m not really here;

physically I am,

skin and bones

walking about but

mentally I’m somewhere

else; far from here

and everyone.


My Writings

Somewhere Over There

When the nature of life is at your feet you have to question what is real. You have to question the truth of your emotion and of yourself. 293 more words



Somewhere under the rainbow,

Lives a nasty troll,

Be careful not to cross his path,

Without paying the toll