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9 Somms: Which Wines Do You Wish People Would Order More?

VinePair asked nine sommeliers which wine they wished people ordered more of. Here are their answers.


There's More To Portugal Than Porto!!

When you say Portugal to someone and it relates to wine, 99% will only think of the famous Fortified Sweet Wine “PORT”. In Spain many people are familiar with Ribera Del Duero (Duero is the DOURO River) On the other side of the DUERO are some of the oldest vines and underrated wines in the world on the Portuguese side of the River or the appellation knows as “THE DOURO” What many people don’t realize is for the Fortified wines made in Porto there are over 80 grape varietals allowed but most use the same 6  … 887 more words

Wine 102

O que é litragem?

Elianaaaa!!! O que é litragem? Simples, você já conhece os planos de milhagem onde você acumula pontos,

e ganha benefícios das companhias aéreas. No caso do vinho nós degustamos várias garrafas e… 541 more words

Que Dili

Taking the Certified Sommelier Exam

That feeling when the five names called don’t begin with a J and end with an “Arrr Yessss!” That feeling when you look side to side and lock sorrowful eyes with other candidates who have studied really hard to take the exams and youre all in the same sinking boat. 1,050 more words

To Decant or Not To Decant?? That is The Confusion!

I get asked this question at least 10-20 times per day. I am a reformed Decanter Sommelier. I gave it all up 5 years ago. I think you should too. 23 more words

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Emblem of summer chic putting the blush in upcoming Café Boulud affair

What’s been called the summer symbol of Shangri La is about to take center stage at Palm Beach’s Café Boulud.

The restaurant, 301 Australian Ave., is set to spotlight some of… 168 more words

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