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Building upon a Train Ism

Today I was eager to try out a train game idea that a few of us brainstormed for Little Star during the New Frontiers training course. 853 more words

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We are at New Frontiers!

I can’t believe we are already on the last day at New Frontiers. Yes, we made it to the autism training in Singapore! All thanks to supportive family and friends, and a massive host of people we don’t know personally but either loved Little Star’s story, OR supported the Perez’s family’s fundraising effort. 315 more words


Phone a Friend

This afternoon, as I was driving home from my mom’s house, I received a phone call from Tamara for the very first time. She was crying. 923 more words


Why we chose the Son-Rise Program

Recently, I was contacted out of the blue by someone I hardly knew and hadn’t seen for more than 15 years. She probably messaged because… 2,184 more words

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Playing with a Son-Rise child: volunteer perspective

Volunteering with Little Star

Recently, a dear friend wrote a lovely post about Little Star, her special needs and the fundraising we are doing to get to an autism training course in Singapore. 578 more words

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The Option Institute (2nd Part of Going to Neptune)

We took Alex out of the school in Neptune because we had determined that we would do a home program based on the Option Institute model. 1,066 more words

How a Picky Eater ate Apples

Sometimes, a relatively small development can resolve bigger problems. And you just won’t see it coming till it happens.

With Little Star, it was apples. Or her (past) dislike of them. 689 more words

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