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Suzanne Lazaroo: A Volunteer's Testimonial On Playing with Little Star

This was a bittersweet week, as it was the last time for Suzanne Lazaroo to play with Little Star. She will soon be migrating to Australia. 630 more words

Little Star Does

Sophie Newsletter Nov 2005-May 2006- Adjusting, Broken legs, and ulcers

Sophie News  (Sophie is 12 years old!) Nov. 2005-May 2006                                         

First Things First!,  THANK YOU!

Thank you all for being so patient with us in getting out our letter and to say “thank you” from our hearts.  2,164 more words


“Not The Mama”

When I brought out breakfast for the boys yesterday morning, Alphonse came up to me right away and kissed me. I was glad to see him looking happier than he had been of late, so, buoyed by the 3Es of the Son-Rise Program, I celebrated with whoops of joy and a silly dance. 232 more words



I came home on Sunday afternoon, rejuvenated, refreshed, and with a newfound sense of purpose, from the Son-Rise Program Start Up, the very first in the Philippines. 888 more words


Autism is not a disease

Autism is not a disease. When I hear parents talk about fighting autism, being a warrior mom, how much they hate it and want to win or cure their kids… I get where they are coming from. 650 more words