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Don't Like the View - Change Your Glasses

Reframing is powerful, even if doing it sometimes feels like pulling your feet out of mud. We think our perceptions are TRUTH, when they are no more than our translation. 468 more words

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A Day At Brightstars

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It's All in the Numbers...21

It’s All in the Numbers…21

Wow. Never thought we’d see this number. 21. On December 28, 2014 Sophie turned 21.  Twenty One Years. We have lived a roller coaster life with this kid.  1,449 more words


Power of Beliefs

Good Morning ladies and gentlemen,

One fun fact about this writer, I am incredibly fascinated by the power of beliefs! I will probably come back to this topic in future posts. 374 more words

Rewriting Our Soap Operas

Have you noticed how our lives follow patterns? How we seem to be replaying the same script? And wouldn't it be great to redirect our soap operas – snap the clapper and retake? 523 more words

Books That Caught My Mind

Just because I don't speak...

In case anyone hasn’t seen me on twitter the past month, I’ve been a little bit busy with my dissertation work. I’d like to take this chance to say the biggest thank you I possibly can via a blog to everyone and every organisation that shared my survey and helped me get the participants I needed. 705 more words