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Thankful for Family, life and Cranberry Turkey Molds!

Last year about a week before Thanksgiving I was in a horrible car accident….

Fortunately I was in the car by myself and was not hurt physically at all but the car was totaled.  272 more words


Autism is not a disease

Autism is not a disease. When I hear parents talk about fighting autism, being a warrior mom, how much they hate it and want to win or cure their kids… I get where they are coming from. 650 more words


Eating vegetables and asking questions 🙋 

Two really big things happened yesterday. Yes, oh yes. When we are an autism parent, we celebrate everything! And every small or big thing is a momentous occasion. 683 more words

Little Star Does

Attitude is everything in loving an autistic child

So much of what I want to say about Little Star is attitudinal.

Everything lately – when I talk to our volunteers, when we discuss challenging behaviours, when we talk about the progress she has made and even the ones she has yet to make, when coming up with games for the playroom, being with her, and managing expectations of autistic kids (less is more, none even better)… Seems to boil down or lead back to attitude. 749 more words


Loving my child's isms or stims

There is something I want to get off my chest. It’s swelling and threatening to overflow ❤️ I LOVE MY CHILD’S ISMS!!!

Whew 😊 When I think of Little Star and the isms that she does – currently they are tapping books, holding play food one by one in front of the mirror, making her little dolls hold hands and all sorts of funny gestures, tapping different sections of a hula hoop – my heart seriously swells with love. 574 more words


Building upon a Train Ism

Today I was eager to try out a train game idea that a few of us brainstormed for Little Star during the New Frontiers training course. 853 more words

Little Star Does