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The Father. The Power. The Wound.

My father`s voice dropped again; it sounded cold and unfeeling to me, like the voice of a general who sends his best troops, already beaten, starved and ravaged, back into the battle, back to their certain death; like the voice of a crime boss who orders the death of an innocent man; like the voice of a father who, intending to make his son cold and invincible as steel, cares nothing for the soul of the boy, the soul which should have been nurtured and loved before it could be hardened for battle. 971 more words


Soccer Banquet Awards

McKinley Soccer Coach congratulates his son on winning a well-earned trophy.


Archie’s Calendar

Over the past couple of days, I have been creating a family calendar of pictures of Archie. I made one last year, and it went down so well as a gift last Christmas, that this year I have received requests for another one this year. 48 more words


Servanthood or Sonship 

The prodigal son felt unworthy and chose to serve the Father.

The older son felt worthy because he served the Father.

What was important to the Father was for His children to know that He loved them unconditionally and that they enjoy everything He has given them. 12 more words


Love At First Sight

Alas, this is not the story of someone falling in love with me at first sight. Oh no, no, no, this is the story of the beautiful, long-haired, Jesus-looking man who works at the restaurant with me – falling in love with my daughter at first sight… 2,685 more words