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Crisp January

Monday 23rd January

Sparkling dew on yellow petals

Blue skies with floating clouds

Colourful carnations about to bloom

Rolling waves on golden sands

Spreading branches stretching upwards… 21 more words


Logan Francis

This is my son, Logan. He was born on the 23rd July 2016 at 6.20am – and all parents reading this, especially first time parents – what a fucking experience it was. 622 more words


Some Things Never Change ( Chapter 1)

“Hello?”, said a feeble voice from the other side of the phone.

“Yes, Dad?”, responded Vinit. Pre-occupied in the excel sheet of the Quarter sales. So busy that he didn’t even notice the cracking voice of his father who was on the wrong side of his fifties.   831 more words


After a wonderful hug, my youngest son said this to me,

“You’re like a hot water bottle that someone shaved over and didn’t wash off.”


He Rebuilds a Lost Sister

I am all lost in the supermarket
While I look for my special Lego
Creation lost somewhere between
The gummies and the hot dogs.

Mommy looked all over the supermarket… 149 more words


Skating Backwards

Lake Como, 1966.
The murky puddles of a late January thaw
have again hardened
into transparency on its bumpy highway.

Father and son,
each is wearing a pair of skates looped… 56 more words