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My beloved son

My son, grab your seat and draw closer,

I want to have a heart to heart with you,

I am proud to have you, little soldier, 412 more words


Looking up

Is he looking at the B-2A on top of the screen or the screen itself? I know he doesn’t know how to use the computer, he’s only 3 years old :)


Hump Day †

Hello to all the Beautiful people visiting my blog!

First of all let me give the typical speech…. thank you for visiting and reading!! lol, 185 more words

Almost Done

Letter to Zeke

I know a lot of mothers talk to their babies while they’re still in the womb, but I just feel too silly doing so. A letter seems much better suited for something like this. 413 more words

Slight Update on Things

A few small things, I changed guilds in my game FFXIV. I had too much going on in real life to be such a high ranking member of the old guild. 265 more words