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My Unborn Child Is Saving Me


How exciting right?!

Having a child at this point in my life was totally unplanned and unexpected. The relationship that I am in now, who is also the father of my unborn child Noah (Yes, I already have a name LOL), is not its best. 647 more words


The Affectionate Father

My father did a fantastic job raising us.  He set a great example, taught us many important life lessons, and generally did his best to show us that he cared.   267 more words


The Question

Sweetie, this is what a woman’s body looks like, after she’s had a baby.

Now ask yourself, “Have I  thanked my mama lately?”

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Softly-Filtered Wool Sweaters

The drives seemed to be endless, those that he took with his father. The silence was unbearable. Perry always wondered what was going through his mind as he sat silent behind the wheel and why he, in turn, had nothing to say. 647 more words


A New Day

I feel a little bit better about things, the car is still an issue, but I know I have some more time. I know now I will have to get a beater even though I was pre approved for a loan for a used car at 24% interest(my brother was flipping out). 688 more words



I love writing.

I find it difficult to keep up with blogging, being a mother to a one year old little dude, but I want to try my best this time. 201 more words

Mental Health

Hello world! Welcome to my world

Hello my name is kelsea and i am a mother to two and a half
i have my oldest who is 3 my little blonde hair green eyed girl… 134 more words