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Open Letter To My Sons About Marriage

To my favorite homies,

Is homies not cool any more? Damn.

To my BELOVED sons,


OK, whatever. Obviously I am embarrassing at this point in your life regardless. 582 more words


Memorial Day

“No soldier is ever forgotten,” Isclinondas said. “Not in any age. One warrior is all warriors; remember your son and you remember all men of valor.”

8 more words

Preparing for Sunday, June 5

 1 Kings 17:8-24
“Power and Much, Much Grace”

We continue our series of stories about the Prophet Elijah. While last Sunday’s story was raucous, public and even brutal, this story is private and tender. 30 more words


Summer Day Essentials

Summer is right around the corner! I’ve been dreaming of days spent by the pool and family vacations for a while now! It is already supposed to get up to 100 degrees here this week, so I have been thinking of ways to keep cool. 587 more words


When did that end?

I remember once reading an article I believe it may of been on Pinterest  whilst I was nursing Bumblebee – I cant remember the name of the writer nor the article name but it was about a mommy who suddenly couldn’t remember the last time she had brushed her daughters hair and how quickly it all passes by  – Bumblebee at the time was 4 months old and Jellybean was 19 months old – we were drifting along the baby and toddlerhood adventure happily – endless days of giggles (tears – not always theres), bottles, nappies, broken sleep, Mickey mouse clubhouse and in the night garden lay ahead of us and I couldn’t imagine life being different – that was then!!! 583 more words


Great southern moon

Round and soft
non-orbital moon
around which he revolves
Object of derision
for some but not me
A comfort for his rest
a succor to his pain… 52 more words


Fatherhood V.2

So I became a father, again.

My wife gave birth to Elias Joaquin Adosto last November 2, 2015. He’s a big baby! And I will forever praise Jesus for wife’s normal delivery of him, despite her C-section history with our eldest. 171 more words