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Murderous minds, musically portrayed - Assassins

There’s a lyric near the beginning of Stephen Sondheim’s musical “Assassins” where a question is posed to John Wilkes Booth, the man most famous for killing President Abraham Lincoln. 557 more words

The Modern - CDA

The Thespians: Volume Two

Our Private World

Kit Saxon adjusted the emerald green tie he wore- a pop of color on an otherwise monochromatic black suit. He turned from the mirror to face his wife Lara. 421 more words

Current Production: COMPANY

I am so pleased, excited and proud to be playing the role of Susan in COMPANY at the San Francisco Playhouse! Opening night was this past Saturday and was well received by our wonderful audience. 34 more words

I Met A Guy On The 4th.

If you’re thinking this story is going to be exciting, here’s a tidbit –

It isn’t. I literally just… met a guy.

I was going to a friend of a friend of a family member’s cabin for the holiday, and thank all that is holy that I decided to make an effort that day. 893 more words

Our Time by Stephen Sondheim

Blame youtube for my obsession with this song.  Even more, blame the wonderful modern phenomenon of theatre–live–to–cinema relays, or ‘recordings as if live’.  I saw this musical, ‘Merrily We Roll Along’ in the cinema earlier this year, and was entranced by its simple poignancy – three friends who cannot hold onto their friendship – and how that is reflected melodically. 210 more words


The Thespians: Volume One


“His jokes are quaint, and fairly faint, he may be full of hokum but I’ve no complaint, he might be just a bore but on the floor he ain’t, and oh boy, oh boy can that boy foxtrot!” The piano hit the final note. 437 more words

Just when I stopped opening doors ....

It’s holiday season.  On Saturday, my US friends and relations celebrated ‘Independence Day’ (July 4th) and in France les grands vacances are upon us.  The next two months will see most French people taking time off and we will also celebrate… 367 more words