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Through The Eyes Of The Dead: TTEOTD Song 1 [Song Stream]

Song: TTEOTD Song 1
Band: Through The Eyes Of the Dead
Album: EP
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RUSSIA : Serebro rock 'Europa Plus Live 2014'

They were the sexy nuns of Eurovision 2007 who proved that being sultry doesn’t mean you have to go naked to look hot! Well they changed their mind in the above picture! 202 more words


2NE1 Gotta Be You ;) -Kpop Week 1-3 (Top 5 2NE1 Songs and M/V) #1

Welcome back to Kpop week here is a video of 2NE1’s Gotta be you and i have to say this is definitely in my Top 5 for songs and videos through the atmosphere and creativity with of course the amazing song. 12 more words

Day 1 - Ancient Rome

Day one brimmed with novelty of it. We went for a run, keeping the pace smooth and down, enjoying the chilly morning. The conversation we were having – improbably, featuring the social structure of ancient Rome, and how it would be like to live there – resulted in the following song! 44 more words

30 Day Challenge

Song 1: "Shut Up" by Simple Plan

“Shut Up”
Artist: Simple Plan
From “Still Not Getting Any”
Oct. 26, 2004.
Lava, Atlantic.
Produced by Bob Rock.

This is one of those songs that makes me excited every time I hear it even though it’s so lame. 877 more words

Num. 3; Ps. 37; Song 1; Heb. 1

Am I becoming more like my father or my Father?

One of the wonderful gifts I’ve enjoyed writing for this blog is that I don’t feel so weird. 684 more words

66 Books

30 Day Song Challenge: Song 1

Song One:
Your Favourite Song

I am by profession a musician and a teacher of music and I do music things all the time. In theory, I probably should have a profound statement to make with my choice of favourite song – something classical, something in the rock and roll history of music, something with depth and meaning… 61 more words