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[July 2010 - GQ] Song Chang Ui - Going Slow - Interview

You’re like a church oppa.

Haha. I do go to church.

So, church oppa. Isn’t the way you look a drag in your life?

Instead of saying that it was a drag, I’d say that I can’t perfectly carry my own style as an actor. 1,869 more words


[June 2010 - Marie Claire] Song Chang Ui - The boy next door - Interview

Many things changed in my life as I worked for a fashion magazine. One of them is my relationship with gay people. Before I worked for a fashion magazine, gay people were just the target of social issues for me, but now they’re either my colleagues or my friends or just people I know. 1,413 more words


[June 2010 - High Cut] Song Chang Ui - Interview

The face of a clean plant. Was there a man that would fit the description “innocent with a gaze without double eyelids and with neat features. 1,921 more words


[May 2009 - Nylon] Song Chang Ui - Interview

If I threw away any sense of flattery that meant wrapping up the target of this interview, I’d have to say that an interview with Song Chang Ui is boring. 1,981 more words


[November 2008 - Marie Claire] Song Chang Ui - Play, boy - Interview

Last September, actor Paul Newman passed away at the age of 83. Fans of Paul Newman all around the world mourned his death, but it seemed that his death had a bit of a different meaning for US people. 1,493 more words


[September 2008 - Allure] - Time To Fall for Song Chang Ui - Interview

If you meet three times, it’s called having a connection. And Song Chang Ui is an actor I have a connection with. I mean it wasn’t destiny, but I did get to interview three times in three years. 2,459 more words


COTM - Song Chang Ui

Oh.Em To the Gee, Gee, Gee, Gee, Baby, Baby. So, the Celebrity of The Month is back for its 4th installment. * clap clap * 407 more words