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Lotus bud waterdropper.

This lovely little piece is a water-dropper in the shape of a lotus-bud. It is only 5,5 cm across, and is made of a brown burned clay. 79 more words

Song Dynasty

“Better than Under Heaven”

I am on record for not liking Under Heaven, Guy Gavriel Kay’s first outing into medieval China. For that reason, it took me longer than usual to pick up River of Stars, which uses the same setting, albeit a few hundred years later. 835 more words


How to identify dragon features on Ceramics?

Distinguishing Dragon Image Features on Ceramics


The dragon features on ceramics usually reflect its production period and this help collector to distinguish age of ceramics claimed by owners. 512 more words

July 2015

The Old Man, Hangzhou...too light a taste for my liking

Su Dongpo, a Song Dynasty poet, once wrote that the best banquets in the world are made up of Hangzhou food. I beg to differ. Hangzhou food has too light a taste for my liking. 113 more words

Food & Beverage

Deep in the Courtyard Gardens/庭院深深深几许

Materials: brass, crystal, jade, cloisonne butterfly, glass teardrops

Metal hair stick length: Approx 18.5cm Dangle length: Approx 14.5cm

Inspired by my fav Ouyang Xiu poem 《蝶恋花·庭院深深深几许》 (Song dynasty) about a wife who waits in vain for her philandering husband’s return while trapped within her home. 109 more words

Chinese Wind

Chinese Song Dynasty Ge Porcelain Tripod Censor

Southern Song Dynasty, China

The lobed body supported on three pointed legs, the rim with two closed-loop handles, glazed overall with a smooth gray glaze with golden crackle. 8 more words