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This week I had 3 days of duty as docent at the National Gallery of Canada. One was hosting the Wednesday Morning Lectures-Mercredis Culturels, I coordinate that program in French and in English. 987 more words

Silk Road even older than thought, ancient tea suggests


Tea found in burial pits near tomb of Han dynasty emperor Liu Qi predates previous oldest discovered by hundreds of years

Pamir mountains in western Asia have some of the world’s most highly elevated roads and are believed to have formed part of the ancient trade route. 349 more words

27 January 1142.AD Song Dynasty #onthisday

Today in #history , #onthisday 1142 – Song dynasty General Yue Fei is executed.

Figure one and Two are from google images commons]

Stay connected with me and groovy: I hope you all have enjoyed stay groovy. 34 more words


Song Longquan brushwasher

This dish is a Southern Song Longquan glazed brushwasher. Zhejiang province, dark-colored clay emulating the Guan kilns. The brushwasher being a scolar desk item, is a well-known form in Chinese ceramics. 17 more words

Song Dynasty

River of Stars

Funny how it took a novel by a Canadian fantasy writer to get me interested in my own cultural history once more.

River of Stars… 695 more words


Lotus bud waterdropper.

This lovely little piece is a water-dropper in the shape of a lotus-bud. It is only 5,5 cm across, and is made of a brown burned clay. 79 more words

Song Dynasty

“Better than Under Heaven”

I am on record for not liking Under Heaven, Guy Gavriel Kay’s first outing into medieval China. For that reason, it took me longer than usual to pick up River of Stars, which uses the same setting, albeit a few hundred years later. 835 more words