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One history of the tai chi ruler

One legend is that the tai chi ruler was invented by Chen Tuan, later named Chen Hsi-I, who was a famous Taoist and retainer a of the first emperor of the Sung Dynasty. 133 more words

Glaze Development in Ancient China

The worlds first stoneware glazes were developed during the Shang Dynasty in China (1,600 – 1,100 bce).  This is an astounding feat when considering that stoneware was not achieved in Korea and Japan for another 2,000 years and in the West for another 3,000 years. 448 more words


The Basics of White Tea

It seems that “White Tea” is more common these days. There was a time when Char and I were travelling in China, and we would enjoy white tea regularly but couldn’t find it anywhere when we finally journeyed home! 253 more words

Tea Basics

Today in World History: February 18th

Kublai Khan, grandson of the great Mongolian Emperor Genghis Khan, died on this day in 1294. Continuing his grandfather’s legacy, Kublai Khan conquered the Far East with his vast armies of nimble and agile cavalry. 171 more words


Song Dynasty

I was mildly surprised to see what is certainly a cavalry trooper bearing what looks a lot like a three-point two-edge, albeit with extended edges. There was a fair amount of warfare at the end of the Five Dynasties Ten Kingdoms period around 900-950 CE. 32 more words

Today in World History: February 4th

The coronation of Emperor Taizu of China marked the beginning of the Song dynasty in 960 A.D.. China prospered under the Song rulers, expanding its population at such a fast rate that its population doubled in the 10th and 11th centuries. 100 more words

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The Plum in the Golden Vase - part one

This is the fifth “unofficial” classical Chinese novel. Which was banned. Because sexy times…

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The Scoffing Scholar of Lanling during the Ming Dynasty (circa. 460 more words