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The Connection Between Monkey’s Spiritual Training and Historical Daoist Internal Alchemy

Did you know Monkey’s early spiritual training in chapter one is connected to historical Daoist internal alchemy? After becoming a student of the great immortal Subhuti in India… 712 more words

Sun Wukong

Medieval China Work!

Today, you’ll be working in small groups to gather information on the following Chinese dynasties: the Sui, Tang, Song, and Yuan.  Use the following PDF to help you find information on the economic, societal, and political aspects of each period of Chinese history.   46 more words

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Papermaking in China, Japan & Beyond

To get students started this session, I’d like to begin with Japanese artist and printmaker Katsushika Hokusai.  Most active in the early nineteenth century, Hokusai is best known for working in… 224 more words

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Response to On Weaving + Chinese Silk

Just as a sculpture of stone that contents itself to live within the limits of its stone nature is superior in formal quality to one that transgresses these limits, so also a weaving that exhibits the origin of its rectangular thread-interlacing will be better than one which conceals its structure and tries for instance, to resemble a painting.

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