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The Origin of Monkey's Punishment Under Five Elements Mountain

Last updated: 05-16-2018

After escaping from Laozi’s furnace, Sun Wukong battles his way through heaven until the Buddha is called in to halt his rebellion. 1,661 more words

Sun Wukong


It’s been a year and a half since Ken Liu’s The Wall of Storms came out, the middle volume in his Dandelion Trilogy, and as far as I’m aware fans might have to wait a while for the third and final volume. 1,281 more words

Fiction In Translation

Sam Hamill -- To the Tune: Spring at Wu Ling

The breeze has passed,
pollen dust settled,
and now the evening comes
as I comb out my hair.

There is the book, the inkstone, the table. 197 more words

Opinion Leaders

the fishing village

16 Maart 2018

Vandag gaan ons na die Ancient Huangpu Port and Village.

Hierdie hawe en dorpie het ‘n belangrike rol gespeel in die eerste handel tussen Amerika en China.  319 more words



TW.com – THIRTY-THREE families havvve lived in relative seclusion in Yuejiazhai village in northern China for hundreds of year.

“We’re descendants of Yue Lin, the third son of Yue Fei. 809 more words


The Connection Between Monkey’s Spiritual Training and Historical Daoist Internal Alchemy

Did you know Monkey’s early spiritual training in chapter one is connected to historical Daoist internal alchemy? After becoming a student of the great immortal Subhuti in India… 712 more words

Sun Wukong

Medieval China Work!

Today, you’ll be working in small groups to gather information on the following Chinese dynasties: the Sui, Tang, Song, and Yuan.  Use the following PDF to help you find information on the economic, societal, and political aspects of each period of Chinese history.   46 more words

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