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Dai Temple of Tai'an

 Though it’s hard to believe we attempted anything else after the snafu on Taishan mountain, we went back to the hotel, swam, checked out, and visited… 1,480 more words

Family Fun

A Compass Magnetically Shows The Way

The Interaction Between A Compass and the Earth’s Magnetic Field

When a kid is given a compass for the first time, they almost become mesmerised by the way the needle spins around every time they move.   526 more words


Song white ware lotus bowl

Bought this bowl at a local auction, where it was described as Ming. The lotus carving reminded me of a Song type of design, as seen on Ding ware. 56 more words

Song Dynasty

Chinese Kung Fu and Confucianism are not ‘Killer Apps’

A Chinese ‘tai chi’ master was defeated by a free-combat fighter in just 10 seconds in a race held in Chengdu last week.

In my Dec 2016 article “ 424 more words


china with the small "c" but costs big bucks

Ancient China has almost perfected pottery-making Chinese craftsmen turned it an art form. Their porcelain was hugely popular when it reached the West starting during the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220) through the “Silk Road” that they were called and known as “china.” 19 more words

China Underwater Discovery Verifies Unproven Battle As A Historical Event


Underwater Treasure Found in Southwestern China Makes Reality out of 300-Year-Old Mythical Battle

(Read the article on one page) 624 more words


Chrysanthemum bowl Yaozhou (type)

This charming bowl is thinly potted, and has a nice ring to it when tapped. It has a moulded decor of chrysantemums, covered in a green glaze. 130 more words

Song Dynasty