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a little salt

Come on skinny love Just last the year. Pour a little salt, We were never here.

–“Skinny Love” by Bon Iver (or Birdy, if you prefer that version)


Kuch To Hai...

“कुछ तो है जो दिल घबराए
कुछ तो है जो साँसें ना आए
कुछ तो है जो हम होठों से
कहते कहते कह ना पाए…”

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The map that leads to you!!!

I hear your voice in my sleep at night
Hard to resist temptation
‘Cause something strange has come over me
And now I can’t get over you…

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Locked Away..!!

“If I showed you my flaws
If I couldn’t be strong
Tell me honestly
Would you still love me the same?”

-Adam Levine, R. City – Locked Away

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Mera mujhme kuch nahi sab tera!!!

“फिर  दिल  के  रास्तों  पे
तेरी  आहट  जो  हुई
हर  धड़कन  जश्न  में  है
ये  इनायत  जो  हुई..”

Phir dil ke raaston pe
Teri aahat jo hui…

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The stars are out tonight One million fires burning

–“High Dive” by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness