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So why d’you always do what you’re told to do?

They’ll push a button, you’ll come strolling through.”

Modestep – Machines


Day 5 of the 5 day Song Quote Challenge

So….this is my last post for this challenge! I have enjoyed this! Again, I want to thank Mandie for nominating me to do this! I hope ya’ll have enjoyed the quotes, I also hope you have learned or were reminded of some of these great songs! 243 more words

Applied pattern no. 1

As probably most people I like illustrated quotes. This one here is from one of my favorite songs, Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. It´s also my first try of applying my digitalized pattern. 34 more words


Day 4 of the Song Quote Challenge

Fourth song…..here I come! If you have not seen my last three posts be sure to check them out! I am on day 4 of a 5 day challenge!! 169 more words


3rd Day of the Song Quote Challenge

I am on the third day of the ‘ song quote challenge’! I am enjoying it a lot! Please be sure to check out these songs that I post and let me know what you think! 225 more words


2nd day of the Song Quote Challenge

Hey ya’ll! This is the second day of the ‘song quote challenge’ that I have been nominated to do. So, again, here are the rules: 160 more words


5 Day Song Quote Challenge

I have been nominated to do this challenge by a fellow blogger. Her name is Mandie and her blog can be found @ https://mandiesworld.wordpress.com. Be sure to check her blog out! 191 more words