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Danny Dangerously Interview (03/01/2016)


Danny Dangerously is a unique fusion of funk, rap, rock and parody aka a bloody brilliant listen. With a British edge to his voice and some immensely catchy grooves, this guys new album really caught us off guard. 785 more words


As It Is 'Pretty Little Distance' Song Review

I’m so conflicted about this song, well actually conflicted about As It Is as a group. When I first heard their track ‘Dial Tones’ I thought ‘my God what has happened to pop punk’ and panned the group for it. 652 more words


Martin Garrix ft. The Federal Empire 'Hold On & Believe' Song Review

Now I’m all for the big house club banger, in fact I’ve studied them for years and years. The mystical tracks only seem to appear when you’re intoxicated, why? 458 more words


Carrie Underwood 'Dirty Laundry' Song Review

I can honestly put my hands up in confidence and admit that I have never heard a single Carrie Underwood track. I realise she’s one of the stateside acts around at the moment, but she has never had even a pixel of coverage on UK screens. 380 more words


[Song Review] SF9 - Fanfare

ROOKIE GROUPS ARE MY LATEST OBSESSION. Just a public service announcement for you all. I’m in overdrive right now because too many groups are out – I didn’t expect to fall in love with SF9 a few weeks ago and anticipate their arrival more than anything. 380 more words


Michael Bublé ft. Black Thought 'Nobody But Me' Song Review

So the smoothest man in entertainment emerges back from his glamorous cave because as we all know, when the Christmas period rolls up, the Boobster himself is back on our screens. 375 more words


Machine Gun Kelly ft. Camila Cabello 'Bad Things' Song Review

Great another shockingly terrible dream-pop-rap-trap disaster. Another complete waste of time; this month is going down the drain musically faster than a litre of bleach. Before you rip my head off for immediately throwing this track under the bus, hear me out first. 359 more words