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It's not a poem... it's a song... I just haven't recorded it, turned it into a cute video, and stuck it on my blog with my other songs yet...

Outward Bound


Well, they’re starting final countdown, and the seatbelt light is lit

Goodbye mother earth, I’m gonna miss you just a little bit… 345 more words


Secret Admirer

You used to be my secret admirer
You would never tire
The way I tug your hair

And we floated off to heaven
Til I figured out myself… 143 more words

Love Song

As the wings of a butterfly thrum the air

And the rhythm of birds’ song bespeaks your voice

Gentle breeze enfolds me in merciful care… 204 more words


Sing A Song! - Stitches

savabagasss.wordpress.com –  Stitch(es).

Apa yang terbayang di pikiran lo ketika baca kata itu? Cewek berkerudung pink, berbicara bahasa Rusia, dan tinggal di hutan bersama beruang madu? 802 more words


Lucie Silvas - What You're Made Of

“I hear you talking,
but your words don’t mean a thing”

Sometimes you have to ignore people.