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"Yesterday's" Comic> Thunderbolts #14

Sorry there’s no Worldbuilding Project update today. Yesterday was distracting. Outside of working on Jake & Leon I’m hoping it’s the last day I’ll miss. 363 more words

Yesterday's Comics


These very common small birds are friendly birds and are often surrounded by half a dozen or more of its kind. During cold winter months they feed on seeds and grains. 103 more words

Song Bird

Travelling across the state comes with this job. I thought if I played the freelancer card then I can choose hours and amount of work. But In reality, I work the same amount if not more. 286 more words

Sad Stories

Q&A a Day: On a scale of one to ten, how sad are you? Why? 10 being the saddest, I’m a 1. Why, because I’m a month away from my anniversary and already celebrating. 837 more words


Needle Felted Warbler

A friend recommended I make a warbler for spring. Looking them up, they have some great, fun patterns, so I made this yellow rumped warbler. The patterns came out rather nicely, I think. 71 more words


Resilient Residents – Winter Birds

This is the third of a four part series on our province’s most resilient animals. You can find out more about mammals that are active through the winter  426 more words