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Magee Marsh-Best Photo

With flitting warblers, and migration peak over, I was glad to get at least one good photo of this prothonotary warbler. The Audubon Field guide states this interesting fact: The name “Prothonotary” originally referred to a group of official scribes in the Catholic Church who wore bright yellow hoods, as this bird appears to do.


Sing, Songbird...But First, Drink This

Birds do it. Bees do it. Even frogs and dogs do it(hmmm, sounds kinda familiar)…I am talking about singing, of course! What else? ;-)  In fact most creatures of the earth sing, whether it’s to attract a mate, identify a mate or offspring, use as warnings , as well as for other purposes. 392 more words

Pimlico Race Course opinions for Friday, May 20

Preview: The rain isn’t suppose to hit Baltimore until tomorrow so hopefully its fast and firm today at Pimlico. Here’s a look at the stakes races, beginning with the seventh race. 180 more words

Horse Racing

The Northern Mockingbird

If you hear a constant string of tens of bird calls outside your window, you might have a Northern Mockingbird on your hands. As the Arkansas state bird, these territorial birds flaunt their white patches to opposing birds and slowly fly around or run at their enemies. 18 more words



One of my toddler nicknames was ‘The Screaming Mimi.’ I wasn’t aware when I was christened such, I just remember hearing it whispered: ‘Oh here comes the screaming mimi again.’ 456 more words

Morning Meditations and the Mundane

Sitting in stillness I hear The Divine speaking, clearing my thoughts so I may listen to what awaits me. My spirit invites direction and purpose to my living, reconnecting with the source of all things. 287 more words

Soul Work

The Songbird

Some hearts are born to do certain tasks, and so it was with the songbird. She had been brought into the universe to sing her song so that others could hear and benefit. 694 more words