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O Som de Sexta - Songbird (Oasis)

Para alguns melhor que The Beatles, para outros melhor que os caras de Liverpool e com alguns sons tão imortais quanto os primeiros. Independente da estrada que trilharam ao longo de dezenove anos de trabalho a Banda Inglesa oriunda de Manchester sem dúvida deixou canções e impressões que sempre irão permanecer na memória dos que puderam presenciar suas apresentações ao vivo ou mesmo ouvir seus diversos álbuns. 272 more words

Here’s the Kenny G/Warren G Mashup You’ve Been Waiting For

By Brian Ives

It seems that Team Jimmy Kimmel ignored all of our suggestions for their final #MashUpMonday of the month, which means that our hopes of seeing Jessie J Mascis, Jack White Zombie or Mos Def Leppard may never be realized. 165 more words

The Route 103

Next Up: BioShock Infinite, Burial at Sea Episode Two

Take deep breath. Here we go. It’s the BioShock home stretch. Time to finally play BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode Two.

After all my preparation and build-up over the past months, what do I want out of this game? 380 more words


Nightingale Beautiful

For when she sings he listens

and when he visits she smiles, when this nightingale suddenly appears

he writes a lucidical style. For when he sleeps she watches and when she cries he pains, when this nightingale glides gently her song echo softly again. 53 more words


Petal Corpses

Inside her soul

A river of blue

Hopeless yearning

Rushes towards

Shores of joy

Drowning any signs

Of burgeoning life

Delicate, uncut flowers

Now identified only… 68 more words


Lyrebird (genus Menura)

It’s amazing what you can find with Google. Whenever I can’t think of an animal to write about, I simply google “cool **insert animal type here**” and I inevitably find a list of amazing animals I haven’t blogged about yet. 563 more words


The Songstress, Songbird

Songbird is a 23 year old singer of Haitian American decent. She was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Long Island up until the age of 18. 1,331 more words