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The funniest thing you'll see today: Songify the News #8

One of my personal favorite YouTube channels over the past several years has been Schmoyoho, creators of the acclaimed Auto-Tune the News series and the… 95 more words


Females Are Strong As Hell! Here's An Extended Cut Of The 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' Theme Song

If there exists a song catchier than the theme song for The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, I don’t know it. Created by Jeff Richmond (husband to creator Tina Fey and composer for the show) and the Gregory Brothers, the minds behind Songify the News, the song is an auto-tuned wonder spun from… 203 more words


The Evening Post: Bang The President - Songify the News 5

Tonight, I wanted to share another great video from the YouTube channel schmoyoho, where they did another edition of Songify The News!  In this edition, gorillas and humans work together to deliver the news while Congress gets turnt up beyond all previously-known limits of turntitude.   37 more words

The Evening Post Stuff

Hero Of Missing Women Gets Songified

After Charles Ramsey helped save three women who had been missing for around ten years he gave some very colorful interviews. It was no doubt that Schmoyoho (the Gregory Brothers who did songs like “Double Rainbow” and “Antoine Dobson- Bad intruder Song”) would take the interviews and make them into a very catchy song. Enjoy.


Songify (Auto Tune)The News

A while ago I posted a few conversations redone by Songify.  I found a few that will update the collection I already have:

Presidential Debate Songified: 101 more words

Barack Obama