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10 Things I wish I said when I was a child

One of my favourite line from a Hong Kong movie and to translate that goes something like this, “Life is a process, the sad thing about that is you can’t repeat it, and the good thing about that is you don’t have to repeat it over again.” Now that I’m a grown up trying to support myself independently and financially, there were times I wished I was still a child, free from money worries and mundane household affairs. 480 more words

My head it spins

I have been overcome by fatigue, unmotivated, restless and countless zone out moments during the week. My head weighs a thousand pounds with a million thoughts stuck in my brain like tons of heavy rock that can’t be moved. 356 more words

How was your week?

My week, in the words of the Bee Gees… 

In a world of tears I slowly drown ……
When you lose control and you got no soul, it’s tragedy… 24 more words

Reality and Make-Believe

How I wish the world could see
It’s possible to live inside a dream
And still shape reality
How I wish the world could see… 157 more words


Too late to dream?

In my 30s and figuring out what I want, sometimes I wonder if it is too late for me to be dreaming, to talk about dreams and ambition. 302 more words

Ode to Elfenbein

The tree in out front yard we call Elfenbein,

He’s patient and pensive most of the time

He stands in the sunshine and shares all his shade… 153 more words

Songs And Lyrics

Soul Stare

Do you

Feel the way she moved you

How she burnt right through you

Will you

Remember how she stilled you

and the way she thrilled you… 179 more words

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