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DARKER THAN BLACK -Kuro no Keiyakusha- Ending Theme – Tsukiakari

Darker than black was one of my favourite anime once upon a time even before I visited Japan.  I  used to pause and memorise the lyrics of this song as this song reminds me of gentle soothing moonlight! 353 more words


13 going on 30

When you hear someone with autism describes their childhood experiences, you are likely to hear something along the line of “growing up, I knew I was different”. 658 more words

So far so dark

Writing has become more difficult lately, not least because I’ve been busy clocking hours to make up for the lost income over the past 2 months but also the topics I plan to write about are somewhat painful. 797 more words

Touch His Garment 

Touch Him, touch His garment

When you are sad

When you are lonely

When you are weak

Touch Him, touch His garment

When you are dry… 86 more words

Tick Tock Ka-Ching

This month isn’t too bad actually, in terms of work load. But I’m still anxious and unsettled. I’ve been living off my savings for the past 3 months so there’s plenty of catching up to do (most of it goes to paying the rent) and work for coming months is yet uncertain. 410 more words

God's Promises

All of  God’s promises

Are yes and Amen

He dwells in light

He rejoices over us

He delights in us

He has promised us

More than we can imagine… 10 more words

You Comfort Me

Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit

I love you, I need you

You comfort me

You counsel me

You help me

You crown me

With joy and beauty… 16 more words