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Lost in the echo

Too much crying for one night. I thought I got over it, even though I have always known it was just a blatant lie I put up in front for all the battles ahead. 102 more words

Songs And Lyrics

Panic! At the disco

Qua tới giờ vẫn còn rầu rĩ sướt mướt lắm, xong gặp đồng bọn đầu độc cho cái album cứu rỗi này. Hời ơi toy sai lắm rồi, cứ thấy đánh nhau tóe máu là lại tỉnh táo hưng phấn ngay thì phải làm saoooooooo? 19 more words

Songs And Lyrics


Rediscovered this word the other day. It’s a nonsense word meaning “fabulous”.

Songs And Lyrics

Am I sick?

By Friday, I’m usually on the point of explosion. I’m exhausted, frustrated and overwhelmed after a week of repressing my emotions and temper. Despite having many ideas, I am having difficulties structuring my thoughts and to write coherently so the way I’m going to do it is to type a transcript of an imagined conversation with a fictitious character, Sosighewwty (so-sigh-eww-ty). 418 more words

Keep walking

This is where I was a year ago today, my first solo overnight hike in the Blue Mountains, Australia. Lately, I’ve been thinking how much further I can walk. 201 more words

Song titles poem

I wrote this poem during one of my sleepless nights. How many songs do you recognize?

Forever as one.
I’m with you
When your gone… 159 more words


DARKER THAN BLACK -Kuro no Keiyakusha- Ending Theme – Tsukiakari

Darker than black was one of my favourite anime once upon a time even before I visited Japan.  I  used to pause and memorise the lyrics of this song as this song reminds me of gentle soothing moonlight! 353 more words