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From "A Chorus Line" to "1989"

After nearly 7 months and approximately 250 titles, my CD challenge is finally complete! For those of you who many not remember, back in October I decided to go through my CD collection in order. 303 more words

Top 5 Songs.

1. Dear Life – Delta Goodrem
This song is very important. If you listen carefully, you will notice that life doesn’t always go exactly how you planned but you know what, you can survive anything and whatever you’re going through right now, will pass. 481 more words

About, Em.

Richard's Playlist (65) - Bad Boys by Alexandra Burke

Rose needs to get a passport for Richard, which proves a problem as he has no birth certificate (and if he had it would be highly suspicious!) so she enlists the help of a dodgy client, who manages to acquire a suitable passport for a price. 46 more words


Red Hot Chili Peppers - new release!

I like the way NME put it “With Prince turned to purple rain, it’s of some concern that guitar funk now rests largely in the hands of Red Hot Chili Peppers”.. 23 more words

3 songs again :)

I’m back again bugging you with 3 more songs this week :D . This time it’s only  English songs.

1. ‘Between The Raindrops’ – Lifehouse… 81 more words

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