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Boys Night Out!

This is a song that I always thought sounded really beautiful. It’s just the right amount of slow song mixed with that punk rock sound I like. 31 more words


Song Update: "All My Eyes Could See"

Ok, so I’ve reached the last song that I want to share for this particular story arc. I apologize for the large gap in what happens, since I have no songs for the bulk of Korvayn’s experiences through this second half, but let me summarize what I do know for sure. 1,141 more words


By Your Grace

This is a prayer to the Lord for him to be to me all I need in order for me to serve and obey him. I am asking him to change my heart to be more like Jesus, and for him to guide my steps each day. 360 more words


Song sung silly

Song sung silly, everybody knows one.

There is a lot of music in our house. I’ve written about it before. I dance with Love Bug  as often as I can. 65 more words

Grave Robber (video)

Oh heck. I’m going to throw one more video in here for today. This is my most favorite Petra song of all time. And, after all, it is the season for this song. 77 more words

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and I’m learning, so I’m leaving
and even thought I’m grieving
I’m trying to find the meaning

- st. Jude, Florence and the machine

Florence And The Machine

Psalm 22: Salvation of Epic Proportions

Come tune the psaltery and the lute,
Prepare your violin and flute,
Warm up your voice to sing my song,
Behold, God hears and rights all wrongs. 234 more words