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Week 74

Ayy another week another 10 tunes I listened to & thought were great. Hope you dig em too

Spotify 622 more words


I Made A Very Important Discovery In South Korea And It Changed My Life.

Good evening to all. The year is 2019. Excuse me,  give me a moment. I am just toweling off after a dip in the gulf. It is winter in New York, but I am vacationing on my yacht, somewhere off the Amalfi Coast. 938 more words

Sonic The Hedgehog: 26 Years of a Video Game Icon Part 5

I’m a little late again at posting, but here is the final part of the Sonic timeline series, unless another game gets announced then this ain’t the final part. 1,884 more words

Sound Attack MICHIGAN

It happened again. A new start for 2018? Are NASA and the military continuing its initiative to test sound-based weapons, over populated areas, without bothering to inform residents? 52 more words

MY Worst Games Ever-Sonic Unleashed

There is a werehog in this game…need I say anymore? Kids, if you ever feel useless remember that somebody at Sonic Team came up with that concept and an entire boardroom full of business types agreed that this abomination should see the light of day. 393 more words

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US: All 52 Episodes Of Sonic Boom Season 2 Now Available On Hulu

If you are a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog and have a Hulu subscription then you will be pleased to know that all 52 episodes of the second season are available on the streaming platform. 43 more words


Sonic Boom - Breezeblock 1998

In 1998 I was in my last year at University and I would spend most nights writing up notes and working on projects, I rediscovered music at this point with the help of Mogwai – Ten Rapid, Belle & Sebastian – Boy With the Arab Strap, Echo and The Bunnymen – Evergreen, 1998 was an exciting time musically. 266 more words