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One Album Wonders: Sonic Boom's Spectrum

For this edition of One Album Wonders we take a listen to Sonic Boom, who released one album, Spectrum, in 1989.

Sonic Boom 
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One Album Wonders

Gamer Thoughts: Licensed Games

This post is a bit of a sampling of the content that you see from my own gaming blog where I talk about games, post about games, and do other random things pertaining to gaming. 747 more words


R&S Records' Lakker Teams Up With Eileen Carpio For Three Songs Music Video | Music News

R&S Records’ Lakker Teams Up With Eileen Carpio For Three Songs Music Video | Music News

by Erik Otis

R&S Records is a phenomenal imprint for electronic music in this era, adding an abundant cycle of rosters to the music community that’s elevated the musicality and evolution of the genre. 215 more words




Vi är så in i bomben glada över att kunna presentera en av 80- och 90-talets största inspiratörer, framförallt via medverkan i legendariska Spacemen 3, men även genom hans egna projekt Sonic Boom, Spectrum och Experimental Audio Research. 85 more words

Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric Review

Greetings mortals, I am DracoJames102 and I am here to give you a review.

I never thought that this game would be the first Wii U title I would review, but I wanted to review this game at some point or another so let’s get on with it. 2,500 more words

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Sonic the hedgehog series and my views on it

I just felt like blogging about something a bit random and at the same time about a game series I play.

So right off the back I am not a super crazy Sonic fan, 2,175 more words

Sonic The Hedgehog


We were lucky enough to be able to attend the 8th running of the MR2s for the third year at YZ Circuit. It was held May 2nd. 210 more words