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Sponsorship with Korean basketball team

The Korean office of PURE: People United Reaching Everyone announced that it signed with the KT Sonic Boom national basketball team to sponsor and provide GPS products valued at $40M Korean Won (U.S. 235 more words


Song of the Week: 7/24/2017

Time for the song of the week!

Sonic Boom is from the 1990’s game Sonic CD which was the first Sonic the Hedgehog game to heavily experiment with having a great deal of voice audio in the game. 44 more words


A Quieter Supersonic Plane is Coming from NASA and Lockheed

NASA, working in conjunction with Lockheed-Martin, has completed and approved the preliminary design for a quiet supersonic jet known as QueSST. The basic idea is to build a plane whose shockwaves produce a diffuse “sonic thump” instead of the usual boom. 118 more words


NuckleDu: Making His Dreams Come True One Sonic Boom At A Time

When you think of a rag to riches story in esports, Du Cong “KnuckleDu” Dang is the poster boy for what all hopefuls are trying to become. 441 more words

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Sonic Boom, Empty Tomb

In the little stone church, I did hear what Holy Spirit was saying to the Church and the power of grace shook the rocks and Rocky Mountains and leveled my understanding. 71 more words


Crash Bandicoot :N-sane Trilogy , new screenshots, gameplay and final boxart.

Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy releases in almost a month on June 30th, 2017 and while we are still waiting for the release I’m going to show some new screenshots and final box art, I can only do one gameplay video (I figured out how to do more than one video after this was posted) so if you want to see more gameplay and comparisons I recommend heading over to VTNVIVI Youtube channel (link at bottom under gallery). 200 more words

Sonic Boom Season 2: First 4-part episode and half-way point of season 2 airs on May 6th

Sonic Boom Season 2 reaches it’s half-way point this Saturday, May 6th and to finish the first half and start the second half is the series first four-parter episode titled Robots From The Sky. 375 more words