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NO JOY / SONIC BOOM - " Obsession "

You will know Jasamine from her eight-years (and counting) stint as a founding member and principal songwriter of Canadian shoegaze/noise-pop band No Joy. And… 364 more words


Sonic Boom

A >>current year cartoon which often adds layers of meta-jokes, but rarely goes outright cheap 1900s post-modern. It is a comedy action with rather stiff and stale cinematography and kind of a good writing. 243 more words

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No Joy / Sonic Boom - No Joy / Sonic Boom

Pretty damn good. I know little about both artists but this EP sounds amazing and hope they do more stuff together. 7.5/10.


It takes just over 10 hours non stop to fly from Harare to London non stop or just over 17 hours on the new Perth to London route, that is quite some time in the air. 616 more words


Week 74

Ayy another week another 10 tunes I listened to & thought were great. Hope you dig em too

Spotify 622 more words


I Made A Very Important Discovery In South Korea And It Changed My Life.

Good evening to all. The year is 2019. Excuse me,  give me a moment. I am just toweling off after a dip in the gulf. It is winter in New York, but I am vacationing on my yacht, somewhere off the Amalfi Coast. 938 more words

Sonic The Hedgehog: 26 Years of a Video Game Icon Part 5

I’m a little late again at posting, but here is the final part of the Sonic timeline series, unless another game gets announced then this ain’t the final part. 1,884 more words