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Spacemen 3: Performance

After listening to a bunch of live bootlegs of this tour, you’d think I’d be tired of it by the time I listened to the official live album. 20 more words

Spacemen 3: 1988.2.9 Brussels

Last full long show of 1988 that I have, but the sound makes this one not worth it.

Spacemen 3: 1988.1.31 Switzerland

Pretty good sound and a good show. “Suicide” is kind of weak compared to later versions, but it’s ok. No “OD Catastrophe. I didn’t bother with the tags. Setlists are so identical.

36 Archived articles and videos covering Mystery Booms around the world. By #pandorasbox

38 archived articles and videos covering Mystery Booms throughout the world. Some of these events appear to be the sound barrier been broken by military aircraft and some of these are what the USGS is calling swarms of minor earthquakes with seismic evidence to back up their claim.

Spacemen 3: 1988.1.25 Germany

I passed over this one because of sound issues. I think one song cuts out. The next one sounded better. Seemed like it was time to move on.

WHAT'S ON MARCH 2015: Hero Worship by Sonic Boom

Websters Theatre, Glasgow 17th March

Eastwood Park Theatre, Giffnock 21st March

(Approx running time 90mins)

Anachronism is a super hero.

Sure, to the untrained eye it seems as like he’s just a normal mild-mannered super market worker who likes to take his puppy for walks in the park but in actual fact he IS a super hero. 181 more words