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When we moved to Florida and I got Mom going to the Neighborly Care Network, she wanted to wake up at 6:00 am so she’d have plenty of time for coffee and getting ready. 247 more words

Video Games Records That Are Impossible To Break

Competition has always been a fundamental part of why we game. From the oppositional style of Pong to the twin-control setup of many arcade cabinets, battling friends in local multiplayer or going online to see how you fare against the world, there’s something about pushing your mental skills to the absolute limit that brings out a certain caliber of individual. 398 more words


Video Premiere: "If It's You" by Cheval Sombre

Cheval Sombre (New York-based poet and songwriter Christopher Porpora) has earned his reputation in recent times as one of independent music’s true treasures. Having released two full length albums to date: 2008’s self-titled debut album (Double Feature Records) and 2012’s moving opus ‘Mad Love’ (Sonic Cathedral Recordings); 2017 marks the eagerly awaited third Cheval Sombre LP ‘Time Waits for No One’. 281 more words

Sonic Cathedral

Dangerous Fandemonium in Sonic Boom's "The Biggest Fan"

In my 13 years of being a Sonic fan, I have always admired Sonic’s way of being–his speed, his charm, his devilishly good looks, and his even his smile. 467 more words

Gaming Life

Sonic Boom - Issue Seven

I have a piece, “A Mark, the Story of a Shear,” in the new issue of Sonic Boom. You can check it out here.


Not An Earthquake: Some South Jersey Residents Felt Potential Sonic Boom During Military Test Flight

NORTH WILDWOOD, N.J. (CBS) — What some South Jersey residents thought might have been an earthquake Thursday afternoon, turned out to be a potential sonic boom during a military test flight. 172 more words