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What's Printed Where - Free Sonic Branding LP

We here at SAM can’t resist having fun with music – in all its forms. Now we’re doing it again with the latest in our series of limited edition vinyl releases. 433 more words

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Infographic: The sound of Nokia

Discover the story behind the most heard sound on the planet

Celine Vignes & Hayley Cannon, CORD London.

We’ve taken an extract from the book  21 more words

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Local TV News Growth - Exciting Trends

Clients keep telling me about the new newscasts they’re launching and so, anecdotally, I know local news is doing well. But last week, Stephen forwarded to me… 319 more words

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CORD at The Audio Branding Awards 2015!

Luke Farmer, CORD London.

So we have some exciting news… Our CEO Daniel M Jackson and Head of Client Services David Marcus flew off to Berlin on Tuesday morning for the 2015 Audio Branding Awards. 126 more words

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A Guide To Sonic Branding

What does your brand SOUND like?

When most people are asked to think of memorable brands, they ‘see’ the logo, the colours, images and even think of the slogans that are associated with them. 507 more words


Happiness gets a little intense with Coke

When it comes to audio branding there isn’t much that Coke has not excelled at. From its multicultural anthem about buying the world some fizzy pop through its omnipotent open happiness, the vegetable flavoured soda pop has long understood the power of music to sell. 168 more words


is your brand making sense?

Brands are everywhere.

With the advent of transmedia, the battle for consumer attention is more than a fight for recognition and recall. Engagement has become the new parlance of brand design, driven by research demonstrating that successful consumer engagement doesn’t just change the way people think and feel: it shapes their behavior and changes the way they buy. 741 more words

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