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Man Made Music Joel Bekerman Reveals Practical Tips with Sonic Branding Examples

Joel Bekerman Founder and lead composer of man-made-music, in a interview with Ray Baird of BrandingBusiness defines “Sonic Branding” as the strategic use of music and sound to build brands. 406 more words

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Name That News Package - Guitar Giveaway!

UPDATE:  And The Winner Is …

Hey, you. Wanna win a guitar? We’ve got two chances for you to win!

Straight from Stephen’s collection – a 15 year old, slightly abused 2000 Fender Artist Series Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster could be all yours. 197 more words

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What is Sonic Branding - INC.

How to Add Sonic Branding to Your Business: What is Sonic Branding?

Audrey Arbeeny defines sonic branding as “The strategic development of a brand’s attributes through sound and its deployment across a multitude of touchpoints to create a seamless, cohesive and authentic sonic presence.” 119 more words

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Lets Start Sonic Here

For a primer on what is Sonic branding we need to step back and ask the question what is marketing and what is advertising. In her debut book Laura Montarroso does exactly this as she charts the… 71 more words

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What's Printed Where - Free Sonic Branding LP

We here at SAM can’t resist having fun with music – in all its forms. Now we’re doing it again with the latest in our series of limited edition vinyl releases. 433 more words

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Infographic: The sound of Nokia

Discover the story behind the most heard sound on the planet

Celine Vignes & Hayley Cannon, CORD London.

We’ve taken an extract from the book  21 more words

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Local TV News Growth - Exciting Trends

Clients keep telling me about the new newscasts they’re launching and so, anecdotally, I know local news is doing well. But last week, Stephen forwarded to me… 319 more words

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