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In the Hall of the Mountain Queen

A matriarchal society tribe. 1000+ years had lent Earth a little sensibility. Granted, one tribe in one pocket of one country of one planet does not a unified world make – but Earth has seen its share of problems with men in charge. 1,116 more words

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Doctor Who Challenge Day 14: Favorite Piece of Technology

(instantaneous answer) Sonic screwdriver!

…what? It’s easily the most adaptive technology in the entire universe, able to scan, run computations, operate in various frequencies, move things, lock things that don’t have locks, remotely control highly advanced devices, and even, in rare, specific cases, be used as a weapon, and the list goes on. 71 more words

Challenge Accepted

Doctor Who Customs Collection - Leftovers: Four Sonics and a CyberLord

Since I have done showcases of custom Daleks and Cybermen it seems only fair that I also do a tour of my other custom Doctor Who memorabilia, starting with custom sonic screwdrivers. 630 more words

Doctor Who

The Q.U.A.R.K

HH is going to be a little busy for a while. Specifically, he’ll be losing touch with reality, while flagrantly thwarting the time travel rules set in place by his ancient ancestors – for the something-hundredth incident. 688 more words

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Very Good at Opening Doors - In Defence of the Sonic Screwdriver

‘Sonic Screwdriver’ is about to be added to the Oxford English Dictionary as an official phrase in the English language, joining fellow Doctor Who-related entries such as… 915 more words

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Who'd Have Sonic?

Pretty self-explanatory. A list of every use of the sonic screwdriver in the original series of Doctor Who. Enjoy! 

Second Doctor

  • Fury From the Deep – Opening a pipeline inspection hatch.

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