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Who'd Have Sonic?

Pretty self-explanatory. A list of every use of the sonic screwdriver in the original series of Doctor Who. Enjoy! 

Second Doctor

  • Fury From the Deep – Opening a pipeline inspection hatch.

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Dr Who

Why So Spensive?

Money is a key resource in our world today. Without it we’d get almost nowhere. No argument can be made against that. But do you think BBC might be milking the cow of sweet, sweet moula a bit too much? 202 more words

Matt Smith Sonic Screwdriver Toy Review

Today I will be reviewing two different Eleventh Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Toys. I will start with the newer one because it is right next to me. 180 more words

Lip Service

It’s 13.55 and my student has just gotten his second wind. He has somehow managed to get onto the topic of the city’s deplorable public transportation system, and he has an axe to grind. 869 more words


War Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

Today I made the war doctor’s screwdriver from The Day of the Doctor. It’s a very similar build to the fourth doctor’s sonic. The bottom portion is the same except for a red nub. 94 more words

Eighth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

Today TJ and I, made the eighth doctor’s sonic. We started with 1/2 inch PVC piping. To this we glued some popsicle sticks. We also attached some beads and other details. 174 more words