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Miniature sonic screwdriver in development

Link: Stuff.tv

Date Published: May 29, 2015


Doctor Who’s most popular technology has taken one more step closer to being a reality. No, sorry, we don’t mean the TARDIS. 84 more words


Bristol debuts microscopic 'sonic screwdriver' centrifuge

The University of Bristol and China’s Northwestern Polytechnical University have developed a method to create minute acoustic vortices that could be a basis for creating minute centrifuges for biological cell sorting or for water purification. 326 more words


Morning Funny - Funeral

Yes – a morning funny about funerals. Is there such a thing? You tell me…..

Sonic Screwdriver Stick Peeler: 2 Minute Geek Kitchen Gadget Reviews

I highly approve of designers thinking outside the blue police box when coming up with Doctor Who merchandise. Everything doesn’t need to be shaped like a TARDIS. 213 more words


Sonic Screwdriver Cutlery Set: 2 Minute Geek Kitchen Gadget Reviews

Sonic Screwdrivers may not work on wood, but this adorable cutlery set will make short work of your dinner.

I’m usually pretty hard on novelty cutlery. 214 more words


The Magic and Science of Mall Security

Living in the midst of the bustle of Makati and gallivanting about Manila, I often take comfort in the refuge of malls just as many of our countrymen have become accustomed to in urban areas. 640 more words


Doctor Who and his T.A.R.D.I.S

Until the year 2011 I have never heard of Doctor Who (I know, how did I survive so long!) and wouldn’t have ever given it much thought except I worked with a few people that were always talking about how great he was and how you just had to watch it to get it. 405 more words