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Let's Drink: Various Themed Mocktails

I found a page of mocktails that I made for a New Year’s Eve party two years ago. I thought they were lost forever due to the computer failure. 256 more words

Let's Drink

Wrong Sound Effect

The third Doctor allowed us to see the show in color, even the wackiness of the crazy screwdriver. Yet, the sound it made is not the sound this toy makes. 12 more words

A Functional Sonic Screw Driver (Well, Kind Of)

just finished building this awesome data-logging Sonic Screwdriver with his 6-year-old son . The Halloween previous, older son had dressed up as the Doctor, which had inspired to make his own Sonic Screwdriver — however he declared that his screwdriver needed to actually work! 246 more words

Tool Hacks

The Doctor who Brought the Screwdriver

Although the 2nd Doctor introduced the sonic screwdriver, he hardly ever used it. Jon Pertwee, being the dandy that he is, loves technology, and used his little sonic a lot. 34 more words

Mr. Fratto Becomes the Doctor

I don’t really know much about Dr. Who.  I mean, I’ve seen it a handful of times.  I understand what a TARDIS is and that there’s always a “companion” around.   41 more words

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