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On Repetition

“Mil-dred Pierce, Mil-dred Pierce, Mil-dred Pierce, Mil-dred Pierce,…”

My socks are wet. My feet are numb. The wind strips my body heat with ease. Fresh snow, from the sky and from the slope, stings my face ferociously. 1,344 more words


441. total trash

“The song part of Total Trash is cool enough, but part two is what makes it essential – the noise part, what happens when the various rules of music break down and pure escape… 116 more words

All Vinyl Apocalypse

Sounds: Macajey // Journeys

Knowing that my next door neighbors can hear everything is a challenge of letting go. But in a big way it feels like some chains were broken in the process of making this album.

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Bad Moon Rising

The second studio album. It was released in March 1985 on record labels Blast First and Homestead. The album is loosely themed around the dark side of America, and includes references to obsession and insanity, Charles Manson, heavy metal, Satanism, and early European settlers’ encounters with Native Americans. 64 more words


Chicks: The Best Nineties Irish All-Girl Teen Punk Band You Never Heard Of

Ireland hates success as much as it loves it. Or, rather, we love to hate those who succeed and Irish begrudgery constantly rears its ugly head. 948 more words


Crazy Wisdom

What’s on top?

This week I read The White Tiger, by Aravind Adiga.  Published in 2008, it won the Booker Prize.  I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a book this much.  595 more words

Glenn Branca RIP (1948-2018)

Symphony No.1, Movement 1 (1981)

silence. tone. movement. noise. repeat.