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Sonnet (loneliness)

10 Dec 2016 – Sonnet

Has loneliness become our steady state?
For solitaries, standing protocol?
Communal souls denied their feast by fate,
no kindred spirits found, a cup of gall… 83 more words


Sonnet (the Great Exception)

10 Dec 2016 – Sonnet

The Jury’s in! Once more we tell the world
a black man’s life is less than dirt to us!
The pasty classes speak! 94 more words


Some think love's a letter we can't type.

A symbol is a well  where  we must dig
To find the deeper meaning hid below
On our human knees we need to beg
To gain admittance to the daily show. 87 more words

Thinkings And Poems

Sonnet (shucked)

10 Dec 2016 – Sonnet

At last we shuck a faith we’ve always feigned,
an inconvenient truth that never fit,
a pro-sports jersey everyone disdains… 91 more words


At the First Frost

Below is a seasonal work, a poem commemorating the transition from Autumn to Winter.  It is a sonnet in the Petrarchan form.

At the First Frost… 104 more words


The Bodleian Library and Shakespeare

Earlier this year the Bodleian Libraries’ Centre for the Study of the Book announced its ‘Sonnets 2016’ project to commemorate the 400th year since the death of Shakespeare. 612 more words

Pavillon de l'ambiprophète


image de l’auteur

L’ambiprophète usé voit tout d’un regard morne ;
Il prêcha cinquante ans, et cela fut en vain,
Donc, il reste chez lui, buvant d’assez bon vin, 92 more words