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I wait for your calls and have a staring contest with my phone, and

I’m arguing with my tongue to make you my own.

I blush at the ways we’re alike, and…

141 more words



What is this substance of which you’re made,
Millionth of strange million lights that on you tend?
Since everything has one and only shade, 225 more words



O silent whisperer of my lonesome nights,
Close the door on your way in,
Share this bed with me tonight.

Blow out the candle gently, 69 more words


Star Spangled Sun Shadow

Word on the street, Monday’s Moon to eclipse Sun

Uncle Sam’s troupe benefactors of solar deprivation

Clouds conceal Brit cousins Sun already; Moon need not apply… 98 more words


Today's Sadness Won't Fit Into a Sonnet


I stopped at Breanne’s grave today
because I remembered.  I picked up
a gruffy feather on the way between
the other dead and sat down at hers… 103 more words

A Sonnet to the Siren Aksinya - Dark eyeglasses, bare shoulders, very unfriendly | by Akaky Akakievich

Dashing through the waywards ways of how one should stay to

Attach with the golden enterprise of the sauntering side of thus

We have missed her while it is still of some esteem to plead over… 182 more words


Dragon du Yin et dragon du Yang 阴龙阳龙

Ces dragons orientaux refusent les honneurs
Et se moquent de moi si je m’en émerveille ;
Je suis leur opinion, je leur prête l’oreille,
J’admire leurs propos, ce sont de grands seigneurs. 91 more words