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Future: Poetry

A future so hopeful yet distant;

A second, a minute, an hour, a day, a year

Man clinging on with a faith so dear,

Pondering on the worries this instant… 67 more words


Église des trolls

image de l’auteur

Les trolls ont consacré leur temple merveilleux,
Une vaste taverne où boivent les archanges ;
Sur la bière, la mousse est une fière frange, 100 more words


Soneto #02

I’m sick and tired almost every night,
I remember it, every detail, every second,
the car sliding out of the route, rolling and rolling,
the grass started to feel the madness of the moments. 121 more words


Sonnet: a fantasy upon a photograph

She calls herself Sarah, and I know not
if that’s her given name or nom de plume.
The only fact – if fact indeed – I’ve got… 98 more words


sonnet 1

Gracefully and swiftly you coat the ground

A blank piece of paper, perfect nothing

Inches on Inches, silence all around

You’re a warm type of cool, cold and loving… 86 more words

Kids Corner- Posts

Sonnet: solo

You feel the tremor travel up your legs
and fear the San Andreas fault will split
the blacktop like a zipper! (Yours just begs
for fresh air and for freedom!) Primed to spit… 86 more words


A Gift to Unweary

This is a sonnet about one of those moments when something barely perceptible comes into your awareness, and you are able to stop and receive it as a gift. 110 more words