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The waters of the earth are heaven’s glass
We, in their calm reflection seek our own,
And, lost in wonder, think the stars surpass
The simple spark we hold of truth unknown. 84 more words


Sonnet LXXIV (20/03/2018)

My vision made flesh, my anima warmed,

You are a poem yet to be spoken.

Between sacred breath and clay you were formed

At the kiln of words, to canvas woken. 83 more words


Sonnet (flame)

20 Mar 2018 – Sonnet

Who dared deny the Makers mark you bear?

Who taught you God takes scant delight in you?

Whose fingerprints do you suppose you wear… 91 more words


Ruined Refrigerator

Cleverness in poetry or writing can be a mixed blessing. While poetry without cleverness can be bland and unexciting, poetry with too much of it can seem a show-offy exercise exhibiting the most exorbitant self in self-expression. 775 more words



I ran away once, and found a rainbow
Wrapped up in its warmth, i knew I was home
I promised myself that I’d never go, 79 more words


Sonnet (texts)

20 Mar 2018 – Sonnet

I know you love your shopping bag of sacred texts.
I can see they mean a lot, you love to quote them, 122 more words


Sonnet (lie)

20 Mar 2018 – Sonnet

Somedays it’s the simplest solution –
at least it seems that way through empty eyes –
ratifying sorrows dissolution,
an end to grief the only bitter prize… 79 more words