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Thank You, Love

Ask me again why I chose to love him
Cause love and hope I saw though in the dim
It was just weeks, could even count the days… 96 more words

For the Maiden I Left at Home

O love! Everything is clear to me now
When we were miles apart I thought of you
The way you’ve done it, I do not know how… 100 more words


Summer's Promises

High Summer blooms with wild abandon,
Just as you and I once did.
Blazes all around in open
Colors wherein nothing’s hid.

Watch and see the buzzing life… 44 more words


Bon Anniversaire!

On this day but thirty years ago,
You woke my body from an anxious trance,
Your touch a revelation, sudden sun,
The music to which I’d forever dance. 89 more words


Rain After Drought (a sonnet)

The garden is most grateful for the rain
When drought has parched its leaves, hardened the soil –
Soft showers don’t soak in when they first come; 88 more words


The Secret

One day I spake thus to my dearest May:

“My love, I feel an ancient fear grip me

That sucks dry Joy, sends Laughter all away– 93 more words