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Image de l’auteur

Fort rapide à l’aller, aussi vif au retour,
Quand sa mission s’achève, il peut courir encore ;
De monter ce coursier, son possesseur s’honore, 101 more words


The Man

Image: Sherlock and Moriarty in “The Abominable”, SHERLOCK BBC (Source: mid0nz.wordpress.com)

An inverse poet only writes backwards.
What’s a will? It’s a dead giveaway. 251 more words

Game of Clones: a poem

Do they want

to be killed,

all the so-called

decent folk

who say Daesh

are medieval

in their barbarity

but gather

around screens

on family nights… 13 more words


All our comings and our goings

Some wandered in deserts; I strayed
Among Antarctic beeches and Bunya pine,
Silver ferns and blood red soil, where I made
Kingdoms and mountains from my trampoline. 78 more words


Sonnet 6

Did I fly too close to the light, too high

Above the clouds and the highest mountains,

Thoughts of spending this life with only you… 95 more words


The Sonnet Shakespeare never Wrote!

Like a snowflake that falls in the summer.
You are mystifying.
Like a violent storm with thunder.
You are electrifying.

You hadst my heart in your hands. 74 more words


No more sonnets.

Not “no more sonnets ever”, but I’m not going to finish my 31 in 31 days.  Just got overwhelming after a while.

Still my favorite poetic form, though.

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