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The Future (a sonnet)

I believe the future shall not be filled

with bright lights and cheerfulness all around.

The sun shall keep on shining, but still,

there shall not be any light to be found. 112 more words



I walk this distant red gorge path alone.
My feet seek strength but I fear its sheer side,
I reach out searching for my God: unknown. 99 more words


The Christ Sonnet

Thou knowest thy love is enfolded within my breast
That come the tempest of life I shall pass thy test,
And shall rest me in thine arms safe from all harms, 119 more words


Hoary \ˈhȯr-ē\ • adjective

Of year two thousand fourteen, remember,

Supposedly, an ordinary day.

It was the twenty first of September;

Such a stroke of luck, like fate found its way. 86 more words


25 Feb 2017: A lovely day for spring's premiere

A lovely day for spring’s premiere event!
The lineup cards are filled; the tickets sold
To fans who’ve waited months for game’s advent;
Through the show’rs and bouts of bitter cold. 81 more words


Jean des sauterelles

image de l’auteur

Il est plus courageux qu’un lutteur aux arènes ;
Prophète dont la voix dit un message clair,
Il ne recherche point le plaisir de sa chair, 96 more words


An igNoble Sonnet

Hast thou bequeathed thy love to another?
Perchance given thy heart to my brother?
And wouldst thou be so cruel as to leave me
Forsaken of all love as if dead to thee? 109 more words