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October Poem 43: Two Revisions of a Poem From Last Month

In these two revisions I tried to work with rhyme. In version #1, I added rhymes to the end of the lines, and in version #2, I added rhymes inside of the lines. 304 more words


Sonnet (true words)

21 Oct 2017 – Sonnet

True Pride! Real Anger! Honest Hate! Disgust,
and heartfelt Love – those are the words I want,
not sentiments in powdered sugar dust… 90 more words


October Poem 42: The Trick of Nothingness

The retaining wall. To save your parents

The erosion that served to strip you of

Your most valuable resource. Your land. The

Hill. Your livelihood. You should have something… 78 more words


October Poem 42: Building Community

Like the siren of the neighbor’s tail lights

As he scraped ice from the windshield, the trees

Waver through the silver of a full moon… 88 more words


Sonnet (chronicle)

21 Oct 2017 – Sonnet

There’s got to be some better way to live
than spilling teaspoon days until one dies
while sketching how the waning Autumn gives… 81 more words


A Year of Poems - Day 336

We have the strength that once filled iron lungs
and sang the final war cries of their fears
in songs that touched the tenor of the tongue… 93 more words

A Year Of Poems

Sonnet (breath)

21 Oct 2017 – Sonnet

I want to make it absolutely clear
why I devoted diamond mines of days
to such obsessive picking at veneers… 92 more words