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"Sonnet: 'Some Fell by the Wayside'" by Elizabeth Oakes Smith

Sonnet: “Some Fell by the Wayside”
Also known as “The Pilgrim”
Elizabeth Oakes Smith
From Graham’s Magazine, April, 1844, pg. 150

Not yet, not yet, oh pilgrim! 109 more words

19th Century

Sonnet (Yemen)

17 Oct 2018 – Sonnet

I wake to find my fingers dripping blood!
I stagger from my bed without a soul!
A bus of blossoms, all nipped in the bud! 90 more words


Château perdu

Un escargot son château doit laisser,
Je ne sais pas si c’est ce qu’il désire ;
Il a prévu de parcourir l’Empire,
Ce sera long, mais il n’est pas pressé. 78 more words


Weekly Smile: 15 Oct 2018

Just Smile…

If I could smile at everyone I see

And try to make the world a better place

I’d do it in a heartbeat, just to be…

118 more words



All things that rise up to a peak must fall.
Even the tallest towers of Earth’s empires.
The strongest life-force, given time it tires… 98 more words


Song of Fire -Part XIII

Somehow, now, the night seems less dark, less cold
despite the fact that with water and sand
the fire has been extinguished. The old
ritual of meeting by the blaze and… 82 more words




I wonder sometimes who is really me

Opposing facets help me face the world

Each element a part identity

Each fold of me so easily unfurled…

70 more words