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Lucifer's Cave

It’s warm here; in Lucifer’s cave.
It’s my solitude here, but you’ll call it my grave.
It’s not as dark, but it is dimmed – grim. 90 more words


Manoir de la licorne

image de l’auteur

Licorne, en ton manoir, loin des démons immondes,
Tu fredonnes un chant merveilleusement beau ;
Tu l’appris au jardin où sont des arbrisseaux, 109 more words


Facebook Sonnet for Lindsay

When once we danced apart but in the same room,
Hoping to breathe deeply, build more muscle,
Loud music made much talking just a rare boon, 91 more words

Sonnet for the Song

We swim in a warm sea of diverse spirits,
Some familiar faces that we love;
Most are strangers now or something near it,
Upturned faces watching what’s above. 69 more words


Letting Go (Sonnet about being in Charles de Gaule Airport 6 Months ago)

Disney Fangirls talk of letting go!

Spoiled Pink Princesses at Charles de Gaule Airport,

Liverpool Scallies!

Their flight back home was cancelled the day before! 57 more words

To see what's here

If you have a beautiful old tree
Then do not cut it down to plant a rose
For trees are carriers of great mystery
Their roots go deep and where no human knows. 82 more words


Moon-bathe in the rain

Wind and rain and hail now alternate.
There is no constancy nor steady state.
And so on moods I will next meditate
As tolerant we must be until rebate. 85 more words