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Sire Lapinot de Gueules

Il traverse un jardin où chantent les abeilles ;
Il danse le matin dans les prés verdoyants,
Son léger corps qui va comme l’herbe ondoyant… 94 more words


Goéland de mai

Tantôt rapide et tantôt lent,
Voici le baladin volant ;
Savez-vous d’où lui vient sa force ?
C’est d’être toujours indolent.


Sonnet: To The Woods

When silence in his heart grows much too loud

And starts to beat his restfulness to bits

He seeks a space far from the maddening crowd… 88 more words


He Brought us Through

“How can I say thanks for the things You have done for me?”

So begins the first line in a 1970’s classic song by Andrae Crouch.  900 more words

Porte Miraculeuse

Par cette porte, on sort de la ville agitée ;
On entre en un chemin qui erre au long des flots
Sans que jamais ne l’ait suivi nul matelot, 115 more words


Sonnet - Ragnarök

Poems about Vikings are a bit of a gift.
A gift that is to those who like hamming it up.

It also gives free range for narrative verse and ballads. 144 more words


The Summer 2018 Initiative

“There was an idea,” said a much more popular and talented man than I at the crux of one of the most ambitious projects ever undertaken, both in the universe of its canon and the world of comic book-based cinema. 424 more words