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Ode to Kate Upton

Ode to Kate Upton

My Kate, you inspire me to write.
How I hate the way you call, cook and swim,
Invading my mind day and through the night, 87 more words

Kate Upton

Chasse au trésor

Trésor jadis perdu, peut-être par un dieu,
Mais il est enterré dans un lieu que j’ignore ;
Où sont les dieux d’antan ? Car nul ne les adore, 96 more words


Buoy: A Sonnet

Well it was like drowning writing this poem my goodness!

I was swept off too sea today,

The tide drew breathless over me

The rising waves concealed my way… 307 more words


Sonnet 4

Children’s grief is weak by standards men hold.

Why then are they pressed in to our living

and our losses as time makes us more cold… 89 more words


This Is The Meaning of Life

The Beautiful American Word, Sure

by Delmore Schwartz (1913 – 1966)

The beautiful American word, Sure
As I have come into a room, and touch… 615 more words



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by Kristy Gherlone

Into a wild forest ragged and sharp,

A tormented mind with thoughts so unsweet.

Making her way to ascend the escarp, 117 more words

Doctors - are they?

A siren sound gets the guard of honor.

It’s yet another day to save a life.

Heart will skip a beat and the sound is louder. 90 more words