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Home; Wisdom and Knowledge

Heart is the Home. Build it with the right materials. 😊😊 ©️Destiny92712


At the Mall

DJ=Diary Journal. Penning my diary/journal in poetry form. Here is my first sharing and I’m feeling a little shaky. 🙊🙊😊😊😁🐨😽🙏🏻


To the Architect

Wherefore ye construct atop sandy grains?

By the slightest shake, thine estate crumbles,

By th’ Earth, swallowed after the gentlest rains,

Or by airy breeze blown, thine walls tumble. 65 more words

The art of confession - poem for dVerse

You think that I will show you all my scars?
You want me to perform some sick striptese –
open my heart to you, reveal my flaws? 190 more words


Meant to be the Switch

Rather the currents, the turning points in life are meant to be the switch. ©️Destiny92712


Marquis picrocholin

Il se dit grand seigneur, mais je crois qu’il se vante ;
C’est juste une apparence, un air qu’il se donna.
Ce titre de marquis qu’on lui abandonna… 104 more words


Ups and Downs

With a little space made or given, let us allowed ourselves to be strengthened. ©️Destiny92712