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They probed his wounded judgment in the waste—
And found it wanting, as they knew they would.
How swiftly righteous pride defects from good! 80 more words

This Can't Be Just Love

Emotions, such as love, are just hormones in compliance
But when I look in your eyes this can’t be mere science
Chemicals speed up my pulse in an empirically based way… 125 more words

Ready for Battle

Ready for Battle

His ass could occupy half of Seattle,
But nonetheless he’s acting debonair.
Wits are engaged. He’s ready for the battle.
He is so smart it really isn’t fair, 78 more words

Sonnet: Dare to be dull

I dare to be dull
Easier said than done
Far from turtle call
Gather pints then all;
Worry not to fall,
But not standing tall… 48 more words

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Mary Magdalene: A Sonnet

22nd July is Mary Magdalene’s day, and continuing my sequence of sonnets written in response to the church year I post this for her. As usual you can hear the poem by clicking on its title or on the ‘play’ button. 203 more words


Long Goodbye

The Long Goodbye

(Warning! This sonnet contains spoilers, not all of them opaque….)

Let’s skip to resolutions, Marlowe fans:
There’s no room here for all that complication. 95 more words


In variegated swirls of innocence
She flashed across a hundred different brains;
Her words, so many fine-tuned instruments
To bring to life the latest fashion pains… 82 more words

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