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The lilies that we planted aren’t like those
that Jesus said dressed better than a king,
nor did they have fine fragrance for a nose, 101 more words

#46 ("We wait for Christmas cheer!. . .)

                          We wait for Christmas cheer!  The day is but

                          Foretaste of joy divine—like grape delight!

                          The fruit of gods and us—we soon do sup!

                          The white of snow about; o’r world is bright! 91 more words


A Closed Door

The silent tears that nobody saw cry
As deep within a soul just wished to die
Unspoken the words that voiced so much pain
Of a heart broken again and again… 84 more words

Raven's Witterings

Sunday Sonnet!


Fear not an unknown venture to engage,
Nor let resistant doubt your hopes becloud,
Though failures past bright future would upstage
And low esteem the promising enshroud; 67 more words


The Box Turtle

The turtle makes his life an aimless choice
if once, reset upon a journey dark
he’s lost his vision and his inner voice
to turn him from his home within his park. 83 more words

Sonnet Comprised of 14 Lines from Unrelated Poems 

For she was hostile, meaning, she’d improved;
At heart we crave illusions, like control —
It’s everywhere we’ve been, but never moved,
For profit’s so much lighter than a soul. 89 more words

Original Poems

Sonnet 3

Slowly they all keep flowing down the river.

Their appearance be nothing more than a ghost.

For eternity being watched by their host.

Making all the rest of the mortals shiver. 74 more words