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my bad

This morning, I commenced throwing up
in the hallway, and for three hours (as I
guess), lay, face down in my own vomit,

humming, probably. I’d eaten protein, 74 more words


Isbella (3)

There once was a little girl, Isbella
by name. What she saw, she made. Different
than words or pictures. Ut pictura, for sure,

but she went the treadways of the impure… 74 more words


No tears

I have my old phone, the one I used, that
morning. I never saw you. The text messages
I sent, erased from its tiny memory, 84 more words



The driving force to keep the spirit strong
When the chips are laid out upon the floor
And it seems there’s nothing left to fight for…

86 more words

Sonnet: 101.8

About me all reality doth spin,
The ground beneath my feet doth buck and twist,
My eyes alight on anything herein,
And will perceive its panic-worthy list. 68 more words


Heaven's Door

Too much, today, or not enough, I fear;
too brave, too lucky, too constant, too afraid —
too absolutely certain that you are the maid… 101 more words


Pride Angel

The sunlight shimmers in a rainbow’s kiss
Vibrance in an angel’s silky blond hair
Her pride in self speaks within her soft eyes
My sister took my hand that lonely night…

93 more words