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Sonnet VI: If I Should Sleep

Perchance I slumber, whilst she watcheth mee;
So deeply do I sleep; nor chance to wake.
Though doth, to touch, she lovingly adore?
Oblivious, I still yet slumber on. 96 more words


On the Love of Trees

In silent woodland stirred whispering leaves,
Two trees are talking in velvet green voice,
Towards the sun their boughs so gently weave,
As in their love far reaching roots rejoice.

83 more words

Tender Relief

My body drifts to sleep as doubts invade
My mind to bring the nightmares of my soul
Replacing dreams with a fearful parade
The pain rejecting me must take its toll…

88 more words

Seven Against Thebes

I. Adrastus

Some men are born to violence. I was not.
Am I more to blame for carnage embraced
with open arms? The boar bears tusks, the lion… 739 more words


The shimmery haze like buckets of mist
Reflect the heat against the dying grass
And old man time must surely breathe his last
There is no way out; no mystery twist…

91 more words

06 Sonnet

I feel you watching my every move
With hunger feasting in your starved desire
I doubt if my love could ever be proved
Or a rising tide yet dampen that fire… 70 more words


Shakespeare never wrote a single word

„We all know William Shakespeare, the most famous author of all times. Writer of 37 plays, 154 sonnets, several epic poems… But what if I told you, … 568 more words