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Well-fitted Glove

Where does real love begin if not with self
When others speak of their fortune and wealth
In flashing cash and denying nature
To buy emotions and then call it love… 87 more words

Raven's Witterings

2018 Sonnet 34

I don’t share them all. Cards on the table
Can’t hold a candle to cards up the sleeve.
When? Where? My call. I’m simply not able… 96 more words


2018 Sonnet 32

Saturday! Here at last! Now I’m owning
That procrastination celebration
That I’ve lived all week, so now I’m loaning
Saturday the right to recreation.

Saturday! Here at last! 70 more words


Shakespeare Saturdays: Sonnets 11 and 12

This week I’m going to do a quick post about two of Shakespeare’s sonnets.

Sonnet 11

As fast as thou shalt wane, so fast thou grow’st… 651 more words


2018 Sonnet 31

Your truth. My truth. Must be quite a thing, truth.
Live it up. Live it down. Live into it.
It’s my truth. You can’t question. That’s uncouth. 102 more words


Even Sleep Worries Me Now


Inside dream’s not different

than day— I’m pursued

by doubt, dumb beasts

that plod along in herds.

I hurl myself away,

before I am trampled. 38 more words


2018 Sonnet 30

Friday Sonnet waits at the starting block
For the starting gun to launch it with a bang.
Not quite the weekend. Long time on the clock. 83 more words