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Two Swords

Two Swords

“And they said, Lord, behold, here are two swords. And he said unto them, It is enough.”

With two swords only does he make defense. 109 more words


April 18, 2015

Passionate verses settle into prose

I’m paid to type prolifically and fast.

My fingers fly in Word, but my fear grows

that sentences so mechanical will not last. 86 more words


Zenith Part 1

In darkened valleys of that secret place
My eye delights in all your passion’s grace
I watch the ripples of love on your skin
Each wave to bring me closer to the shore…

92 more words

Best at Dawn

To a hillside, a crop of houses cling,
overlook a harbour; a city-port.
White-washed walls absorb a sunlit morning.
Train-tracks and traffic underline a thought. 215 more words


Amours retranch. 31

Gentil Barbier, enfant de Podalire,
Je te supply, saigne bien ma Maistresse,
Et qu’en ce mois, en saignant, elle laisse
Le sang gelé dont elle me martire. 364 more words

Pesistent Wind

A persistent wind, agitating dust;
careless intruder, unwelcome entry.
Full of bravado, a blustering gust;
unsettling a layer of certainty.
A persistent wind, feeding fuel to fire; 209 more words


Amours 1.198

Quand le grand œil dans les Jumeaux arrive,
Un jour plus doux seréne l’univers,
D’espics crestez ondoyent les champs vers,
Et de couleurs se peinture la rive. 336 more words