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Will I Make It Out the Door In Sane?

In order for that single morning pill —
the first one flying solo that I take —
I have to have some crazy faith, faith… 77 more words


Oh, God!

My email is my word processor.
Ever since I sent that mass email —
the one I never mention, the fail
in all our future, unforgivable — 76 more words



I wonder about the simplest of things —
or maybe not so simple, seeing as
they were your eyes which received them: shining

in their brown wonder like river mud, sparkling… 72 more words


Desire Aches

Love has taken my heart to be with you
From a distance to your arms’ close embrace
As in the moon’s shadow I kiss your face…

103 more words

If we please ...

I believe we are imprisoned by our minds —
and yours as blind as mine though we would see
all of what has left us both behind… 74 more words


I am

I am just sitting here. No choice. The pills
may or may not kick in; my voice may or
may not be heard. Things matter because we do… 81 more words


Do love

How or why one goes on are not questions.
With or without love, burbling up within
the self, inconstant stream steaming constantly
for sure self, for shore, self, for what’s more, help… 79 more words