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(Shakespearean Sonnet)
by Hugh A Tague

Thor forewarned me of the impending storm
his hammer thundered in the distant sky
from a gentle breeze the strong wind is born… 87 more words


The first sonnet in some time

Today’s my mom’s birthday. So, because I’m a nerd, I wrote a sonnet.

(It’s on my other blog, the one people actually read. See: The First Site.) 232 more words

The Cheese Sonnet

I usually don’t post the stuff I write for people’s birthdays. In fact, I told myself that I WOULD NOT post this stuff.

But I really like this one. 133 more words

Queen of Night

Texte: In spite of all that beauty may disown – William Wordsworth

Despite the worst of me I feel her love
A gentle kiss that stole my lonely tears…

109 more words

A Path of Virtue

Above among the stars I see my dream
Of love, the virtuous path to your kiss
Desire the lamp that leads the way ahead
The fire burns deep keeping my soul alive…

84 more words


I have never written a Sonnet before, like ever. Today, though, in AP lit we were given a sonnet writing assignment. Part of the assignment is drawing inspiration from a photograph. 159 more words

Ap Lit

November, 1878

In this, the penultimate poem in Constance Naden’s year in sonnets, we see several of the preceding poems echoed as she looks both forwards and backwards. 490 more words

Constance Naden