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Idiot Savant

Idiot Savant

Today the bulbous bonehead’s a “savant”!
Some Aussie outfit’s certified him thus.
What more could such a dull pretender want?
Idiocy becomes imperious! 96 more words


As if a pianist who just plays one song,
I have for life a narrow repertoire
that I have wanted to expand for long
to not repeat myself but venture far, 79 more words

Amours 2:57

Si j’avois un haineux qui machinast ma mort,
Pour me contre-venger d’un si fier adversaire,
Je voudrois qu’il aimast les yeux de ma contraire,
Qui si fiers contre moy me font si doux effort. 605 more words


I must have been feeling a little acrimonious when I penned this one.  I’m still trying to decide whether To Verse, Or Free Verse. I think there can be a time and place for both. 352 more words


Sonnet 40

I wake; Orbison omniscient on mind.

Only the lonely can suffer truly.

Why do masks prevail, and thus unseemly,

denying us what we know from behind? 74 more words


Itchy and Scratchy

Itchy and Scratchy

Mark Shea is working overtime to see

That Hillary, that baby-killing witch,

Will be the empress she has longed to be:

He’s happy to be Mrs. 92 more words

Sonnet I - Dark Fringes

How could I have not have known that I gave

my heart away upon what I might save,

that blissful token of my mind,

so many questions fill me from inside. 48 more words

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