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A moon base made with paper on gray sand,
a launching pad of painted balsa wood,
were two of many things I built or planned… 433 more words

Two Sonnets

Lapis and Lime

Colosseum, Sphinx and Acropolis,
Ancient wonders across the world are strewn,
Awe more in form and toil to shape than this;
Their bodies proud, from humble limestone hewn. 185 more words


Limerick 5 and Sonnet 73

11 February 2016

I don’t want you to think that I’m only good for tomfoolery nowadays. It’s just that I spent so much time in one funk or another while I was alive (I had plenty of reasons to mope) that my goal online has been to remain jocund. 82 more words

Limerick Cycle

Wild Surrender

She is the flame that dances on my skin
A searing torment igniting my lust
As kissing silences, the words within
Her desire draws out my instinctive need…

76 more words

Disagreeable Man

A Disagreeable Man

“It’s not my fault at all!” exclaimed she.
“An agreeable man would agree,
without long cerebration,
to my soul’s exculpation….”
“Then whose fault could it possibly be?” 6 more words

Treasures from the Library: Sonnets on Shakespeare

Welcome to the new blog series! Hopefully you guys get as much of a kick out of the random, weird, and wonderful things in the collection as I do. 522 more words

The Care And Feeding Of Your Library

Pop Sonnets

When I was browsing for Christmas presents back in 2015 (I say browsing – I mean sprinting from shop to shop in a maniacal frenzy) I came upon a book called Pop Sonnets, and upon further research I unearthed the Tumblr page as well. 452 more words