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Whisper- Sonnet XXI - #RomanticTuesday #Love #poetry

Whisper, Dearest, in the Sparkling Night,
Like Satin Song, Entice my Heart,
In Softest Tone Make this Dimness Bright
Where Shadows, Glimmering, Stand Apart. 66 more words


Finding Words

On a quest I embark

In search of the words

Words which deserted me

Leaving a  blankness within

On a quest I embark

Missing conversations with myself…

65 more words

Substance Holiness

You thought your thoughts were holier than things,
that matter was beneath what’s in your mind,
and lived for what your mind in bushels thinks… 95 more words

Sonnets From A Wonderful Date

O’Love ! When I met you for the first time, grinning while staring  ;

My impalpable conscience told you are the one …… God chosen for future in writ, 153 more words


Sonnet 2

Demons get out, vanish from my head.

You have trapped me in this body of misery and pain.

How can there possibly be anything more for you to gain? 90 more words



I saved a worm my car was bound to crush,
escorting it on fingers to the grass—
beside the sterile driveway it was lush
and far from tires mobilized by gas. 87 more words

You're a Talker

You’re a Talker

Dear Sir: If you would only cease to speak,
Then all my eloquence would tumble out
In ways that listeners would find unique. 86 more words