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The Future of Ultrasound in My Mind

I’m off work today hanging out with a cup of coffee trying to solve world problems in my head.  I want to be better at what I do. 355 more words

20 Week Scan and a Karate Kid

25th Sept 2016

It’s been another good month. Lucy is growing nicely, we had a lovely week in St Ives in Cornwall, we met friends’ babies, heard news that two more of our friends were expecting, and had our amazing 20 week scan.  1,709 more words

Scans and cheese babies

Scans. Very exciting days. 12 week, where you get the ‘yes there’s definitely a baby in there’ confirmation and its your first glimpse of your son or daughter to be. 659 more words

My 12 Week Scan: An Acrobatic Baby

I have not posted for ages, so much pregnancy- related shizzle has happened that I’ve just been focusing on trying to keep myself sane. At first everything seemed to be going well. 619 more words


A 'Date' With The Scan

One of the Hospital visits that Jen and I were keenly looking forward to was the Pregnancy Dating Scan visit. Jen, because she wanted some sort of confirmation of the pregnancy (she still believed that there was a 1% chance the pregnancy stick she used had errors) and I, because I just wanted to see the baby. 820 more words


12 week scan

24th July 2016

So, I am trying to write once a month at the moment, and will try to do so throughout the pregnancy, and then plan to write more frequently thereafter…but we’ll see how that goes! 1,050 more words

Did You Find Out The Gender During Pregnancy?

I found out the sex of all 3 of my children at the 20 week scan. For me, I needed to be prepared and the suspense of not knowing was to much for me. 411 more words