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FOAMed Made Me A Better Lecturer

My glossy, relentless smile slowly began to sag. My enthusiasm waned. I asked myself, “Why are you even here?

Although that was the first time I actually asked the question, truth be told, it had been germinating in my brain for the past few months. 841 more words


don't ovary act...

So you’ve been recommended for a pelvic ultrasound…  Let me tell you how it goes.  While, some places may vary, I will let you in on what to expect. 709 more words

Eureka! Oh and it's shark week

Hi hi hi,

SO today I found out that the first ever Tiger shark sonogram taken place in The Bahamas by James Sulikowski, a Professor of Marine sciences. 172 more words

Happy Birthday to "The Simple Sonographer"

Hello, my name is Maritza R. Martinez and I am Registered in Echo, Vascular, and Pedi. I came across the blogging idea when I was surfing the internet on how to self publish a book. 567 more words


First Trimester Ultrasound Course | Panorama Scan

First Trimester Ultrasound Course (click here to buy course online). Course Objectives and Target Skills What we can do: Brainstorming and Scanning

Source: First Trimester Ultrasound Course | Panorama Scan


I have made a significant amount of research in this career. Well, just the educational part. I have to start somewhere. I looked up sonography schools in California and found only a couple. 259 more words