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A Future Career Path for the MSK Sonographer

The sonographic community has the opportunity to take advantage of recent orthopedic surgeons’ interest in diagnostic ultrasound. Although much of the interest was prompted by the usefulness of guided injections, sonographers need to fully appreciate and understand the value of the information derived from an ultrasound study, which will ultimately lead the surgeon to better surgical decisions and better patient outcomes. 795 more words


Sonographer Stretches for an ‘A’ Game

For our first blog we introduced the reality that there is an epidemic amount of sonographer pain and injury. Almost 90% of sonographers work and live daily with that pain and injury as a result of doing our jobs. 1,185 more words


Subgaleal Hematoma

Subgaleal hemorrhage is a rare collection of fluid in the potential space of the galeal or epicranial aponeurosisand cranial periosteum. Birth trauma and forceps use typically cause it (90% of cases), and may also be present in patients with blood clotting disorders. 93 more words


Thyroid Ultrasound

The thyroid is an endocrine organ that secretes hormones that regulate
metabolism and protein synthesis.
The gland is about 10 – 20 g and butterfly shaped with 2 lobes and isthmus, 30 % of the population also have a pyramidal lobe the extends superior to the isthmus. 293 more words


Omphalocele vs. Gastroschisis

Omphalocele and Gastroschisis fall under an umbrella of ventral/anterior thoraco-abdominal wall defects that also include bladder extrophy and ectopia cordis.

Prenatal ultrasound is essential in the detection of these conditions. 216 more words


Appendix Ultrasound

The small organ that can cause big trouble.

The vermiform (worm like) appendix is a finger-like projection off of the base of the cecum, it can become inflamed and require surgical removal. 288 more words


Certificate in Sonography Programs

Certificate in sonography programs are excellent options for students who want to work in the sonography field but don’t want to finish an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. 22 more words